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The new all-electrical Audi RS Q e-tron is coming for the Dakar

The new all-electrical Audi RS Q e-tron is coming for the Dakar

Audi has unveiled its all-new Dakar Rally challenger. Map to discipline the the rest of the field for total honours in 2022, the RS Q e-tron will sort out the world’s most renowned off-street bustle with an electrified powertrain that is certain to build a pair of cats among the pigeons.

Certainly, peel away that aggressive bodywork and also that you just might well discover that the entrance and rear axles are both fitted with a motor-generator unit (MGU) borrowed from the contemporary Audi e-tron FE07 Formula E vehicle, which has been developed by Audi Sport for the 2021 season. Ultimate minor modifications wanted to be made to exercise the MGU in the Dakar Rally.

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A third MGU, of identical develop, is share of the energy converter and serves to recharge the high-voltage battery whereas riding. As effectively as, energy is recuperated all over braking. The battery weighs about 370kg and it sounds as if has a capability of around 50kWh. 

Now whereas you happen to’re in any appreciate unsleeping of electrical vehicles then that you just might well know that 50kWh isn’t worthy. In particular no longer when installed inner a high-performance off-street racing vehicle that has to commute various of kilometres in a day thru distant areas void of any charging spots. 

To gain around this rather obvious issue, Audi has long gone and fitted the RS Q e-tron with a bespoke generator — a highly efficient 2.0-litre TFSI engine that has its roots in the DTM series. Paired to the third MGU, it ensures a constant and respectable source of electricity.

“The quattro used to be a game-changer for the World Rally Championship,” says Julius Seebach, MD of Audi Sport. “Audi used to be the first mark to preserve the Le Mans 24 Hours with an electrified drivetrain. Now, we wish to herald a new generation at the Dakar Rally, whereas testing and further establishing our e-tron technology below indecent prerequisites.”

Based on Audi, the most system vitality of the e-drivetrain is 500kW. Then again how worthy of this could possibly well well the truth is be primitive all over the Dakar Rally is aloof being finalised by the tournament’s organisers. The electrical motors will also be managed extraordinarily precisely and could possibly well well thus be sure factual drivability. As effectively as, kinetic energy can also also be harvested all over braking. 

Or no longer it is also attention-grabbing to checklist that the RS Q e-tron supreme wants one forward instruments, whereas the entrance and rear axles are no longer robotically connected. Tool developed by Audi takes over the torque distribution between the axles and creates a virtual, freely configurable centre differential. This technology also has the extra perfect thing about saving weight and  condo that can were taken up by prop-shafts and a mechanical differential.

This cutting-edge Dakar Rally entry is being jog along side Q Motorsport.

“Audi has regularly chosen new and bold paths in racing, nevertheless I hang this is one of the most complex vehicles that I’ve ever seen,” says crew main Sven Quandt.

“The electrical drivetrain capability that fairly a pair of varied programs need to talk with every other. Moreover reliability, which is paramount in the Dakar Rally, that’s our biggest discipline in the coming months.”

The prototype of the Audi RS Q e-tron had its first rollout in Neuburg at the starting of July. An intensive test programme and the first test entries at rotten-country rallies are on the agenda from now till the finish of the year.

The new all-electrical Audi RS Q e-tron is coming for the Dakar