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Teen thought he’d miss his high school graduation. His Waffle Dwelling ‘family’ wouldn’t let him.

Teen thought he’d miss his high school graduation. His Waffle Dwelling ‘family’ wouldn’t let him.


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When Timothy Harrison walked out of his high school graduation ceremony, it used to be his Waffle Dwelling co-workers who were waiting, cheering for him in the automobile parking verbalize.

But getting Harrison to the ceremony wasn’t easy. It used to be all fingers on deck.

On the day of his graduation from Woodlawn High School in Alabama, Harrison in its put arrived for his 7 a.m. shift.

His manager, Cedric Hampton, used to be insecure and at a loss for phrases.

“Why are you here?” Hampton requested. “That you can very successfully be speculated to be graduating this day.”

Harrison’s mother used to be working that day, and he didn’t fetch tickets or a jog to the ceremony. He used to be also working at some stage in the school’s graduation rehearsal, where principal objects likes caps and gowns were disbursed.

“I didn’t fetch one plan to receive there,” he said. “I didn’t fetch a thought.”

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When Harrison got to work that day, he felt defeated. He authorized compulsory to receive by plan of the day and mosey home.

“It felt treasure I will’t compose up for it,” he said. “(Graduation) is no longer something I will compose up yet again.”

Hampton said he knew authorized by taking a stare upon Harrison that he compulsory to mosey.

“This is as soon as in a lifetime, and he knew it,” Hampton said.

So, Hampton instructed Harrison to receive his forms and make contact with the school to verbalize he’d be there.

“I said I would perchance plot shut care of the leisure,” he said. “We were going to compose it work, regardless of what.”

With the ceremony at 3 p.m., Harrison’s Waffle Dwelling co-workers made plans to divide and overcome.

One worker drove Harrison to his high school to do away with up his cap and gown. The workers and just a few customers pooled about $50 to bewitch Harrison a brand recent outfit, and the restaurant’s assistant manager showed up on her spoil day to bewitch the recent clothes from Target. She came serve with gray pants, a gradual blue gown shirt, a tie and gray shoes.

“It used to be a family affair,” Hampton said. “We were all willing to rally around him to substantiate he loved this particular occasion.”

When Harrison stepped out of the Waffle Dwelling bathroom in his recent clothes, Hampton called it a surreal 2nd. He said Harrison wore a monumental grin at some stage in his face, and cheers erupted from the restaurant.

“His smile lit up the room,” Hampton said. “That you can leer how indispensable this used to be to him. It be something I am going to continuously take into accout.”

But there used to be one last touch.

Hampton helped Harrison effect on his green and gold cap and gown. It reminded Hampton of when his possess father helped him with his ties when he used to be rising up.

“I felt treasure a king striking on his crown,” Harrison said.

Harrison called the graduation ceremony that afternoon life-altering.

“It used to be a next step,” he said. “It used to be spirited to the long poke.”

While Harrison’s Waffle Dwelling co-workers weren’t allowed to motivate on account of dinky seating, they waited in the automobile parking verbalize outside to congratulate him. They had a mini-portray shoot with Harrison to celebrate his accomplishment.

After most spirited working on the Waffle Dwelling for a tiny bit of over a month, Harrison now calls his co-workers his “work family.” He sees Hampton as an older brother and mentor.

“It be one tremendous family,” Hampton said. “We are going to receive excited at every a form of and fuss at every a form of, but on the discontinue of the day, all of us got every a form of’s serve.”

Hampton and the Waffle Dwelling workers didn’t place on the time that their family would tell yet another spirited opportunity to Harrison. When school individuals of Lawson Insist Community College in Birmingham heard about their legend, they equipped Harrison a pudgy scholarship.

At the time, Harrison wasn’t planning on straight going to school for monetary reasons. As a change, he hoped to impress up for the Military and mosey to school in a while.

Now, Harrison plans to seem exchange and finance at Lawson Insist sooner than one day starting his possess exchange.

In June, Harrison toured Lawson Insist’s campus with Hampton.

“I would perchance really leer myself being there,” Harrison said.

Hampton said he by no approach expected their legend to achieve so many of us at some stage in the country. To them, “This is authorized who we’re and what we attain,” he said.

“I am hoping it makes of us place that one easy act of kindness can commerce someone’s trajectory in life,” he added. “It ought to originate recent doors for someone who would perchance no longer completely know what they’re next steps are.”

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Teen thought he’d miss his high school graduation. His Waffle Dwelling ‘family’ wouldn’t let him.