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Tesla sales exploding, 15 referrals in 16 days.. has Victoria’s $3,000 rebate done the trick ? (Up so a long way)

Tesla sales exploding, 15 referrals in 16 days.. has Victoria’s $3,000 rebate done the trick ? (Up so a long way)

This month, the Victorian Authorities introduced a $3,000 rebate for electric vehicles priced beneath $68,740. The incentive changed into introduced to bustle our transition to zero emission vehicles and it looks to be esteem this will be accelerating sales.

While there will be around 20,000 subsidies out there, the first round changed into restricted to 4,000. This motivates any person in Victoria considering an EV purchase to behave rapid, to build up income of the program.

Early Newspaper

Since receiving my referral link support in Would possibly per chance perchance perchance perchance 2019, I in truth were including the link in any Tesla-related put up on the dwelling and gain considered an exact run of referrals, but this month, those referrals gain exploded. While we Tesla don’t portion the region of each and every referral, there’s in truth nothing else adjustments (2021 refresh changed into months ago), other than the introduction of the Victorian EV incentive.

In this month by myself, I’ve considered 12 contemporary referrals in exact 16 days, a dramatic acceleration when put next in comparison with outdated months. To assign that in context, In the 24 months since getting my Tesla referral link, I had averaged around 3.5 referrals monthly. While I had hoped to hit the 100 referral designate by the live of 2021, apparently’s seemingly to happen nearly 6 months early.


It came about lots sooner than anticipated.. 100 referrals came about as of late, after a stunning 5 in a single day (the most efficient ever) and 7 for the weekend, making 15 in the previous 16 days.

For those outlandish with the most up-to-date referral program, Tesla lists the following description on their web dwelling.

You and any person using your referral link can each and every develop 1,500 kilometers of free Supercharging with the purchase of a brand contemporary Tesla automobile. Each and every automobile referral additionally offers you a possibility to win a Mannequin Y monthly or Roadster supercar quarterly. Homeowners who gain already obtained free Supercharging bag two probabilities to win.

In case you are one in every of the now, 97 amazing of us that gain frail my referral code, thankyou. Having the skill to pressure with out spending a dime for the previous 2 years and at the least the next 3, is mainly amazing. While the worth of the automobile is easy high, having nearly zero ongoing charges in truth helps decrease the total worth of ownership over its lifestyles. It’s most freeing exact to head for a pressure with my family and not think about the charges related with doing so.

What’s I’m most fascinated with now might per chance perchance be much less about the free km, but more about that replacement to win a Mannequin Y and switch into a dual-EV family, replacing my wife’s Honda CRV. While tales of winners from Tesla’s referral program were few and a long way between, confidently as soon as Mannequin Y hits manufacturing, about a more are issued.

Tesla currently finest sells one automobile in Australia excellent now, the Mannequin 3, as we predict the beginning of RHD Mannequin Y and unless next year for the refreshed Mannequin S and X to advance, which makes it seemingly most of the referrals are for the Mannequin 3 and particularly the SR+ variant that slips in beneath the threshold.

I live in Albury Wodonga, a regional city of 100,000 folks and when I first obtained my Mannequin 3 in September 2019, I changed into in most cases the finest one charging at the 6-bay Supercharger in Wodonga. Now a pair years on, it’s ordinary to gain charging pals, at the least one and normally 2 or 3. As more Tesla’s are sold in Australia, more homeowners from Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne will end in Wodonga to price, but I’ve additionally considered repeat prospects which suggest more locals.

In a little regional town esteem Wodonga, I’m now seeing a Tesla each and every other day, in comparison with total months going by with out spotting another. While this info is anecdotal and from my gain skills, it’s unfortunately one in every of the most efficient indicators as Tesla doesn’t fracture down sales and deliveries for Australia.

This does on the other hand match most up-to-date photos shared online of Tesla delivery centers and semi trailers plump of Mannequin 3s headed for Aussie and powerful of Victorian prospects.

Tesla were the first automaker to change their web dwelling, the night of the announcement, to mediate the contemporary Authorities incentive. That promptness, combined with online sales, appears to be like to be paying dividends, in particular if folks we already thinking in that route for their next automobile.

Tesla sales exploding, 15 referrals in 16 days.. has Victoria’s $3,000 rebate done the trick ? (Up so a long way)