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The Citroen Saxo VTR; A Good deal Pocket Rocket And Why You Need One

The Citroen Saxo VTR; A Good deal Pocket Rocket And Why You Need One

With fewer than 1,000 examples soundless on the avenue, is now might perchance well be the time to rep yourself a Saxo? I did honest that final 365 days and have not regretted it as soon as.

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Dream cars are inclined to garner one of the most attention. Posters adorning bedroom walls display cowl fantastically shot supercars, glistening in some tantalisingly exotic set. As pieces of art work, the desirability is gruesome nonetheless sadly so few of us ever pick up the chance to abilities the steady article that our brains relegate them to slothful daydreams. Capability dream cars, on the different hand, are a rather more fun prospect. Advance abet in 2009, having passed my test, the object of my want was as soon as the Citroen Saxo VTR.

Early Newspaper

Attend then, the Saxo hatchback was as soon as a not novel gaze. Launched in 1996, it grew to turn into a fixed presence within the classifieds as a low-price and overjoyed manner into sizzling car ownership. Most were the not novel or backyard forms, nonetheless for me, there were supreme two that held my affection: the VTR and the VTS items, rising 100bhp and 120hp respectively. Pocket rockets within the truest sense, and as a newly certified driver, they couldn’t bear gave the influence more thrilling.

Bet you can't get bulbs for that from Euro Car Parts!
Wager you might perchance well perchance also’t pick up bulbs for that from Euro Automobile Aspects!

My weekly habit of devouring one of the most standard AutoTrader would turn up so much of Saxos which sounded ideal for me, nonetheless alas, there was as soon as a downside in my manner – insurance coverage. I was as soon as no stranger to high premiums, my bog-not novel Fiat Punto costing £2,200 for the fundamental 365 days. The Saxo was as soon as out of my reach. The affordability of their efficiency and a gigantic aftermarket scene had pushed the price of insurance coverage sky-high.

Skipping forward 12 years, the results on Perplexed.com are plenty much less upsetting. With the insurance coverage hurdle now removed, I began to scour the frequent locations. I stumbled upon a Jaguar specialist selling a 2001 Saxo VTR for £1,200. Fully not novel and unmolested, the placement looked wonderful. On the time, it had around 110,000 miles on the clock, a minute better than I’d bargained for, nonetheless I’m no stranger to high milers.

The interior has stood the test of time. Everything still works too, although almost everything is manually operated.
The inner has stood the test of time. All the pieces soundless works too, even supposing nearly every little thing is manually operated.

Sadly, the nation was as soon as soundless below strict lockdown measures at the time. I had a different – purchase unseen or wait and perchance miss the opportunity. You also can want gathered by now that I’m no longer one to pass up on a car when I’ve dwelling my heart on it, and this was as soon as no exception.

The day soon came. I wore a groove into the pavement with my anxious pacing from facet to facet, eyes on stalks procuring for a trailer to around the corner. Being the fundamental time I’ve had a car delivered, coupled with having spent two months below effective house arrest, the excitement was as soon as palpable.

Much to my reduction, when it arrived, it looked even better than the photos. Once safely unloaded and parked, I started the inspection. Some paint go on the roof, minor corrosion on the sills and a suitably throaty spend were the correct items of ticket.

It took some work but it finally made it through the MOT test. Parked perilously close to the edge by yours truly.
It took some work nonetheless it at final made it through the MOT test. Parked perilously shut to the edge by yours really.

Insurance coverage duly sorted and appropriately small sneakers donned, I clambered inner and was as soon as accurate now transported abet in time to my teenage years. All the pieces was as soon as honest as I hoped. The inner create, the materials, the smell and whisk, even those infuriating disco lights radiating from the stereo. It was as soon as ideal.

Being the lesser VTR kind, my Saxo uses the same 1.6-litre petrol engine as the more extremely effective VTS, lacking within the valves department with supreme eight to its huge brother’s 16. Thankfully their absence isn’t felt from the novel seat. Alive to and involving, it feels as even supposing your entire car is egging you on to drive that minute bit sooner than you really ought to. Mercifully, and loads to the comfort of my licence, the sense of tempo is much better than the actual avenue tempo.

Adding to the sense of event is a powertrain that goes the total manner to 11. Successfully, shut anyway. Clutching the wintry metal atop the gearstick and snatching the following instruments milliseconds earlier than the 7,000rpm limiter stops play is a chuffed manner to carry out progress.

That shiny new exhaust must be worth an extra 5bhp.
That fascinating novel spend ought to be price an extra 5bhp.

Pit it against even one of the most lukewarm of standard hatches, and the Saxo will be trailing every time. Nevertheless unlike as much as the moment metal, the set prodding of the throttle might perchance well also scrutinize you changing into one of the most standard addition to a YouTube Fails compilation, the Saxo helps you to explore and exploit its efficiency. Thankfully, the chassis encourages you to throw it into the twisty sections and devours them with aplomb.

Now within the second summer season of my ownership, there were just a few matters anxious attention. I substituted the budget tyres, choosing Goodyears, a job that drew attention to a niche field; wheel balancing. The alloys fitted to the Saxo are solid centres, stumping all of my local tyre stores. The closest position that will perchance well also create it was as soon as around 40 miles away.

The dreaded MOT test threw up some more relating to disorders. Rust, of direction, was as soon as eating into the sills with some ferocity. The brakes were unbalanced and nearing the discontinue of their existence. An emissions test uncovered a colander-devour spend system, which needed to be consigned to the tip. The headlight reflector was as soon as one other fail powerful item, nonetheless thanks to my buddy Dave’s skills (and his oven), it was as soon as opened and repaired. He’s also tackling the minibus mission, nonetheless more on that soon.

Modding inspiration for the future, perhaps...?
Modding inspiration for the future, most likely…?

So the Citroen Saxo: an icon of the modified car scene, and most likely overlooked for years thanks to the image affiliation, is it now the hatchback to bear? It surely embodies a youthful exuberance, handing over the fun ingredient in spades. The market is totally waking as much as its charms, and costs bear begun to shoot up. Act now and likewise you might perchance well perchance also soundless pick up a successfully maintained VTR for between £1,500-£2,500, a VTS costing per chance twice that. Don’t be postpone by the frail’s power deficit – this doesn’t cease it from being defective fun.

If the historical past of sizzling hatchbacks is anything else to accelerate, then a successfully sold Saxo might perchance well also soundless grant hours of entertainment and be successfully depreciation free. That’s the thought anyway – I’ll memoir abet in just a few years.

The Citroen Saxo VTR; A Good deal Pocket Rocket And Why You Need One