Home Australia ‘They’ll catch our fish’: Carnarvon population down 25pc, still skeptical of tourists

‘They’ll catch our fish’: Carnarvon population down 25pc, still skeptical of tourists

‘They’ll catch our fish’: Carnarvon population down 25pc, still skeptical of tourists

Essentially the most unique data from the Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows whereas Pilbara and Gascoyne mumble has been on the complete solid since 2000, both Carnarvon and the isolated Upper Gascoyne pickle like lost residents.

Key facets:

  • ABS statistics tag the Shire of Carnarvon has lost extra than 1,600 residents since 2001
  • The Shire President attributes some of the decline to diminished govt providers and a lack of accessible work
  • He says the council is acting to reverse the decline thru unique tasks, whereas native tourism operators demand funding in infrastructure

Regional population datasets from the ABS states Carnarvon Shire started the 2000s with a population of 6,751 folk.

Early Newspaper

On the opposite hand, basically basically based fully on their most up-to-date estimate, Carnarvon is now down 1,674 residents — just a few 25 per cent loss total.

Carnarvon and the comparatively small Upper Gascoyne, which fell from 356 residents to 290 within the the same period, are potentially the most productive shires within the Pilbara or Gascoyne to like lost population since 2001.

An orange bar graphs showing percentages of population growth across various shires.

Pilbara and Gascoyne population mumble over the closing two a protracted time.(

Source: ABS


WA’s realistic population has risen 40 per cent since the flip of the century, a mumble price exceeded by the Pilbara regions of Karratha, Ashburton and East Pilbara.

In the Gascoyne, Exmouth has risen by 25 per cent within the the same period and Shark Bay has remained loyal at about 900 residents.

Take care of-abominate relationship with tourism

ABS data does no longer encompass tourists in its estimates, which is able to enormously switch the seasonal occupancy of WA cities along with these within the Carnarvon Shire.

Shire President Eddie Smith says rising customer numbers paints a special image to residential statistics.

Nonetheless, Carnarvon’s response to these tourists has no longer repeatedly been constructive.

“Carnarvon has repeatedly had an perspective — because of this of we like had the fishing industrial, the horticultural industrial and the salt mine — we don’t no doubt favor any tourists here because of this of they’re going to catch our fish,” Mr Smith talked about.

“We discover it irresistible the skill it’s miles.”

A man in a blue shirt leans on a pole in front of a brown flooded river

Eddie Smith says whereas the population of town has diminished, it’s miles seeing an enlarge in tourists.(

Richard Hudson: ABC Rural


Justin Borg runs a helicopter industrial offering flights to tourists.

He thinks Carnarvon’s anti-tourism sentiment is no longer always no doubt as solid as in neighbouring cities.

“Exmouth is a top example the save they web inundated with company,” Mr Borg talked about.

“They simply cannot accommodate [them] and they web a bit unfavourable toward company there.”

Transferring forward

Mr Smith cited govt providers leaving Carnarvon and a lack of work within the plantation industrial as doable causes of residential decline.

“I judge you might perhaps well perhaps check that we’re going to reverse that [decline] with some upcoming tasks that we’re getting off the label.”

Palm trees line the picturesque waterfront at Carnarvon in morning light

Some locals deliver Carnarvon’s fascine waterfront is being neglected.(

ABC North West WA: Joseph Dunstan


Mr Borg talked about he would pick to verify native govt commit extra to bettering community resources and infrastructure.

“You stir to areas love Geraldton the save they arrange their foreshore pattern no doubt neatly — you correct don’t check that in Carnarvon,” he talked about.

“We now like purchased a vivid searching fascine which needs to be the diamond of town and it be been neglected for god knows how a protracted time.

‘They’ll catch our fish’: Carnarvon population down 25pocket e-book computer, still skeptical of tourists