Home Breaking News The treacherous journey into Kabul airport to escape Taliban-managed Afghanistan

The treacherous journey into Kabul airport to escape Taliban-managed Afghanistan

The treacherous journey into Kabul airport to escape Taliban-managed Afghanistan

KABUL — Two days after the Taliban’s unexpected takeover of Kabul, we got a likelihood to escape: seats on a chartered plane to Qatar area to buy off from the metropolis’s airport inner hours.

Security all around the airport used to be crumbling, and the way in which forward for my Afghan colleagues used to be increasingly extra perilous. They had got Taliban threats in the previous, and every have younger families for whom they terror essentially the most.

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Reaching the airport would be essentially the most advanced segment, and it used to be one thing we determined we had to pause together.

We hadn’t viewed every other for the reason that Taliban took over the capital, and the reunion — after so worthy terror, terror and swap — used to be emotional. On a dusty gravel boulevard lined by concrete barriers outside the airport, we embraced. It used to be one in all the principle moments of delight and relief in a truly long time. Everybody used to be in tears.

U.S. and Afghan forces at Kabul airport on Aug. 19, held wait on crowds making an try to flit Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover. (The Washington Publish)

The night earlier than, Taliban fighters had stormed a crowd waiting outside the terminal, beating males, females and youngsters making an try to flit the nation. By morning, the militants had area up checkpoints and deployed dozens of fighters to block roads main to the airport. A vogue of checkpoints used to be a apt about a hundred yards from the compound the set I used to be staying.

“Why pause you like to leave the nation? What are you, traitors?” the militants screamed at a crowd forming beside one in all the principle airport entrances, identified as Abbey gate, in a scene witnessed by Washington Publish reporter Aziz Tassal. One fighter slapped a man who approached the barrier, and one more used to be struck with the butt of a rifle.

Washington Publish editors had organized seats for staffers and their families on a charter flight area to leave inner hours, nevertheless getting to the flight would require getting into thru that identical gate. Our potentialities of developing it thru the gate safely and then onto the plane had been slim. Nevertheless the crowds on the airport had been rising by the day, and the Taliban used to be changing into extra brutal. We determined it used to be value a shot.

We had been touring with eight runt kids, the youngest now not even a year ragged, and had been most concerned about their security. Two nights earlier than, Tassal and his younger daughter had been overwhelmed by Taliban fighters as they waited on the civilian aspect of the airport for a flight that by no manner materialized. Which have, my colleagues later stated, handiest hardened their unravel to escape, nevertheless it left their families anxious of returning to the scene.

“I obtained’t ever omit how they beat my runt daughter,” Tassal stated, displaying me the darkish blue bruise on her aspect. “They obtained’t ever swap. My nation is long gone forever.”

It used to be possible that we would skills a repeat of that night. Nevertheless I felt that if I used to be with the group — the handiest Publish employee left in the nation with an American passport — we could perchance well even be extra seemingly to procure inner the putrid. And if we rented armored automobiles, we could perchance well even be partially obtain from an attack if the boulevard used to be breached.

The most up-to-date surge of hopeful passengers used to be triggered by news that the Biden administration used to be escalating evacuation plans after security all around the airport began to collapse. Nevertheless while the sequence of evacuation flights used to be reaching six or extra a day, there used to be no system to procure folks safely inner the airport. One of the most important fresh warnings from the U.S. Embassy knowledgeable U.S. voters wishing to leave to come to the defense power aspect of the airport, nevertheless additionally read, “THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT CANNOT ENSURE SAFE PASSAGE TO THE HAMID KARZAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.”

The day The Publish crew used to be area to leave, British troops had arrived on the protection compound the set I used to be staying to escort a higher evacuation. U.S. and NATO forces have made a series of agreements with the Taliban to give protection to the evacuation of their voters from the nation.

It used to be a accident, nevertheless it created a runt window of different for all of us to procure inner the airport’s partitions together.

I asked the lead British officer in regards to the protection of the boulevard, and he showed me what used to be blocked off from the Taliban. Tassal sent me his location in a WhatsApp message, and we when put next maps: It used to be apt about a meters a long way flung from the perimeter the troopers had established.

In the beginning, the males had been cautious about helping us. We weren’t segment of their evacuation, and the officer stated they wished signal-off from the U.S. Embassy. Nevertheless after about a cellphone calls, they agreed to wave Tassal, one more Washington Publish employee and their families thru the Taliban checkpoint.

“I’m able to let your guys thru, nevertheless ma’am, ought to you leave them here, it’s apt going to put them in extra hazard,” the soldier stated. The British troops had been handiest planning to defend the boulevard obvious of Taliban fighters for an hour or two extra except their evacuation used to be entire.

After assembly up on foot, our group of 13 staffers and relatives piled into two rented armored automobiles pushed by non-public security guards and started the short commute to the gate. We passed a graveyard of half-destroyed autos and dozens of desperate families held wait on by rows of barbed wire. The drivers stated Taliban fighters had attacked a convoy making an try to reach this gate the night earlier than. One automobile appeared to were hit by a rocket-propelled grenade, shattering a window of thick bulletproof glass.

The American troopers guarding the gate had been greatly surprised to witness automobiles on a boulevard that used to be supposed to be closed to traffic. I held my press badge against the windshield, nodded to the guard tower and obtained out of the automobile, keeping up my arms. After a short swap on his radio, he allowed us thru.

Internal the U.S.-managed defense power putrid, we all breathed sighs of relief thru worried smiles. It felt like essentially the most advanced segment of the journey used to be over, nevertheless we had begun hearing rumors that no charter planes would land that day. I suppressed a wave of terror and terror that after managing to procure this a long way, we would merely be grew to develop into wait on into a excellent extra bad effort. Smoke had begun to billow into the sky above the Taliban checkpoint on the wait on of us.

A group of U.S. defense power officers approached our automobiles and asked me to come forward. In the beginning, I resisted, now not attempting to be separated any other time, nevertheless I used to be the handiest one who could perchance transfer extra into the putrid and discover what flights had been leaving and if we had seats.

Outdoor a makeshift passenger terminal, groups of folks waiting for flights — largely families — sat in the color leaning on their baggage.

An American officer used to be speaking to a group gathered under an abandoned store. “We are committed to securing the perimeter of this airport and keeping you obtain,” he stated. “You apt need to wait and see.”

Within the wait on of him, the tarmac used to be lined with armored American defense power autos. Half of of it used to be littered with zigzag steel and rubble, nevertheless beautiful gray C-17 planes persevered to buy off and land at scramble.

Internal the makeshift terminal, I used to be offered to an American defense power officer coordinating flights. There would be no chartered flights today, he stated. My heart sank. He’ll need to were in a area to witness it on my face.

“How tons of that it’s essential to well even be there? You will want to crawl to Qatar? I’m able to procure you on a defense power flight.”

It used to be an act of kindness in the center of chaos.

He put us on the U.S. defense power flight list, nevertheless a battle arose about our names displaying on the manifest. Within the terminate, a senior defense power legit authorized us to buy the flight.

Internal an hour, all 13 of us had been waiting on the tarmac as Marines on foot established a security perimeter. They knelt down, pointing their rifles a long way flung from the plane, an try to prevent folks from dashing the planes as they taxied away.

To fit extra folks aboard, the seats had been taken out of the C-17, so we strapped ourselves to the floor. For a entire lot of of the kids, this used to be their first time on a plane. They giggled, playing with the nylon webbing.

The roughly 300 folks packed aboard had been largely Afghans, some in fatigues, others in civilian clothing. Many families wore aged costume. A younger girl in a advanced headscarf curled up on one in all the few seats lining the edges of the plane and tapped dully at an iPad.

The day’s adrenaline slowly began to go and a deep sadness took over. I didn’t favor to leave Afghanistan. I felt ashamed that I used to be leaving on the wait on of the kind of very crucial job. I couldn’t pretty read the faces of my colleagues. We had been all attempting our most involving to defend the temper light for the kids, as if the day had been one stout adventure.

The flight lasted about five hours, and it used to be effectively after nighttime after we reached the processing center at Al Udeid defense power putrid outside of Doha. We had been exhausted, nevertheless there used to be a way of relief the journey used to be over.

Our faces dropped after we walked in. The scene — an ideal airplane hangar with customary air conditioning — used to be like so many I had viewed earlier than retaining migration and displacement.

Nevertheless I had by no manner had to leave company by myself in such conditions. We area up cots in one nook of the hangar. Troopers handed out pop-tarts to the kids and MREs to the adults. It used to be spruce, obtain and quick, nevertheless this used to be now not the comfy touchdown we had been looking ahead to.

We spent the principle night there as a group, nevertheless I had to leave the next day: As a entire bunch extra folks arrived over the course of the night, anyone who could perchance transfer on — folks with onward visas, inexperienced cards and American passports — used to be being processed out as lickety-split as possible.

I ready for a take care of in Doha to assist from the outside in a process that we feared could perchance buy weeks. Nevertheless on Friday morning, I got a WhatsApp message from Tassal. It used to be a photograph of a flight course. The plane apt over Italy used to be headed west.

“We are going to Washington, D.C.,” Tassal stated in shock in a advise message.

Every Washington Publish staff and their families had been loaded onto a plane and never told their destination except they took off. It’s unclear what your next step shall be for them in the United States. It could be one more length of processing and then perchance essentially the most advanced segment: starting their lives anew. Nevertheless the happiness in Tassal’s advise used to be unquestionable.

“I don’t know,” he stated, laughing. “I am in actuality greatly surprised.”

The treacherous journey into Kabul airport to escape Taliban-managed Afghanistan