Home Australia ‘The shop stinks’: Supermarket shelves stripped bare by mice in NSW plague

‘The shop stinks’: Supermarket shelves stripped bare by mice in NSW plague

‘The shop stinks’: Supermarket shelves stripped bare by mice in NSW plague

Hundreds of mice, stripping shelves of meals, eating everything in their glimpse: it feels like something out of a horror movie.

Key points:

  • The Gulargambone grocery store has misplaced $30,000 rate of stock
  • A plague of tens of millions of mice impacting the western location of NSW
  • Businesses are catching 400–500 mice per evening

Nonetheless it absolutely is the day-to-day reality for Gulargambone grocer, Nav Singh.

Early Newspaper

“We undoubtedly are catching between 400–500 every evening, once in a whereas 600, it be lovely contaminated,” he talked about.

Gulargambone is a little community of about 500 of us, between Gilgandra and Coonamble, about 526 kilometres north-west of Sydney.

Many locals count on the grocery store for everyday wants, with huge chain supermarkets bigger than an hour’s force away in Dubbo.  

Mr Singh talked about he has been spending around six hours extra per day cleaning to address the dust.

“Or no longer it has been lovely unpleasant this past month or so. Or no longer it is getting worse right here.

“They’re doing a great deal of damage — we now possess got thrown away around $20,000–$30,000 rate of stock to this point.”

A packet of toilet paper is shredded open on one side with shredded paper pouring out.

Not even lavatory paper is proof against mice, who chew through everything rather then canned items.(

ABC Western Plains: Lucy Thackray


Lavatory paper in short supply

This time final year shop shelves were stripped thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While of us were no longer hoarding lavatory paper, the mice had different solutions.

“We have most stock in containers and stock in the fridge,” Mr Singh talked about.

He talked about they were trying their most efficient to maintain frequent offers out there to their right customers.

“Other folks are mute supporting us, and they’re accepting of the smell because they know what we are going through,” Mr Singh talked about.

A man vacuums the empty shelves of a supermarket.

Gulargambone grocer Nav Singh is spending six hours a day cleaning his store.(

ABC Western Plains: Lucy Thackray


Calls for presidency serve

Mr Singh talked about the situation’s mice plague used to be no longer accurate an agricultural discipline.

“I think the government would possibly mute serve of us around right here — in particular the little businesses, because if they’ll no longer get money in their tills, at final they’ll wish to shut,” he talked about.

Member for Barwon Roy Butler has known as on the disclose and federal governments to present some get of rebate for controlling the direct.

“I’ve been asking for support in meeting the rate of baits — and that is the reason accurate no longer of us on farms that’s additionally of us in metropolis, in businesses, a great deal of of us are on dinky or mounted incomes and the rate of keeping up the baiting is correct crippling them financially,” he talked about.

“Any business you stroll in to you would possibly well presumably also smell it — you would possibly well presumably also no longer handiest smell their presence through faeces and urine, but additionally these unnecessary and decaying which, for people that possess been through such a challenging period, it be no longer correct for his or her wellbeing,”

A shelf rack of loaves of bread on display has each leg in a bucket of water.

The native grocery store is going to expansive lengths to quit mice from destroying stock.(

ABC Western Plains: Lucy Thackray


A spokesperson for the Original South Wales Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall talked about, “every the Department of Main Industries (DPI) and Native Land Products and services are providing information and support to landholders about how to govern mice on farms”.

“Most farmers incorporate mice management by way of in-sever baiting with business mice baits as segment of their management techniques.

“Mouseoff is readily out there in business quantities from rural supply stores.

“DPI is working with the Commonwealth Government to be certain that there are no supply-chain concerns.

“These looking to govern mice in their homes and businesses would possibly mute be conscious that Mouseoff is for business in-sever train handiest.

“Using it in a family context can result in instances of poisoning, with every the NSW Environmental Protection Company (EPA) and the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) every issuing statements lately.

“Other folks which would possibly be looking for information on how to govern mice in their homes would possibly mute contact the EPA and resolve family appropriate baits.”

‘The shop stinks’: Supermarket shelves stripped bare by mice in NSW plague