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The best females’s razors of 2021

The best females’s razors of 2021

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On the beginning seek, the females’s razor appears to be love a pretty easy instrument — in spite of every little thing, there are only so many suggestions you’ll seemingly be in a location to exercise a blade to slash hair, moral?

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Well, no longer exactly. Prior to now few years, they’ve long past from being one-size-suits-all to account for merchandise with all sorts of performance-bettering aspects, added durability, and even storage alternatives to tackle your tub or shower tidy.

The females’s razor is never any longer any longer merely supposed to generate the “red tax,” aka a higher tag for females’s merchandise stunning in consequence of they’re made for females. Moderately, these razors are now made with females’s habits, inner most preferences and opulent in mind. They’re designed to hug bent areas and diminutive spots without nicking, as an illustration, and often approach with perks love built-in soap to lubricate skin.

We examined all of them, from supersharp, single-blade security razors to broken-down five-blade versions, on CNN Underscored’s learn about for the best razor for serene legs, underarms, bikini lines and past. Whether or no longer you’re diligently shaving 365 days-round or only whipping out a razor once summer rolls around, after extra than a month of shaving (and nicking), we selected three standout razors:

One of the first subscription-based mostly razors entirely for females, Billie The Razor Starter Equipment took first space for its individual-pleasant invent, shut shave and overall durability. With built-in charcoal soap for easy lubrication and a rubbery grip for easy facing, it made for a rapid, joyful shaving skills. The blades are keen however don’t irritate skin, and the magnetic holder ensures that the razor blades defend lovely and dry.

Coming in shut used to be the Flamingo Razor, which appears to be system dearer and lovely than it in point of fact is (stunning $9, FYI). It has a extra huge, weightier deal with with a rubber grip to perform it easy to tackle, and its cartridge is made to be flexible so that you just’ll seemingly be in a location to shave backward, sideways and upside down with ease. It delivers a shut shave, too, despite the reality that no longer pretty to the level of Billie.

Oui the Of us the Single Rose Gold Safety Razor comes from a Dusky lady-owned beauty designate that location out to rethink the security razor — and did it ever speak. Whereas this would merely no longer be your best wager when you’re in a bustle, it offered the closest, smoothest shave of any razor we tried. The deal with lasts forever and has a weighted head, however at $75, it’s extra of an funding. As substantial as it is, it’ll merely no longer be the best option for any individual who wants a easy, daily razor.

Billie The Razor Starter Kit

Billie The Razor Starter Equipment

Let us count the suggestions we loved the Billie razor. Critically. We’ll launch up with the vogue it appears to be. We care for earn as notable as characteristic, and Billie stunning makes a pretty razor, with a cold, coloration-blocked invent and a dishonest cartridge. The cartridge additionally aspects a charcoal soap, which permits it to hover across the skin, however doesn’t earn slimy love some built-in soaps and moisturizing serums that we examined.

The blades had been lovely keen out of the box and removed hairs in a single swipe without having to repeat to steal stubble. We didn’t indulge in to rinse hair out of the blades each two or three swipes, and there used to be zero irritation, even when we utilized antiperspirant directly after shaving underarms with the Billie razor.

The razor itself is additionally joyful to make exercise of — the deal with has a rubber backing to present a company however joyful grip, so there’s no slipping.

A substantial perk: The razor comes with a “magic holder,” which is a diminutive, magnetic nefarious that sticks to the shower wall by the exercise of a putty that adheres regardless of how steamy it will get. You additionally earn an additional cartridge, making the starter equipment an improbable fee at $9.

Flamingo Razor

Flamingo Razor

The Flamingo Razor is extra of a minimalist than Billie in terms of invent, on the different hand it additionally has aspects that location it rather then the pack. The razor cartridge is longer within the entrance than its peers, with rounded edges on the perimeters, which affords it the skill to flatten skin as you hover the razor over, therefore making it more easy to soundly shave. We found it offered extra tackle watch over when shaving than so a lot of razors, especially of us that only had blades and tiny else on the cartridge.

The cartridge has a built-in hinge, giving the deal with about a 90-level differ of motion. That made it extremely easy to shave in so a lot of directions on each underarms and legs, and it minimized the quantity of twisting and contortion usually required to shave each closing discipline. Also, the deal with has a nonslip kind and ridges on the underside, which perform it especially easy to grip.

Whereas the razor itself doesn’t approach with a holder, when you spring for The Shave Position ($16, shopflamingo.com), you’ll earn a mini shave gel, physique lotion and a shower hook, which suctions onto the wall. It stayed put even after putting off and resticking it once or twice.

Oui the People the Single Rose Gold Safety Razor

Oui the Of us the Single Rose Gold Safety Razor

You’ve purchased at hand it to this razor, which did prick our tester a pair of times, however used to be aloof so very best that we’ll stunning call it a studying curve. At the same time as you’ve never dilapidated a security razor earlier than, welcome to the membership. Assembling the security razor took a pair of minutes however used to be otherwise easy — stunning unscrew the deal with, space the razor blade on the high after which reattach the deal with

We especially favored the thorough sources on hand on Oui the Of us’s net pages that stroll first-timers through the technique, from unpacking the supplies to rinsing off the shave cream. Oui the Of us’s razor comes with 10 personally wrapped blades, saved in rather box that has a slot to soundly insert your dilapidated blades. However we had been upset that there wasn’t a storage option so it’ll be saved prettily (and safely) within the shower.

As skilled fans would possibly perchance merely already know, security razors require a irregular methodology: The weighted head does most of the work for you, so that you just don’t desire to put together stress. A steady-weight contact used to be sufficient to very easily steal the textured metal deal with, which never felt slick. However, dilapidated habits die appealing, and our tester injure up with two nicks, one on the knee and the so a lot of on the relief of the lower calf. It’s a completely so a lot of vogue of shaving — insist rapid, light strokes over diminutive areas — and would possibly perchance perchance earn time to modify. However it’ll merely be price studying: It delivered the closest shave we’ve ever seen, even taking down one cussed hair that used to be about to flip into an ingrown subject. It didn’t motive any razor burn whatsoever, and the razor itself is a stunner. At the same time as it is probably going you’ll perchance merely indulge in time and patience, it’s as shut to a very best shave as you’ll seemingly be in a location to earn.

We spent two months shaving and swiping with these razors, sorting out each no longer lower than thrice. We dilapidated them on so a lot of areas of the physique in allege to story to your entire suggestions it is probably going you’ll perchance exercise them. As we evaluated them, we took each aspect of the shaving skills into consideration, from how the razor appears to be within the shower to how shut the shave used to be.

We designed a rubric to grade these diverse factors, which we broke down into characteristic, earn, durability and X-factors, such because the fee:


  • Closeness of shave: We checked for stubble left at the relief of, or whether or no longer we needed to skedaddle over a discipline a pair of times to earn it entirely serene.
  • Pores and skin irritation: Changed into the razor too abrasive? Redness and stinging had been two signs we sought for, each directly after shaving and at some level of the first hour later on.
  • Hair clogging: We looked to peep whether or no longer the hair clogged the blades too frequently, requiring fixed rinsing. The clogging would possibly perchance perchance intrude with the closeness and thoroughness of the shave.
  • Efficiency aspects: We factored in aspects that aren’t requirements, however good to indulge in your entire identical, love special contouring of the cartridge, moisture strips or built-in soap, or any bodily parts that made shaving more easy.


  • Comfort: Changed into the deal with joyful to tackle, specifically when shaving in so a lot of directions for areas love the underarms and the bikini line?
  • Grip: No one needs to topple a razor midshave, which is why we sought for supplies that made the deal with easy to grip and minimized slipperiness.
  • Fine: Is it reasonably? At the same time as you (and anybody with access to your shower or tub) indulge in to peep at it daily, it’ll as effectively be elegant.


  • On a accepted basis wear: A razor would possibly perchance appear substantial the first time you put it to use, however we checked out whether or no longer it would possibly perchance well perchance perchance earn dirty or dingy after a pair of weeks within the shower. That used to be especially well-known for razors that had built-in soap.
  • Indicators of damage: We dropped the razors within the shower once or twice and stepped on them to peep how effectively your entire razor held up below stress — whether or no longer the cartridge fell off, the deal with snapped, or it stunning didn’t blueprint as effectively. We additionally let the razors languish for a week in a pitcher of water to peep if the blades would rust.


  • Price: The extra cartridges incorporated with the razor, the higher our rating. We love razors that offered a substantial fee for the price.
  • Storage alternatives: We don’t worship razors that sit down on the edge of the tub and earn stuck there, so we sought for easy storage alternatives that allowed razors to air dry without getting dirty, be it a plastic clamshell or a magnetic shower holder.

The exercise of the sorting out suggestions above, we gave each razor a rating in each subcategory, then blended these numbers for a maximum rating in each category, then totaled these numbers for a final overall rating. We broke down the scores as follows:

  • Operate had a maximum of 50 capabilities: closeness of the shave (15), skin irritation (15), whether or no longer the blades purchased clogged (10), special aspects love swivel head, contouring, moisture strip (10).
  • Develop had a maximum of 20 capabilities: comfort all over exercise (10), deal with slipperiness (5), how it appears to be (5).
  • Durability had a maximum of 20 capabilities: daily exercise (5), signs of damage (15).
  • X-factors had a maximum of 10 capabilities: fee (5), storage solutions (5).
Athena Club The Razor Kit, Schick Silk Touch-Up Face Razor, Gillette Venus Swirl Flexiball Razor

Athena Club The Razor Equipment, Schick Silk Touch-Up Face Razor, Gillette Venus Swirl Flexiball Razor

Athena Club The Razor Equipment ($9; athenaclub.com)

With this subscription offering, we had been sizable fans of the rather thicker deal with and compact, rounded cartridge, which made it a easy match for diminutive areas love underarms. However the cartridge fell off once or twice when dropped, and we would indulge in most current a pair of ridges on the deal with for rather extra tackle watch over.

Schick Silk Touch-Up Face Razor ($6.65 for three; amazon.com)

If there were a face-only category, this would possibly perchance well be a clear winner. It dispatched upper-lip hair in a minute, is easy to make exercise of and, as it is available in a location of three, is substantial fee.

Gillette Venus Swirl Flexiball Razor ($11.34; amazon.com)

This used to be our favourite of your entire Gillette Venus sorts, since it delivered a extraordinarily shut shave. However, there used to be no storage option incorporated, and the rollerball didn’t appear to add notable in terms of versatility and maneuvering.

Solimo 5 Blade Razor for Women, Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor, Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Sensitive Razor

Solimo 5 Blade Razor for Ladies, Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor, Gillette Venus Extra Soft Sensitive Razor

Solimo 5 Blade Razor for Ladies ($18.87; amazon.com)

With a whopping 12 cartridges and a shower holder, this razor offered the best fee of the bunch. We noticed rather post-shave stubble and soft irritation after shaving, which is where it lost capabilities, however otherwise found it joyful to make exercise of, due to the its rubbery grip.

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor ($12.58; amazon.com)

We loved the flexibility of a razor-trimmer hybrid, and the reality that it incorporated the battery used to be very notable favored. The only procedure back used to be that the thicker deal with (to accommodate the trimmer) wasn’t as joyful to tackle, and the razor didn’t give a sexy shut shave.

Gillette Venus Extra Soft Sensitive Razor ($12.99; amazon.com)

We favored that this, as supposed, used to be soft sufficient for sensitive skin and didn’t motive any irritation whatsoever. Plus, it’s on the subject of indestructible and holds up effectively with daily exercise. However, the blades didn’t speak as shut a shave as we wanted.

Joy Razor, Gillette Venus Smooth Razor Original, Gillette Venus ComfortGlide White Tea Mini

Joy Razor, Gillette Venus Soft Razor Normal, Gillette Venus ComfortGlide White Tea Mini

Joy Razor ($10; joyandglee.com)

Readily available personally or as a subscription, this gave us one of the closest shaves of your entire razors we examined, and it holds up very effectively with daily exercise. However we additionally noticed some irritation and didn’t worship the peep of it within the shower.

Gillette Venus Soft Razor Normal ($7.72 for razor and two refills; amazon.com)

We noticed rather irritation on the underarms after shaving with this one, and needed to repeat swipes to earn each hair. However, we’re fans of the comparatively diminutive, bent cartridge, which made it easy to maneuver around contours, besides the grippy deal with.

Gillette Venus ComfortGlide White Tea Mini ($14.70; amazon.com)

The built-in soap bars are very helpful — no shave gel wanted right here — however we found that they purchased rather dingy after the first exercise. However, we favored the a pair of cartridges and easy clamshell storage. A solid option for traveling.

Gillette Venus Snap Extra Smooth Razor, Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor, Maapilim Safety Razor

Gillette Venus Snap Extra Soft Razor, Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor, Maapilim Safety Razor

Gillette Venus Snap Extra Soft Razor ($6.49; amazon.com)

This mini razor and case are helpful sufficient for run, however we found the rapid, round deal with appealing to grip, and much less joyful to make exercise of than conventional long handles. However, it did speak a pretty shut shave and approach in a packing-pleasant case.

Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor ($9.99; amazon.com)

Having a built-in shave soap is indubitably ambiance pleasant, on the different hand it additionally makes your entire invent rather clunky. We found this to be a bit too lovely for underarms, so it used to be Most notable for shaving lovely areas, love the legs.

Maapilim Safety Razor ($52; maapilim.com)

This security razor scored capabilities for a shut shave and aesthetics, however we had been upset that it didn’t approach with either razor blades or any directions, even on the web pages. It would possibly perchance well perchance perchance merely be best for a professional security-razor fans only.

Show mask: The costs above focal level on the shops’ listed costs at the time of newsletter.

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