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This 65-year-traditional retiree just moved into a $420 per month apartment in Mexico ‘steps from the beach’ — take a look inside

This 65-year-traditional retiree just moved into a $420 per month apartment in Mexico ‘steps from the beach’ — take a look inside

In 2006, I packed my bags and moved from Santa Cruz, California to Mazatlán, Mexico to start my personal business (and eventually retire).

In the 15 years I’ve been right here, I’ve moved several instances for assorted reasons — twice the buildings sold, too mighty maintenance, or something better came along.

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Earlier this year, I relocated to a two-mattress room, 1,100-square-foot apartment with 10-foot ceilings, just a few minutes from one of my favorite beaches. The lease is $420 per month, now not including utilities.

Right here’s what the apartment hunting process was adore, and why that is one of my favorite places I’ve lived:

Finding a rental in Mazatlán, Mexico

It’s challenging to find a rental right here. Near the coast, the place everybody wants to reside, there’s an increased demand for vacation rentals, from which the owner earns extra cash (faster) than if they were to lease it out as a one-year lease.

A old landlord, for example, now rents my traditional one-mattress room apartment for a three-day weekend for $200 — the same imprint I paid monthly.

Asking chums and locals is a appropriate way to find something. I also looked on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, nevertheless came across nothing in the area I wanted that was in my finances.

Then, a appropriate pal advised me an apartment in her building was going to be available, and as soon as we peeked in the windows, I was intrigued.

The sea wall near my apartment offers a great watch of the sundown!

Photograph: Lucas Mullikin for CNBC Make It

First impressions

When I first walked into the apartment, it was savor at first see — despite the mess and major renovations going on.

The traditional-fashion wood shutter windows and interior doors had been despatched off to be stripped, repaired and painted; the beautiful traditional tile flooring was filthy and lined with construction debris; the kitchen was an empty shell. But I may possibly watch the bones of the place and knew it was a gem.

My cat Luna loves sleeping in her “catio” out back.

Photograph: Lucas Mullikin for CNBC Make It

It was within my finances and had everything I was looking for: Perfect location, comely architectural details and two exterior spaces. I realized what a great deal this was, and although it wasn’t going to be ready for a month or extra, I immediately made a deposit to steady it.

Location, location, location

Realtors adore to say a property is “steps from the beach,” nevertheless I actually am: 124, to be exact (about half a block from my entrance door to the sand).

With Mazatlán’s three islands just offshore, a sundown surf session is doubly extraordinary.

Photograph: Lucas Mullikin for CNBC Make It

I can also walk to a plethora of cafés, shops and restaurants. And my apartment is on the first flooring, so it is easy to get my bicycle or surfboard in and out.

I savor that one pal lives across the hall, and another lives across the facet road. It’s so easy to have sundown Happy Hour or morning coffee together on my balcony, which we enact reasonably usually!

Hire and additional charges

I’m 65, retired and living on my Social Security. I also obtain some income from my e book sales and a little freelance writing.

Although the $420 per month lease was double what I would ever paid earlier than in Mazatlán, it was within my finances. I adore to maintain my basic charges as low as doable, nevertheless aloof be comfortable.

My administrative center is in development—soon, a real desk and better chair! The door leads to the entrance balcony with an ocean watch.

Lucas Mullikin for CNBC Make It

In Mazatlán I’m able to enact that. Water charges a fastened $4.50 per month. Electrical energy is perfect at this time of year because of air conditioning; mine is hovering around $25, nevertheless is usually half that. I expend propane for cooking; one tank charges $30 and lasts me about six months.

I paid to add some of my personal touches to the apartment:

  • Painting one wall the same golden ochre color as the flooring tiles: $15
  • Hand-constructed bookshelves for the administrative center: $225.
  • I had cabinets made by a local carpenter: $350 (rate split with the landlord)

Apartment tour: Inside & out

From the entrance door, you walk into a gigantic living and dining room that extends back to the kitchen and my mattress room.

My living room is spacious and comely, with extraordinary natural gentle and 10-foot ceilings.

Photograph: Lucas Mullikin for CNBC Make It

The two bedrooms are separated by a spacious “Jack and Jill” bathroom. One is an administrative center and guest room that looks out to a plant-crammed balcony and its sliver of an ocean watch. My mattress room has gigantic corner windows looking out onto a back courtyard.

The high ceilings, white walls and tile flooring can make the rooms appear a little frigid, so I expend a variety of natural fibers, wicker and jute to add texture and absorb sound. I also have a variety of plants, which add color and thrive because of all the natural gentle.

The “Jack & Jill” bathroom is vibrant and comely.

Photograph: Lucas Mullikin for CNBC Make It

There’s a galley kitchen leading back to what traditional to be a maid’s room with a half-bath. The refrigerator is there, along with the washing machine and my surfboards.

The back courtyard has a variety of potential! I can watch planters corpulent of herbs, veggies and vegetation. Legal now, I just expend it to hang laundry. (Why expend an electric dryer when the solar can enact the work?)

Did any individual say Happy Hour? My balcony is the perfect place to get together with my pal Ray.

Photograph: Lucas Mullikin for CNBC Make It

A special space that already feels adore house

My decorating fashion is comely eclectic. I savor certain traditional Mexican individuals art, and there are many special pieces scattered during my apartment.

Nonetheless I also have a contemporary-fashion couch, chalk-painted farmhouse dining role and a few signature antiques from the area. One of my favorites is my headboard, a role of three carved cedar shutters from one of the oldest accommodations in the city, the Belmar.

My mattress room is a cozy, peaceful oasis in the back corner of the apartment. The headboard is made from 100-year-traditional shutters from one of the oldest accommodations in Mazatlán.

Photograph: Lucas Mullikin for CNBC Make It

This 65-year-traditional retiree just moved into a $420 per month apartment in Mexico ‘steps from the beach’ — take a look inside