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The terrible Welsh cliches in Boris Johnson’s newly published UK Executive plan for Wales

The terrible Welsh cliches in Boris Johnson’s newly published UK Executive plan for Wales
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In the event you understanding dragon photos gain been in overall reserved for tourism campaigns, sports events and St David’s Day think again.

The legendary beast has been summoned into the political enviornment to symbolise Wales because it grapples with a 21st century, post-Covid, post-Brexit world.

Wales is share of an “awesome foursome” a dragon that’s had it’s wings clipped too prolonged, nonetheless a dragon that will “cruise as soon as again”.

These are merely about a of the cliched photos soaring unfettered via Boris Johnson’s description of Wales in his introduction to the UK executive’s newly published plan for Wales.

But it’s now not merely the dragon, a historical determine is also drawn on by the Prime Minister.

Victorian draper Pryce Pryce-Jones, who began the main mail instruct catalogues, is also aged for instance of the historical innovation in Wales. You might well well per chance find out about Pryce Pryce Jones here.

So, before we gain to the detail of the 34-page UK Executive’s Plan for Wales, lets preserve a examine at about a of the classic Boris-isms in his forward to the doc.

Here be dragons, nonetheless does Boris know they’re legendary beasts?

“Wales (is) this kind of diverse member of our awesome foursome.”

“For too prolonged the red dragon’s wings gain been clipped, its nostrils congested, nonetheless no more. Gorau chwarae, cyd chwarae.”

“The Pryce Pryce-Joneses of at the present time gain everything they prefer to upward thrust to their attainable, and the Welsh dragon can cruise as soon as again.”

So, that’s the dragons and magic. What concerning the prolonged bustle? Enact “the Pryce Pryce-Joneses of at the present time gain everything they prefer to upward thrust to their attainable”?.

The doc lays out, for the main time, the UK Executive’s key commitments to this point to Wales.

It looks at Wales’ economic, scientific and cultural contribution to the UK and what the UK can bring for Wales.

Here’s a snapshot of about a of the commitments (without a dragons included):

Levelling up

In February, the UK Executive announced it would per chance well well bring the Levelling Up Fund UK-wide, allocating funding in all parts of the country. This is also disbursed for projects corresponding to regenerating town centres, upgrading local transport, and investing in cultural and heritage resources.

Wales will receive now not much less than 5% of entire allocations for the main round of funding, and the Fund will even give £125,000 to every council in Wales.

Local weather commerce

The original UK Infrastructure Bank would per chance well well support address climate commerce and its focus will include economic infrastructure in the orderly energy, transport, digital, water and raze sectors. The Bank will feature across all the of the UK.

“Building strategic relationships with Welsh local authorities and relevant institutions, corresponding to the Construction Bank of Wales, would per chance be a priority. From the Summer, the Bank will provide loans to local authorities across the UK, including Wales at a ravishing payment for excessive label and strategic projects of now not much less than £5 million,” the doc says.

A mode of plans in the pipeline are two gigawatts of wind energy projects off the soar of North Wales, already in development, and The Crown Estate has confirmed it intends to maintain a formal leasing round for floating offshore wind projects in the Celtic Sea,


Wales is promised one in the plan, nonetheless what are they?

Freeports shall be found around shipping ports, or airports. Goods that lengthen into Freeports from in another country are exempt from tax costs “tariffs” mainly paid to the executive.

These taxes are splendid paid if the items leave the Freeport and are moved in other locations in the UK. In every other case, they’re despatched out of the country with out the costs being paid.

The UK had seven Freeports between 1984 and 2012. Now the executive is bringing them attend. with one promised for Wales.

The doc pledges: “we remain dedicated to establishing now not much less than one Freeport in Wales as soon as doable. The Freeports provide will entice investment and original businesses, driving growth and prosperity in Wales.”


The plan is to “continue to work closely with the (steel) industry to make certain it has a sustainable future”.

But this can prefer to decarbonise with support from a £250 million Enticing Steel Fund to toughen the UK steel sector to transition to lower carbon iron and steel manufacturing.

Original markets for Welsh items

The original Welsh Alternate and Investment Hub would per chance be home to export and investment consultants. This might per chance occasionally well support Welsh businesses gain UK-wide executive toughen to develop their export attainable in original markets out of the country indulge in Japan, the US and India. The Hub will even toughen inward investment into Wales.


The final Union Connectivity Overview file is anticipated to be published later this summer alongside with final suggestions on how the UK Executive can give a increase to flow infrastructure across the UK, including Wales.

The whole plan would per chance well even be be taught here.

The terrible Welsh cliches in Boris Johnson’s newly published UK Executive plan for Wales – Wales Online