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These country towns have taken the ‘gin’ in their names and bottled it

These country towns have taken the ‘gin’ in their names and bottled it

At pubs during West Australia’s Wheatbelt, a pint of beer is in total the drink of preference for clients, but a peculiar project has build gin on the menu for a handful of small outback towns.

Key points:

  • Seven outback towns in WA are leveraging the ‘gin’ in their names to promote their towns
  • Every gin used to be distilled using native botanicals odd to every site and sourced by locals
  • There are hopes the Outback Gin project will support revive towns grappling inhabitants decline

Badgingarra, Gingin, Dangin, Muntadgin, Wagin, Narrogin and Corrigin are situated hundreds of kilometres apart, but together they’ve every taken the “gin” in their names and bottled it.

Early Newspaper

There are hopes the line of namesake gins, which may perhaps well well be made with botanicals odd to every site, will boost towns that have grappled with inhabitants decline in fresh years.

Grasp distiller Greg Garnish developed the idea for the Outback Gin Series, which is in a position to be viewed on YouTube.

He acknowledged the project used to be greater than suitable a artful marketing train and used to be aimed at promoting regional WA.

A man with a lone of alcohol bottles in front of him

Greg Garnish says the Outback Gin sequence is aimed at helping small towns market themselves to the leisure of Australia. (

ABC Landline: Robert Koenigluck


“For me, it used to be more of an expression of make appropriate gin and the most efficient formula to make a truly West Australian gin is to head out into the countryside and forage for botanicals,” Mr Garnish acknowledged.

“It’s been a capability to point to these that WA is a site they may perhaps well perhaps restful come and visit.”

From bush to bottle

Don Williams is a revered beginner botanist basically basically based at Badgingarra, about two hours north of Perth.

Bottles of gin

All seven of the Outback Gin towns are every odd, but together they are taking the commonality in their name.(

ABC Landline: Robert Koenigluck


He helped find the botanicals feeble to make his city’s signature gin, which he sourced from a patch of pristine bushland on his farm.

“Right here is one of the most floristically numerous areas in the world,” Mr Williams acknowledged.

Pleasure of site

Mr Williams acknowledged the initiative would give the city credibility and maintain the community sturdy.

“We need the vacationers to maintain stopping and every little extra appeal it’s in all probability you’ll well perhaps have is all a appropriate thing.”

Gin botanicals

Every of the gins in the Outback Gin Series are made using botanicals odd to every of the seven towns. (

ABC Landline: Robert Koenigluck


Leigh Ballard is the president of the Narrogin Shire, situated 200km south-east of Perth.

He acknowledged the Outback Gin Series had been strongly supported by the native community.

“It’s no longer a regional WA drink it’s a Narrogin drink. It’s very explicit to us and there’s a bit of pleasure in that, and I think that’s the identical in one and all of the towns.

“Every city that’s obtained the gin named after them knows the other towns now … everyone is drinking gin.”

Timing is everything

With COVID-19 restrictions limiting international and interstate slither, Mr Ballard acknowledged the project had come at the ‘very most interesting’ time.

A town sign under a bright blue sky.

Narrogin is one of seven towns involved in the project and shire president Leigh Ballard says the timing couldn’t be greater. (

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 “All of a surprising of us can’t slither international, they were saying, ‘Factual, we are in a position to slither in WA, where will we go?'” he acknowledged.

“From a promotional point of view, it’s in all probability you’ll well perhaps very without issues turn this into the next step and pronounce, ‘Reach out to Narrogin and are trying the gin, then head to Dangin, Wagin and Corrigin and are trying them all.'”

These country towns have taken the ‘gin’ in their names and bottled it