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The tipster so good she moves betting markets

The tipster so good she moves betting markets

When Lizzie Jelfs makes her pre-flee choices from birdcages around Sydney racetracks, punters hear. Her conception can personal as mighty affect on the betting market as the greatest punters.

She experiences the accomplish, music stipulations and other variables but depends more on her expert explore and encyclopaedic files of each and every horse to search out a winner — evaluating the equine giants parading in front of her with hundreds of photos and movies of horses saved on her cell telephone for reference on their condition, successfully being and enchancment since she final clocked them.

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Jelfs, who’s an integral phase of Sky Thoroughbred Central’s Sydney flee day coverage, makes exercise of all this files to usually nominate a longshot as her tip. And too usually gets it correct to be a fluke.

So, how does she attain it?

“I profile every horse from the vital time I lay eyes on them,’’ Jelfs stated.

“I watch at their physique, manners, their stroll, the full lot about them so I’m in a position to be taught as mighty as I’m in a position to about them from every flee.

“If I haven’t considered a horse earlier than, it is miles going to play in opposition to me. However because I know most of the Sydney horses so successfully, I’m in a position to inspire myself to relate within the occasion that they’ve improved.’’

Jelfs stated there are definite telltale indicators she seems for in every horse earlier than making her choices.

“Change in behaviour is a enormous one for me,’’ she stated.

“Must you behold a horse that is on the total reasonably relaxed they usually’re labored up earlier than a flee, then usually they don’t flee as successfully as they’ll.

“The bodily appearance of a horse is clearly vital. A coach usually says their horse is bigger and stronger this preparation. That will no longer produce that horse any sooner but it truly does produce them more uncomplicated to coach.

“They get better sooner from a flee they usually can personal more work establish into them so they’ll also be healthier again.

“However the biggest element, I reflect, is a horse’s coat. You doubtlessly can behold the full lot in their coat.

“They may be able to peaceable flee successfully within the occasion that they don’t personal a good coat on them — but I procure they are few and much between. If their coat is glowing a miniature bit bit off, they obtained’t be at their finest doubtless.

“Must you will personal four horses at the identical stage, if one has their coat that has advance thru, that horse will invariably flee better than the opposite three.’’

Jelfs hails from Oxford in England and though she doesn’t advance from a racing family, she had a elaborate of horses from a young age and rode at the identical pony club as main Sydney jockey Rachel King.

However though Jelfs had ambitions of becoming a jockey, she used to be unable to personal a examine her dream for a standard reason — she used to be too runt!

“Once I started working at the stables of Charlie Egerton at Lambourn, I only weighed 45kg,’’ she stated.

“Charlie trained jumpers and he couldn’t give me a lag as I glowing wasn’t massive ample.

“I wished to be a jockey but Charlie used to be pronouncing it is miles never any longer the finest lifestyles for me.’’

It used to be also sophisticated for female jockeys to interrupt into English racing at the time — this used to be the reason King finally moved to Sydney — so Jelfs decided to lag on a working holiday to Australia virtually twenty years within the past and by no formulation left.

She joined the stables of Hall of Popularity coach David Hayes, where she rode work at Flemington earlier than finally taking on his Sydney satellite valid at Randwick.

“David used to be an limitless trainer,’’ Jelfs stated. “With his dwelling-up in those days, horses would usually advance from Adelaide to Melbourne and that it is doubtless you’ll maybe well presumably must be taught them by be taught about.

“After 17 years working for David, I reflect it has ‘prepped’ me for this job.’’

It used to be Hayes who also seen an opportunity for Jelfs to work within the media and instructed she discover for a presenter’s characteristic in Melbourne.

Jelfs used to be on air two weeks later and this led her to finally joining Sky Racing in Sydney.

“I fancy it,’’ Jelfs stated. “I’m in a position to fetch my racing fix day-after-day.

“I fancy being in a position to direct my files and presumably soften the broadcast a miniature bit. It is peaceable very though-provoking about punting and I also direct that punting element, but I attain are trying to focus on the athletes in this sport.

“The jockeys are unbelievable, the music riders, and trainers, but for me what has got me into racing is my fancy of the thoroughbred.’’

Sydney’s autumn carnival has its unofficial originate at Royal Randwick at the fresh time with the return of Community 1 racing in conjunction with the $600,000 Chipping Norton Stakes, which formulation more punters and flee fans will be tuning into Channel 528 for the live coverage — and Jelfs’s mounting yard choices.

She started work on at the fresh time’s Randwick assembly when nominations got right here out final Monday, then started her vital accomplish behold when the closing fields and barrier attracts were launched on Wednesday. It’s her weekly ritual.

Jelfs has developed a deserved recognition for usually discovering longshot winners but doesn’t let the strain and expectation to search out the shock alternative cloud her judgment.

“The one strain I truly feel is to supply the finest files doubtless because I’m very conscious that folk are betting,’’ Jelfs stated.

“If I am giving other folks files, I desire it to be the finest files. Authenticity is important.

“I historical to fetch some backlash on Twitter, but I truly feel I even were licensed more now as other folks realize I’m attempting to supply files to them.’’


Andrew Georgiou – TAB

“You unbiased must watch at when she does give her alternative as the Capture of the Yard, more usually than no longer that horse will agency in the present day. There are punters available within the market who’re listening and waiting for her choices — she is the other folks’s champion.’’

Ron Dufficy – Sky Thoroughbred Central accomplish expert

“If a horse is resuming from a spell, that it is doubtless you’ll maybe well presumably be amazed at the records Lizzie on her cell telephone about that horse. I was asking about Verry Elleegant earlier than she resumed and Lizzie had photos of the mare from final year and at trials to level out the bodily adjustments. Lizzie is a horsewoman but she is conscious of her accomplish.’’

Greg Radley – Sky Thoroughbred Central host

“I reflect what makes Lizzie so good is her supply. She speaks the language of punters, whether or no longer they are skilled or inexperienced. Her salvage of particular person horses is reasonably nice.’’

The tipster so good she moves betting markets