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The understated dog winning over hearts with its affection, loyalty and can-possess attitude

The understated dog winning over hearts with its affection, loyalty and can-possess attitude

New South Wales cattle producer Wendy Mayne has owned her beautiful fragment of working dogs, from kelpies to frame collies, and then there was as soon as a koolie.

Key capabilities:

  • The Koolie Membership of Australia says the breed has been round since the 1800s
  • Despite this, many house owners order koolies deserve extra recognition as upright working dogs
  • One breeder says it is advanced to secure entry to genetic fabric

It was as soon as the koolie that left a lasting paw print on her coronary heart.

Early Newspaper

“We receive repeatedly had working dogs, usually kelpies, and [Mum] got this koolie we known as Jess and she grew to alter into out to be this astonishing dog,” Ms Mayne acknowledged.

“Or no longer it is a breed that needs extra recognition on chronicle of they’re the most dazzling dogs.

Her fancy affair with the breed would possibly perhaps maybe additionally receive begun as a baby, nonetheless it has most attention-grabbing been in latest years that Ms Mayne started breeding her secure line.

A woman stands in a shirt and vest holding to small puppies.

Wendy Mayne started breeding her secure koolies on chronicle of she didn’t favor to lose their bloodlines.(

ABC New England North West: Jennifer Ingall


Texas Koolies was as soon as essentially based in 2019 when Ms Mayne realised there receive been very few folk breeding working koolies and she wished to expand their reach. 

“I made up our minds that koolies were a breed that folks actually possess no longer know loads about and they’re actually no longer that effectively recognised,” she acknowledged.

It all started with a home dog her secure mum bred and gave her. That home dog was as soon as known as Emmie and grew to alter into out to be a truly special dog.

“After I researched the koolies, there weren’t a lot of breeders in the market … and I didn’t want her bloodlines perfect to be lost, so we went out and sold a solid, dark-coloured koolie male from northern Queensland and the comfort is historic past.”

Three dogs sit in a line

These three koolies are sisters, with Emmie on the a ways perfect.(

Equipped: Wendy Mayne


Deserving of extra 

In line with the Koolie Membership of Australia, the breed started at some stage in the 1800s and was as soon as “unrecognised by many”.

That was as soon as a sentiment sheep producer, grain grower, and koolie proprietor Jenny Bradley agreed with.

Primarily based in the central west of New South Wales, Ms Bradley has most attention-grabbing ever had koolies.

Her father owned his first koolie in the late 1950s and has had them ever since.

“I actually receive continued that line of koolie dogs so we now receive unruffled got that long-established koolie line that Dad started with,” she acknowledged.

“He had sheepdogs when he was as soon as younger … he had kelpies, I possess, and I possess no longer know what initiated that alternate however he never reverted support to the leisure else pretty about a than the koolie dog.”

A woman and dog stand in a paddock with sheep

Jenny Bradley has had working koolies her entire life.(

Equipped: Jenny Bradley


Whereas Ms Bradley acknowledged recognition needed to be earned, koolies tended to end in the shadows of pretty about a breeds.

“The entire publicity goes round kelpies and collies so that you simply never behold many koolies in yard dog trials or sheep dog trials,” she acknowledged.

“They are so exact.”

Lack of genetics

Breeders and homeowners order exterior genetics for working koolies are restricted relating to expanding the breed.

Ms Bradley acknowledged she had broad bid sourcing genetics, going to extreme lengths to possess so. 

Puppies sitting in a line

Breeders and homeowners order it is advanced to trace down working koolie genetics.(

Equipped: Jenny Bradley


“It’s turning into actually demanding to get these exterior genetics and a working dog harmful as effectively,” she acknowledged.

“So I actually receive done uncommon issues love that, following folk in utes on the toll road to discover where they continue to exist chronicle of you perfect possess no longer hear of a lot of them round.”

Ms Bradley has been successful sourcing working koolie genetics that system to this level however she would truly like to watch the breed expand.

However, she acknowledged it needed to be for the coolest reasons.

“A form of folk love the colors and they perfect desire a coloured dog so as that leads into no longer breeding for working dogs however comes into breeding for how pretty they’re,” Ms Bradley acknowledged.

“You’ve perfect got to source out the folk with the working dogs.” 

A black and white dog

Maisie is one of Jenny Bradley’s loved koolies.(

Equipped: Jenny Bradley


Whereas Ms Bradley most attention-grabbing breeds a litter every few years for her secure farm, she has despatched some puppies to pretty about a states.

They receive long gone to farms and some receive even long gone to compete on the agility circuit.

For Ms Bradley, she can now not ever get the next employee or friend than her loved koolies.

“They’re fun dogs to receive. They’re working dogs at first however they’re phase of the family and they fancy it,” she acknowledged.

The understated dog winning over hearts with its affection, loyalty and can-possess attitude