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The Narrate are in orange, the Hawks in red and Twitter hates it

The Narrate are in orange, the Hawks in red and Twitter hates it

The Oklahoma City Narrate tipped off against the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night. Or per chance it became dazzling one team scrimmaging itself? It became a little challenging to inform with the uniform combo the two groups wore for their matchup.

The Narrate had been in orange. The Hawks had been in red. On the distinguished mask, it became complex to inform who became who thanks to how grand these jerseys clashed.

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It took mere seconds to device the ire of Twitter, who became no longer feeling the uni combo in any procedure in any procedure.

Gone are the days where the home team wears white. Even as you happen to pause up finding your self cheering for the pass team tonight, probabilities are you’ll presumably well’t be blamed.

Who selected these uniforms for the Hawks vs Narrate game?? 💀 pic.twitter.com/u6F1nfjPik

— The Bronx Cheer Basketball (@BronxCheerBBall) February 27, 2021

@UniWatch Red on Orange in Hawks-Narrate tonight… pic.twitter.com/dzDwnQ5VhM

— Sam Weinbach (@samweinbach) February 27, 2021

If this became 2k you definitely restart this game

— Justin Wilson (@DubGolf25) February 27, 2021

Hawks and philosophize rosters tonight pic.twitter.com/p3pFLxVJwk

— jordan clarkson (@fuccjesus) February 27, 2021

I’m convinced that Capela’s eight rebounds in 7 minutes are fully connected to the fact that no-one can inform who to field out. #Narrate #Hawks

— Cliff Brunt (@CliffBruntAP) February 27, 2021

We knew this Narrate-Hawks uniform matchup became coming @CareyAMurdock … It’s even

more disturbing than I might presumably well agree with imagined.

— Curtis Fitzpatrick (@cfitzfox) February 27, 2021

35 seconds in, and these Hawks/Narrate unis together on the same courtroom are hurting my eyes.

— Budmañ006 (@bud006) February 27, 2021

me tryna determine why trae is wearing a OKC jersey and why dort all of sudden plays for the hawks: pic.twitter.com/SonUKeglPm

— Skip Bayless Burner (@welovedort) February 27, 2021

Narrate wearing orange

Hawks wearing red

Whoever decided this… pic.twitter.com/FYXENqitTv

— Jon Hamm (@JonMHamm) February 27, 2021

No longer simply ought to you’re partially color blind love me pic.twitter.com/URTeF1RD5Z

— Tyler (@TyMic) February 27, 2021

Name me a boomer but I’m starting to head away out when NBA groups wore home whites

I feel imperfect for any colorblind ppl watching Hawks v. Narrate tonight pic.twitter.com/DVCNC2vTbk

— Anthony 🔰 土着 (@Viscous_cree) February 27, 2021

Uniform defective tonight in OKC with the Hawks wearing red and the Narrate wearing orange. I’m gonna wish to squint the entire game now.

— Royce Younger (@royceyoung) February 27, 2021

Hawks/Narrate pls change jerseys pic.twitter.com/DerLlIaUBn

— Manny (@HandyManny07) February 27, 2021

The Narrate are in orange, the Hawks in red and Twitter hates it