Home Australia Teenage dream: From country music-obsessed kid to teacher at just 14

Teenage dream: From country music-obsessed kid to teacher at just 14

Teenage dream: From country music-obsessed kid to teacher at just 14

Rory Phillips has squeezed a lot of existence experience into his 14 years, taking his like of music and performance to fairs and regional gigs around NSW and Victoria.

Key parts:

  • 14-twelve months-veteran Rory Phillips is mentoring other younger country music singers
  • He caught the attention of the Tamworth Country Music Academy when he changed into a nine-twelve months-veteran pupil
  • His mother, Sam Phillips, says her son has “stumbled on his tribe” at the academy

And in the previous 5 years, the teenager from Tumut in southern NSW has long gone from being a pupil of country music to turning into one in every of the seasoned fingers serving to to rep novel students feel at dwelling in the industry.

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Rory, who changed into an intern teacher at the latest 2021 Country Music Academy in Tamworth, acknowledged being a teacher changed into an captivating distinction to being a pupil.

“The academy is a ordinary thing because it on the total takes two or three days for folk to reach out of their shell after which as soon as they attain, it on the total will get barely provoking.”


A arena to feel ‘accredited’

Rory, who has continuously been captivated with music and instruments, changed into just nine when he  first attended the Country Music Academy. 

Musician and customary supervisor of the academy, Roger Corbett, acknowledged Rory’s mother Sam Phillips had referred to as him to build a interrogate to what changed into on hand for her son.

“Sam acknowledged to me, ‘I in actuality get this kid who’s nine,  who’s captivated with all the pieces music, with guitars, and I just do no longer know what to attain with  him, neither my husband nor I are musical’,” Corbett acknowledged.

Roger Corbett and Rory Phillips at the 2021 Country Music Academy in Tamworth

Roger Corbett with Rory at the 2021 Country Music Academy in Tamworth.(

Equipped: Country Music Academy


It’s miles no longer peculiar for junior people of the academy to be the necessary musical member of their household, in accordance to Corbett, who’s also a prolonged-time member of the Bushwackers band.

“I acknowledged to Sam, ‘Gape, I know he is just nine but we are going to build him thru the academy and explore how he goes; at the very least he’ll rep some chums and exercise a while with cherish-minded folk, which is what the academy is all about,” he acknowledged.

Ms Phillips acknowledged the academy had had a profound affect on her son.

“As a pupil, the academy taught Rory so great about performance, the importance of songwriting, staying right to who you are, being an knowledgeable at all occasions, to boot to handy abilities cherish finding out and writing chord and number charts,” she acknowledged.

Ms Phillips acknowledged as somebody who felt “adrift from his chums,” the experience had made Rory “feel cherish he belonged and changed into accredited”.

“Going support this twelve months as an intern, he is seeing the advantages of giving support to that neighborhood and that has made me very proud.”

Teenage dream: From country music-obsessed kid to teacher at just 14