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The Lancia Dedra HF Integrale Is A Sports Saloon Failure That Time Forgot

The Lancia Dedra HF Integrale Is A Sports Saloon Failure That Time Forgot

An unbreakable rules of physics is that for every action there would possibly maybe be an equal and reverse response, and when it comes to Lancias, for every narrative there would possibly maybe be a in truth woeful stain on the family album

Lancia - The Lancia Dedra HF Integrale Is A Sports Saloon Failure That Time Forgot - Blog

With discuss of a Lancia revival starting to hobble abet into the news, aspects editors’ recollections will hobble alongside with the whisk abet to the iconic but possibly too a hit Delta HF Integrale. It won plenty for the designate and regarded superior while doing it, so its legendary say is smartly earned, but as it extinct and its cracks grew wider, Lancia rested on its laurels and failed to hand over the creeping rot.

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As a replace, what they did turned into open a performance saloon the realm would hobble on to preserve in mind as… nothing, in truth. Barely someone remembers the Dedra HF Integrale, and for correct cause: it turned into criminally moderate at a time when others were producing some stellar vehicles. Built on a Fiat platform designed above all else to impact tag-financial savings someday of brands, the allegedly top fee Dedra’s chassis had neither the poise nor the quality to in truth contemporary something special.

The Dedra Integrale never made it to the UK, but perhaps that was for the best
The Dedra Integrale by no design made it to the UK, but possibly that turned into for the most attention-grabbing

On the Dedra HF Integrale’s open in 1991 BMW turned into lower than half of design via the lifestyles cycle of the very perfect E34 5-series, but we’re guessing the Lancia team hadn’t even to see at one. Audi had the accurate and stable 100 and Mercedes turned into owning the room with the indestructible W124 E-Class. Every housed a correct poor recipe for their respective makers’ makes an try at like a flash variations. By comparison, seeking to possess the ‘sizzling’ Dedra engaging and perfect turned into seeking to possess a chocolate cake with nothing but sawdust and farts.

What Fiat had determined to attain turned into to plonk the drivetrain from the Delta HF Integrale; a solid but outmoded energy unit that dated abet in its earliest make to 1966’s 124 Sport Coupe, right into a chassis that delivered much less charisma than a Pantone chart listing the total spectrum of beige. This turned into the 1990s; vehicles were much greater than this by now. The pinnacle Delta would hobble away the World Rally Championship in 1992 at the tip of a vastly a hit flee of seasons, but Lancia couldn’t transfer any of that automotive’s magic into the Dedra. It turned into undoubtedly one of many agency’s most fully-deserved flops.

Lancia - The Lancia Dedra HF Integrale Is A Sports Saloon Failure That Time Forgot - Blog

Lancia misplaced curiosity in accordance with the resulting public apathy. The mannequin development all around the Dedra’s sorrowful existence tells the account: the portion one automotive from the 1992 mannequin 300 and sixty five days incorporated a 178bhp, AWD variant the utilization of the 8v Delta Integrale engine, plus a lighter 163bhp relation with entrance-wheel drive and reportedly a barely decrease trail height. The AWD automotive would hit 143mph and open to 62mph in seven or eight seconds – first fee on paper, but subjectively lacking any accurate dynamic sparkle in a changing automotive panorama.

Phase two from 1994 saw the Garrett turbocharger changed by a novel 16v cylinder head. The revised Twin-Cam turned into revvier but energy dropped to perfect 137bhp and the engine didn’t in truth swimsuit the automotive’s audience. In 1996 energy dropped mute extra with a replace 1.8-litre engine correct for most attention-grabbing 129bhp. At this point Lancia quietly removed the HF Integrale badges, which turned into presumably for the most attention-grabbing.

Lancia - The Lancia Dedra HF Integrale Is A Sports Saloon Failure That Time Forgot - Blog

Never mind the public and their stressful tendency to swerve lame ducks esteem this, it turned into esteem Lancia itself forgot in regards to the Dedra HF Integrale. From one of these promising region off the abet of substandard carrying success, Fiat bosses reputedly determined the entirety turned into so rosy they’d possibly maybe possibly additionally merely come up with the money for to resolve off and flit, the utilization of outmoded, out of date or perfect wretched quality constructing blocks for a immense level of drugs-sharing that most frequently assured failure for the entirety it touched. Spreading shoddy substances esteem Nutella on toast… smartly, what else are you able to inquire of but a snide time?

High Equipment as soon as filmed a celebratory piece charting Lancia’s amazing achievements of the 1970s to the map it came crashing down by the 1990s. The Beta will get most of the blame on a mainstream entrance, however the Dedra HF Integrale is perfect as clear a symbol of how Lancia, under woeful management, most frequently perfect gave up. Historic previous has already nearly afflicted it from the file so we apologise for wasting your time; prospects are you’ll possibly maybe be ready to now return to forgetting the component ever existed.

The Lancia Dedra HF Integrale Is A Sports Saloon Failure That Time Forgot