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This $35 security cam is a cheap and easy way to keep tabs on your home

This $35 security cam is a cheap and easy way to keep tabs on your home


There’s no shortage of home security companies and products that offer peace of ideas via various means. Abode, whose main product offering is total-home DIY security programs and monitoring, has a original home security camera. The $35 Abode Cam 2 is affordable, can be ancient with or with out a full Abode security gadget, and with a $15 monthly subscription, the camera will keep a 24/7 document of anything that happens internal its contemplate.

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We’ve been testing the Abode Cam 2 for the last few weeks and have discovered it to be a capable, excessive-quality camera that prices far much less than it may perhaps aloof.

A quality affordable home security camera

The Abode Cam 2 provides great video quality for monitoring pets and cherished ones at a low mark.

Who this is for: The Abode Cam 2 isn’t exact for added home security. At $35, it’s a cheap and easy way to register on your pets, young of us or home while you’re away. You don’t have to join a plan if you want to exhaust it as a long-distance monitor, and at this mark, the construct and image quality is fantastic.

What you wish to know: The $35 Abode camera can enact more than livestream whatever it’s overlooking to your phone or laptop. You can join a $15 monthly subscription and it’ll store the last 10 days’ price of 24/7 video in Abode’s cloud. But you don’t have to pay monthly to exhaust the Cam 2. Forgoing any form of subscription will aloof allow you to livestream from the camera at any time. Or for $6 a month, this will document video clips triggered by motion or of us and establish 10 days’ price of clips at your fingertips.

The way it compares: The Abode Cam 2 appears to be a lot cherish another low-value security camera, the $29.99 Wyze Cam V3. In addition to cloud monitoring, the Wyze Cam V3 can document instantly to a microSD for folk who don’t want video stored in the cloud. Ring’s $59.99 Indoor Cam is more costly and can be added to any existing Ring monthly subscription. While you’re purchasing for an cheaper camera to keep tabs on your pets, young of us or your front door, Abode’s Cam 2 matches the mold, thanks to its clear image and $35 mark tag.

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Incorporated in the box with the Abode Cam 2 are the camera, a USB cable ancient to power the Cam 2 and a wall adapter. There are also two mounting screws and the necessary hardware if you want to permanently attach the camera to a wall or to the exterior of your home. The easier route is the base that’s constructed into the camera.

The front of the camera is primarily black, with the exception of the decrease left corner that’s sever off with a sliver of white. Your total housing is a small square, measuring 1.97 inches in every direction. It’s fairly darn symmetrical. There’s a rotatable and adjustable base constructed into the camera, allowing you to stand it up and guarantee that it’s positioned exact accurate to frame the area you want it to fail to see.

While you’ve ever appeared at or ancient a Wyze Cam, then the form will stare and really feel very familiar to you. The square form of the Wyze with the included base doesn’t really feel as neatly made as that of the Abode Cam 2, however the 2 cameras are very conclude in form.

On the back of the Cam 2 is a Micro USB port that provides power, a speaker for 2-way communication and a button to reset the camera.

The camera’s housing has an IP65 rating for water and dust resistance to give protection to it from the occasional rain or snowstorm need to aloof you contemplate to place it outside. Abode does claim that the included cable is weatherproof, however we’d exact make distinct you’re plugging into an appropriate outside-rated outlet.

Once we determined where to install the camera in our home workplace, we downloaded the Abode app, signed up for a free account and adopted the instructions in the app to activate the camera. All in all, it took beneath five minutes to trail from unboxing the Cam 2 to having a working camera sitting on a corner shelf that may livestream video to our iPhone 12 Professional.

After weeks of testing, the Cam 2 has been delivering video that’s spectacular with masses of details. It’s all captured via a 121-stage horizontal area lens at 1080p video quality. That unusual lens makes it effortless to capture a vast area, cherish our home workplace.

The video quality, each all via the day and at evening, has been spectacular. Despite the fact that the Wyze Cam V3 captures 1080p video as neatly, the Abode Cam 2’s video appears to be remarkable better to our eyes.

At any time when it’s dark, the Cam 2 uses ambient light — be it from a nearby streetlight or the moon — to add color to movies. In an environment that doesn’t have sufficient ambient light, the camera will aloof document black-and-white video. In our exams, the room was too dark for color video, however the black-and-white video aloof has a excessive-definition stare to it and lacks any form of overly saturated areas that you can’t decide out what you’re attempting at.

The camera’s largest weakness is two-way audio, with the audio from the phone to camera repeatedly coming via unrecognizable. We discovered ourselves having to repeat ourselves a few instances sooner than our message was properly conveyed. It’s made conceivable by a constructed-in speaker and microphone.

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The app makes it easy to lickety-split contemplate recorded clips, be it from a push alert or if you contemplate the camera’s timeline. It makes saving a clip or sharing a clip great easy.

You also have the ability to place of abode up an activity zone or two, which tells the camera where to monitor for motion or of us while ignoring the remainder of the area. You can also toggle an option that reveals a small box wherever the camera is detecting motion in a clip, which is immensely practical if you’re attempting to decide out what caused the motion alert.

We had been surprised by the overall video quality of the Abode Cam 2. The crisp image and 24/7 recording make it a precise home security product that adds peace of ideas. Correct don’t search information from to wail at someone who’s at your front door and have them understand you on the first attempt.

Abode at indicate has three varied monthly plans that you can exhaust with the Cam 2. The prices range from free to $15 per month, with varying levels of capabilities. We’re going to attempt to break down the plans that even we, admittedly, had a hard time understanding.

You can consume a $35 Cam 2, place of abode it up and exhaust it to livestream video to your phone. The value for that is $0 per month, however the camera is no longer going to monitor for motion or of us — it won’t document any activity at all. It’s basically a camera in your home that you can exhaust to register on your pets, young of us or exact make distinct every part is all accurate back at home if you’re away.

You can join the $6 per month Abode Standard plan that activates the ability for the camera to document video clips at any time when of us or motion is detected. That’s in addition to being able to contemplate a livestream. You’ll be restricted to 10 days’ price of captured video clips at this tier.

While you want to trail one step additional and have access to video clips captured by the Cam 2’s 24/7 recording feature, occasion detection and livestream capabilities, that will value you $15 per month. That total value comes from signing up for Abode’s $6 per month Standard Plan, plus the $9 per month for 24/7 recording. It’s really two separate plans stacked together. Signing up for each plans will cloak all cameras in your home, so if you contemplate to add more than one camera this can be lined.

If nothing else, Abode would take pleasure in streamlining the plans offered to Cam 2 owners. It’s our job to research and break down the value of owning a product, and we struggled with decoding the varied subscription options for the Cam 2.

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The Abode Cam 2 is a miniature more costly than the Wyze Cam V3 at $34.99, and it’ll value you each month if you want to save any video clips since it lacks integrated storage. But you acquire a better image and there’s one thing to be said about storing video in the cloud in the occasion that a would-be bad man had been to take your camera (and the footage it contained along with it).

The Abode Cam 2 is a fantastic stand-alone camera on its possess. It’s also a great addition to your Abode security gadget or a accurate entry point into Abode’s ecosystem of home products.

This $35 security cam is a cheap and easy way to keep tabs on your home