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The Red Magic 6 is coming in Q1, will have a Tencent edition

The Red Magic 6 is coming in Q1, will have a Tencent edition

Red Magic and Tencent announced a strategic partnership today that will respect the 2 companies join forces to create phones with bespoke optimizations for a superior gaming journey on the dart.

The Red Magic 6 will be the primary made from this union, specifically the Tencent edition of the cell phone. It will be released in China in the primary quarter.

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The cell phone will feature SolarCore, Tencent’s game acceleration engine. Details are sparse, however it’s a machine that balances the cell phone’s sources (chipset, RAM, community connection) to escape up loading instances and retain frame rates consistent. Basically, the machine makes use of the optimal settings for the game.

This handiest works on games that give a boost to SolarCore, for certain, however that shouldn’t be an issue – Tencent Games has over 800 million gamers worldwide and (as a publisher) the company is behind a few of the largest hits.

Red Magic and Tencent join forces
Yu Hang, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Nubia Technology, and Wu Dan, General Manager of Tencent Game Hardware, at the signing ceremony

Red Magic and Tencent join forces

Also, Red Magic and Tencent have fashioned a preference of mobile gaming research centers. They will be staffed with members of both companies and will work to make original gaming applied sciences on both the hardware and software fronts.

Previously, there have been Tencent editions of other phones, Xiaomi Black Sharks and Asus ROG Phones (which featured SolarCore as well). The press release makes no mention of them, however they will likely remain Tencent partners. This is moral the game publisher expanding its sphere of influence.

Anyway, what will the Red Magic 6 be like? It will have a 4,500 mAh battery with 120W fast charging. Also, a leaked photo of the back reveals the Tencent Games brand adorning a brand original indulge in (rather now not like the 5-assortment). Again, the cell phone will launch in China before the finish of March (inquire of extra teasers till then, for certain).

The Red Magic 6 is coming in Q1, will have a Tencent edition