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The free-range egg farmer who started with 50 chickens in an old caravan

The free-range egg farmer who started with 50 chickens in an old caravan

In the lush inexperienced pastures of southern Recent South Wales sits what can be described as free-range chicken heaven.  

Key points:

  • A Holbrook farmer has revived his paddock well being with free-range egg manufacturing
  • The farm keeps a low stocking density of 40 hens per hectare
  • The 15,000 hens are by no means locked up, and instead are safe by Maremma guardian dogs

Holbrook farmer Sam Pincott by accident fell into egg manufacturing 11 years ago when he space out to enhance the well being of his soil with 50 chickens in an old caravan.  

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Now he tends to 15,000 hens on his property, producing round 50,000 eggs per week. 

“We’re correct seeing basically the most incredible response from pasture species that are coming aid in comparison with what used to be right here once we started,” Mr Pincott stated. 

Free ranging chickens

Mr Pincott says he continually has to ascertain below the auto sooner than driving out of the paddock. (

ABC Rural: Annie Brown 


“Our organic ranges in the soil are improving your total time; we finish in model soil testing to note that.”

The farm has 19 transportable sheds that had been made in Holbrook and are moved during the paddocks once per week. 

“It’s a extraordinarily uncomplicated device, fancy hooking on a trailer and moving it 50 metres,” Mr Pincott stated. 

“That is done in conjunction with cattle or sheep that stretch in on agistment.

“It’s in truth important for the cattle to attain aid in. They finish a an important job of eating that grass down and the chooks correct train by.”

Holbrook eggs 4

Cows and sheep are brought onto the farm to expend the grass down for the chickens to dwell on. (

ABC Rural: Annie Brown 


Low stocking density

In 2018, new free-range egg legal guidelines came into operate, geared in opposition to making producers dwell as much as their tag.

To be regarded as free range, egg producers can lope a most of 10,000 hens per hectare of land. Mr Pincott stated his farm kept a low stocking density of 40 hens per hectare. 

“As producers, we must be certain we’re giving them that information.”

Holbrook eggs 5 chicken close up

The Pincotts are modifying their packing shed to fulfill a brand new industry code and will likely be incorporating a tourism and retail location. (

ABC Rural: Annie Brown 


Mr Pincott stated 80 per cent of his farm’s eggs went to Sydney customers who he stated had an proper recommendation of what free-range eggs had been. 

“We’re continually amazed at the questions that stretch out of the metropolis,” he stated.

“They want to know in the event that they are de-beaked, what supplementary feed is old-long-established,  and what the density stocking is. They are very informed questions.”

Mr Pincott stated the low stocking density had additionally diminished animal well being concerns on his farm. 

“We’ve obtained so noteworthy location and there’s so many distractions for them in the paddock, for foraging and climbing branches.

“We don’t hold any concerns with them pecking every different, [so] we do no longer hold to de-beak.

Guardians of the paddocks 

Mr Pincott stated some of basically the most important employees on the farm had been the nine Maremma guard dogs that dwell in the paddocks with the hens. 

Two white dogs in a green paddock

Bruce and Cranky are two of the nine guardian dogs who protect the hens from foxes and eagles.(

ABC Rural: Annie Brown 


“They dwell in pairs with every age neighborhood in the paddock,” he stated. 

“We could well per chance no longer finish what we finish without them. We don’t lock the hens up at night, so the dogs are on responsibility to guard the chickens against all predators fancy foxes and eagles.”

The nine working dogs will likely be joined by a brand new pet in just a few weeks’ time. 

“We don’t want to interrupt their bond with the chooks, so we give them the honour that they want but nothing more.”

The Maremma, a standard breed stumbled on at free-range egg farms, originated in the Italian hills. 

“Daytime is their downtime in bid that they’re pleasing relaxed correct now but when night comes they’re on patrol and I’d no longer want to spoiled them,” Mr Pincott stated. 

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The free-range egg farmer who started with 50 chickens in an old caravan