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This $30 gadget is a no-brainer addition to any home with a garage

This $30 gadget is a no-brainer addition to any home with a garage


The Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Regulate explains itself with the name. For $29.98, it devices out to be a catchall solution for distant access to a garage door full with clever features. By definition, it’s an entry-diploma smart home gadget — and now not one that requires you to leap into the deep stop of the smart home world.

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With factual two pieces of hardware, a Wi-Fi connection and the app for your cell phone, you’ll be able to contemplate the status of your garage door, remotely initiate or shut it and even add household individuals as customers. For $29.98, it’s practically a steal. And after a few weeks of attempting out, it’s safe to say that it works as promised. Let’s unpack it.

A bolt and play setup for distant access

The Chamberlain MyQ is actually a no-brainer. It can make nearly any garage door smart and provide you the advantages of opening or closing it from anywhere.

Who this is for: The Chamberlain MyQ is for somebody who wants to regulate or back tabs on their garage door from near or afar.

What you want to know: Constructing this gadget took about 15 minutes, and it’s relatively intuitive. Chamberlain says the MyQ supports most garage door openers made after 1993, however mileage may potentially vary. It also doesn’t give a enhance to Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit integrations.

The way it compares: For $29.98 (when it’s now not on sale), the Chamberlain MyQ is a no-brainer addition to a home with a garage door. It doesn’t require the prolonged install or mark of a original garage door opener with a smart hub built in and supports a prolonged list of openers. Chances are that entails the one on your home. The mandatory app for setup and regulate is intuitive and less cluttered than other smart alternatives on the market. It doesn’t feature give a enhance to for core smart home ecosystems savor Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit. BeamUp is a similar solution that’s more costly at $77 however supports Alexa out of the box. Those searching for HomeKit integration can be aware at the $119 iSmartGate. The MyQ and the alternatives all exhaust similar tech to gather online, although, and work with most openers made after 1993.

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Within the Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Regulate box, you’ll secure two main pieces of hardware and some extras. What you won’t secure is a garage door opener, although — the MyQ system works alongside your fresh garage door to make it smart.

The smart hub, which we’ve been affectionately calling the brain, will get mounted on the ceiling, shut to the actual garage door motor. It’s a square portion of plastic with know-how within to connect with your garage door, along with some buttons and a vitality port. Chamberlain didn’t maintain back on branding with two sizable trademarks. The alternative portion to the puzzle is a door sensor that will live in the bottom nook of the physical garage door. It’s mighty smaller in comparison to the hub and opts for a battery. It’s all sparkling easy, and Chamberlain entails some mounting tools (a frame and screws) for an easy installation.

Alongside the physical hardware, you’ll need the MyQ Garage & Access Regulate app — it’s available for Android and iOS. The app is the main regulate panel for both setup and utilizing the MyQ. You’ll also need to create an account, and fair warning, it can take a bit to gather the confirmation email. That delay in creating our account was essentially the most productive delay we experienced.

Whereas you’re in, the MyQ app does an dazzling job of offering clear instructions to gather you via the contrivance. It took us between 10 and 15 minutes to gather the complete system working. And it essentially works by the smart hub acting as a distant regulate opener. It can send and receive signals with your garage door opener. Chamberlain says the MyQ system may tranquil work most garage door openers made after 1993 — probably the most sizable names embody Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Craftsman, Genie, Linear and Raynor. A fair relate is a “learn button” for your garage door opener, as this is faded to send out a signal for pairing with controllers or devices savor the MyQ. Fashionable garage door openers made by Chamberlain even feature the MyQ hub built in.

The smart hub also features Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz connectivity for connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Garages can generally be a dead zone, especially if they feature concrete walls or are detached from the home. In either of these scenarios, you may need to enhance your Wi-Fi’s range, and a solution will be a Wi-Fi extender. If you happen to have a mesh Wi-Fi system, savor Eero, you may purchase another node or point to prolong your network. There is no way to gather around the Wi-Fi requirement, although.

And at some point of setup, gather ready to contemplate your garage door make some surprising movements. In our expertise, this may raise and lower a few occasions for the duration of the contrivance. And when it’s accomplished, you’ll be able to regulate, contemplate a status and even link it with other smart home programs by way of the app.

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The setup path of is essentially the most productive heavy lifting you’ll have to attain with the Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Controller. You’ll contemplate the garage door status and how prolonged it’s been in that state entrance and center. For instance, in case you closed 40 minutes ago, this may novel factual that. You can easily tap the garage door to initiate it as correctly. You can also discover a timeline of sorts that displays you when the door was opened or closed. It’s all relatively handy.

From a security standpoint, you’ll need to be actively signed in and authenticated to launch the app. You can make a choice for a passcode for your cell tool or exhaust the built-in authentication way, such as unlocking with a fingerprint or your face. The app at this time doesn’t provide a two-factor authentication solution, however we’re hopeful it would be supported in the prolonged hasten.

You can also share access to your home and the garage door (or doorways, in case you have a multi-car garage) by way of the Users tab. They’ll need to create a MyQ account and authenticate. And the general theme right here is that Chamberlain isn’t adding advanced interfaces to access information or functionality. It’s all entrance and center with menus at the bottom. The Schedules area enables you to favor out predetermined occasions for actions to happen. It’s an dazzling way to make determined the door is closed at evening.

Relating to compatible programs, you’ll secure many of the major players right here: Google Assistant, IFTT, Alarm.com, Residio Total Join and Vivint, among others. The sizable two that you won’t secure give a enhance to for are Amazon’s Alexa and Apple HomeKit. The ancient is a sizable surprise, pondering this supports Key by Amazon — the brand’s service that lets offer drivers initiate the garage door to leave the package in a stable region. It’s factual strange that you can’t tie this into Alexa. HomeKit is a bit trickier to integrate with, however both would be nice to contemplate in the prolonged hasten.

The straightforward solution right here is to exhaust the app; you’ll need it for setup after all.

At beneath $30, the Chamberlain MyQ is the easy way to gain distant access for your garage door and make it smart. You don’t need to hasten out and exhaust a complete bunch on a original opener or make a choice for a particular brand. It brings a large amount of value, and while it’s now not supreme with some missing smart partners, it tranquil affords a number of functionality.

Whether you’re fascinated about starting a smart home or factual want an easier way to regulate your garage door, the Chamberlain MyQ can stand by itself as a terrific gadget to add to your home. Suitable bear in mind that you want an opener made after 1993 and will need Wi-Fi in the garage. Otherwise, you’re blueprint up for success.

This $30 gadget is a no-brainer addition to any home with a garage