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The best portable chargers of 2021

The best portable chargers of 2021

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5: 43 PM EST, Wed February 10, 2021

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Even when working from home, a vitality provide is seemingly to be laborious to return by, what along with your computer, show screen, WiFi hub and varied gadgets and gizmos hogging those sparse shops. And must you’re on the dash, a stable vitality provide is terribly a necessity. The answer: a portable charger to withhold your cell phone, tablet and extra juiced to the max.

To be succesful to again name the best alternate suggestions for warding off that dreaded “low battery” notification, we spent several weeks testing portable chargers — draining gadgets, charging them up and calculating capacities. Within the spoil, we came upon three winners that every stole the present in their own diagram:

The Anker PowerCore 13000 hits the total marks in an supreme portable charger. Where it shone most turned into as soon as in charging capability. It boasts 13,000 mAh (maH is a measure of how noteworthy vitality a tool puts out over time), which is sufficient to fully imprint an iPhone 11 two and a half times. Plus, it has two immediate-charging USB Form-A ports so you would also juice a pair of gadgets concurrently. While not on the pinnacle in phrases of charging capability, at exact $39.99, it’s a excessive good purchase for so many mAhs.

The ultraportable Belkin Energy Pocket 5K is kind of the accurate identical size as an iPhone SE, but weighs even less. And, proving the frail adage “immense things reach in exiguous packages” ethical, it packs sufficient vitality to fully imprint an iPhone 11 from its singular USB Form-A port. The $29.99 designate is truly the icing on the cake.

The Belkin Boost Energy Pocket 5K goes hand-in-hand with iPhones in consequence of the inclusion of a Lightning port along with the USB Form A port. That means you would also spend the identical cord to price your cell phone and fill up the battery. No longer easiest that, but it’s accredited thru Apple’s MFi certification program. At $39.99, you’re paying a limited bit extra for the compatibility, but we think many customers will fetch this fee it.

Benjamin Levin/CNN

Merely build, the Anker PowerCore 13000 packs a ton of value.

You may maybe maybe maybe maybe imprint loads with this thing — and rapid. The PowerCore 13000 has sufficient capability to fully imprint an iPhone 11 two and a half times, or two Samsung Galaxy S20s from empty to extra than 90%. And in addition you acquired’t be sitting by idly for too lengthy, both, as the PowerCore 13000 takes exact 41 minutes to price an iPhone 11 to 50%, tied for fastest charging in our testing.

While the PowerCore 13000 doesn’t fully are living as a lot as its promise of 13,000mAh (we came upon it delivers 7918mAh), it hit an even 61% of what’s advertised — a percentage that build it about sensible among the total batteries we examined. In varied words: None of the portable chargers we examined fully lived as a lot as their claims, and the PowerCore 13000 aloof has extra charging capability than most others we examined. (You may maybe maybe maybe maybe read extra about how we measured mAhs by scrolling down.) Plus, it’s exact just a few extra bucks than the Belkin Pocket Energy 5K for additional than double the mAhs ($31.99 and $29.99, respectively).

The aspect of the battery homes three ports: two immediate-charging USB Form-A ports and a micro-USB port to price the battery itself. When we charged an iPhone 11 and a Nintendo Switch concurrently, the battery barely heated up. Four LED lights alert you to the charger’s final battery existence, with a button on the brink to turn the lights on.

The charger’s matte plastic construct feels nice to the touch and resists smudging surprisingly effectively. It’s in regards to the size of a paunchy pockets, so it’s straightforward to withhold around. And it’s sturdy: The charger survived our tumble tests, which incorporated a 3-foot tumble onto grass and a 1.5-foot tumble onto carpet, with neither external nor inner injury. (You may maybe maybe maybe maybe read extra about our sturdiness testing below.)

Overall, not easiest does the Anker PowerCore 13000 pack main mAhs, but it’s acquired two ports to spread the treasure and is somewhat exiguous and sturdy making it chock-paunchy of value at $39.99.

Benjamin Levin/CNN

When we first encountered the Belkin Energy Pocket 5K, it turned into as soon as laborious to think its size: exact 5 inches lengthy, 2.5 inches wide and a half-jog thick. There are few areas this battery acquired’t match, but many gadgets it’ll imprint.

It turned into as soon as the smallest and the lightest charger we examined; you may maybe maybe maybe mistake it for the cell phone on your pocket. This portable charger is truly the definition of a inner most vitality financial institution, simply whipped out of a pocket and held alongside your cell draw.

The charging capability of the Energy Pocket 5k is inconspicuous, but it did reach closest to living as a lot as its claimed output out of the total objects we examined. While its most capability is acknowledged to be 5,000mAh, we measured it at about 3,655mAh. That’s 73% of the expected value, which is 12% higher than sensible in our testing. While its capability isn’t gargantuan, it’s good sufficient to bid an iPhone 11 or Samsung Galaxy S10 battery again to paunchy existence. Basically the most efficient well-known downside we may maybe maybe maybe fetch turned into as soon as the charging flee: It takes a limited bit extra than 51 minutes to price an iPhone 11 to 50%.

The Anker PowerCore 13000 capabilities four battery-indicating LEDs on its aspect alongside a button to turn them on. At some level of the nook are the ports: a single USB Form-A along with a micro-USB port to price the battery with the incorporated cable. Like the PowerCore 13000, the Pocket Energy 5K got no superficial or inner injury for the length of our tumble testing. And in addition you would also leisure assured that even in case you construct damage it, it comes with a two-one year guarantee along with a generous $2,500 connected tools guarantee (which covers not going electrical injury to tech that turned into as soon as effectively plugged into the Pocket Energy 5K).

The wee-as-can-be Belkin Pocket Energy 5K is spectacular for its size. Despite the indisputable reality that the capability isn’t gargantuan, it’s good sufficient to meet the wants of most personal gadgets and exiguous sufficient to withhold on your pocket all over the attach you dash.

Benjamin Levin/CNN

The Belkin Boost Price Energy Pocket 5K offers a limited less capability than the Belkin Energy Pocket 5K, but it’s a match made in heaven for iPhones — and it prices sooner, too.

Alongside one aspect of the Belkin Boost Price resides a USB Form-A port and a Lightning port (MFi-accredited) to price the battery. Right here’s the immense deal here — that’s the very identical form of port that your iPhone has. In varied words, as lengthy as you’ll possess gotten a cable to price your iPhone (we’re going to retract you construct), you’ll possess gotten a cable to recharge your battery, too. Consolidating cables is a immense eliminate in our e book. This charger also pairs higher alongside a cell phone in consequence of it’s lighter than the Anker 13000 and sports extra of an oblong form, so it suits a limited extra cosy in the hand.

The Boost Energy Pocket 5K has good sufficient juice to fully imprint an iPhone 11. It also took a limited bit extra than 45 minutes to price an iPhone 11 to 50%, which is quicker than the Belkin Pocket Energy 5K by six minutes. The capability of the BOOST Energy Pocket 5K is advertised as 5,000mAh and, for the length of our testing, we measured about 3,415mAh. That’s nearly 70% of the advertised value, making it one of the pinnacle three batteries we examined in phrases of living as a lot as its promise (the sensible turned into as soon as about 61%).

All in all, the Belkin Boost Price Energy Pocket 5K is a well-known personal charger to your iPhone. With both MFi certification and cable consolidation in consequence of the Lightning port, it’ll aloof in actual fact stand out to iPhone customers. And at $39.99, it’ll change into your iPhone’s best pal.

We ran every and each portable charger thru a series of tests. We charged every battery to paunchy, ran it dry juicing up one or several gadgets, calculated its capability and when put next charging speeds. On the identical time, we took a discover at properties esteem weight, size, earn quality and visible construct. Whether it turned into as soon as a fats battery that can maybe maybe maybe imprint all our tech, or a slim, graceful battery with sufficient to own an iPhone, we build these things thru the ringer.

Read on to witness the breakdowns of all our testing categories.

Battery Life

  • Battery Dimension: We noted how many milliamp Hours (mAh) every battery promised.
  • Meets Estimation: Right here’s where we measured how noteworthy every battery may maybe maybe maybe in actual fact provide in mAhs. To construct so, we charged a diversity of gadgets with every battery, recording how noteworthy battery existence (aka what percentage) every draw acquired. When a tool turned into as soon as at about 95%, however the battery turned into as soon as not empty, we straight away swapped it for a uncommon draw. As soon as a battery turned into as soon as empty, we calculated how many mAhs it equipped in total across the total gadgets it charged and then divided the promised total by the recorded value. This allowed us to prefer out what percentage of its promised total every battery equipped. We frail a 0.3M Nomad Universal Cable, plugged true into a battery’s USB-A port (immediate charging if readily available), to price every draw. The draw pool we chose from for charging turned into as soon as: iPhone 11, iPhone 8, Fireplace HD 10 tablet, Nintendo Switch and Bose QuietComfort 35 II.


  • Invent and gives: We researched what gives every battery turned into as soon as made of, as effectively as how many coloration alternate suggestions are readily available. We also felt out the quality of every battery’s earn. Visually, we checked out how every draw regarded alongside a diversity of tech, noting if it seemed too immense or exiguous beside it, as effectively as in case that you may maybe withhold a battery and a cell phone in the identical hand or pocket. The draw pool we chose from for this turned into as soon as: iPhone 11, Fireplace HD 10 tablet and Nintendo Switch.
  • Dimension and weight: We checked every battery’s dimensions, quantity and weight. In our scoring, we most stylish smaller, lighter gadgets.


  • Mud resistance: We checked whether or not the product is rated to resist dust, and to what extent it does so. This take a look at turned into as soon as incorporated into our tumble take a look at below. After dropping a tool onto grass, we checked how noteworthy dust and dust it picked up. We also watch into whether or not these particles will almost definitely be dislodged from the ports by the spend of shaking the draw or the usage of compressed air.
  • Tumble Take a look at: We performed two tumble tests: 3 ft onto grass and 1.5 ft onto carpet. The frail turned into as soon as to simulate a doable tumble scenario start air, and the latter indoors. After every take a look at, we examined the battery for superficial injury and checked whether or not it aloof functioned.


  • Number of ports: We counted the number of ports on every draw that can maybe maybe maybe output vitality. We noted every port form, which will almost definitely be one of the following: USB Form-A, USB Form-C, micro USB or Lightning. We also noted how many, if any, USB Form-A ports supported immediate charging.
  • Wi-fi charging: We noted whether or not a tool supported wi-fi charging.
  • Tempo of imprint: We charged an iPhone 11 from about 5% except it got 50% battery, recording how lengthy the technique took.


  • Warranty: We researched the length of every draw’s guarantee.

Each and each draw we examined got a discover for the subcategories above. And the blended rankings of every subcategory made up its respective class’s most capability discover. Naturally, battery existence got the best emphasis. On the other hand, we positioned a cozy deal of weight on construct, too — batteries that were sizable or diagram too heavy took a hit in consequence.

  • Battery existence had a most of 30 substances: battery size (10 substances) and meets estimation (20 substances).
  • Invent had a most of 20 substances: construct and gives (10 substances) and size and weight (10 substances).
  • Sturdiness had a most of 10 substances: dust resistance (5 substances) and tumble take a look at (5 substances).
  • Ports had a most of 10 substances: number of ports (5 substances), wi-fi charging (1 level) and flee of imprint (4 substances).
  • Warranty had a most of 5 substances: guarantee (5 substances).

Otterbox Otterspot ($99.95; otterbox.com)

Benjamin Levin/CNN

The Otterbox Otterspot is just not like any portable charger we’ve seen sooner than. The system works as follows: A disk-fashioned charging pad can imprint cell gadgets wirelessly, as effectively as the incorporated disk-fashioned battery by the spend of charging pins. The battery, that is seemingly to be stacked as a lot as a pair on the pad, can imprint gadgets wirelessly or with a cable and then be recharged upon the pad. Wirelessly, it easiest delivered 2,519mAh to an iPhone 11. With a wired connection, it equipped 3,134mAh. Right here’s deal decrease than, inform, the 3,655mAh from the Belkin Pocket Energy 5K with the identical 5,000mAh promise. Overall, the Otterbox Otterspot is an huge concept that can maybe maybe need some work on the capability dwell.

Anker PowerCore III Sense 10Good sufficient ($45.99; amazon.com)

Benjamin Levin/CNN

TheAnker PowerCore III Sense 10Good sufficient is a attention-grabbing charger. It’s miles available in multiple vivid colours and capabilities a woven epic ground on prime and matte plastic below. Sadly, it easiest equipped 4,189mAh of its expected 10,000mAh capability. Right here’s 42% of the expected value, when put next with the 61% the Anker PowerCore 13,000 turned into as soon as in a position to realize. Regardless of its supreme beauty and quality earn, this battery dropped the ball on capability.

Anker PowerCore II 20000 ($49.99; amazon.com)

Benjamin Levin/CNN

The Anker PowerCore II 20000 is the identical imprint as the Anker PowerCore III Sense 10Good sufficient, but gives 12,300mAh of its promised 20,000mAh. Right here’s a extra first rate 61.5% of what’s expected. The battery is somewhat hefty and supreme, but it feels very sturdy and has a uncommon texture that eliminates most smudging. In comparison with its 20,000mAh counterpart, the Elecjet PowerPie Energy Financial institution, it weighs diagram less and offers extra mAhs.

Aukey 8,000mAh Energy Financial institution ($29.99; amazon.com)

Benjamin Levin/CNN

The Aukey 8,000mAh Energy Financial institution turned into as soon as a favorite among those we examined. It’s barely slim, and a limited bit lighter than the Anker PowerCore 13000. Out of the 8,000mAh expectation, it delivered 5509mAhs, which is kind of 70%. That’s spectacular, made higher by three functional output ports and wi-fi charging (a characteristic that didn’t dwell up engaged on our unit). But regardless of this battery’s promising properties, it fell short of the PowerCore 13000’s capability at a elevated imprint, and it didn’t imprint an iPhone 11 nearly as immediate.

Elecjet PowerPie Energy Financial institution ($49.99; amazon.com)

Benjamin Levin/CNN

The Elecjet PowerPie Energy Financial institution lists the identical 20,000mAh capability as the Anker PowerCore II 20000, with the exception of it reached exact 11,969mAh, or about 60% of what we expected. It also weighs extra and has a less graceful construct, which didn’t again it discover-wise. Overall, it’s acquired loads of juice to offer, but it didn’t fetch a reveal among the winners.

Picture: The prices above replicate the outlets’ listed imprint on the time of e-newsletter.

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The best portable chargers of 2021