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‘Thought D’: Dr. Drew Is The ‘Supreme Resort’ To Salvage The Jersey Shore Family Relieve Together

‘Thought D’: Dr. Drew Is The ‘Supreme Resort’ To Salvage The Jersey Shore Family Relieve Together

Dr. Drew has a storied history on MTV — from web hosting the always drama-filled Teen Mother reunions to answering relationship-themed calls on Loveline. But can the addiction specialist attend Angelina and Jenni squash their red meat and attend divulge the Jersey Shore family relieve collectively?

After a stress-filled, awkward funeral dinner, desperate times called for desperate measures (the mediation, double booking and gathering all the intention thru the table appropriate wasn’t working). Enter Ronnie’s deep contact list — and a unswerving to attain the “closing resort.”

Early Newspaper

“I occupy Dr. Drew’s quantity,” he told Vinny. “After I became as soon as going thru that sh*t, he connected me and helped me come by the treatment heart.”

The “real dude” called Ronnie relieve whereas he became as soon as GTL’ing with the guys — and after hearing the backstory about speechgate and the aftermath, Dr. Drew believed it may possibly possibly perchance be finest if he may possibly possibly perchance well advance to Lake Las Vegas to thrill in the right circumstances.

“Thought A did now not work, Thought B did now not work, even Thought C did now not work. It’s time for Thought D: Dr. Drew,” Sitch acknowledged.

When Dr. Drew arrived (after clearing attempting out protocols), he met with RSVP to discuss how the topic has affected them for the previous 10 months and why it differs from previous issues.

“We now occupy had fights, but every person would nonetheless advance and coexist,” Vin defined. “That is the first time that folks refused to be with diversified folk. Within the same room.”

Prior to prolonged, Dr. Drew got JWOWW’s facet of the story (after her stunned response that he had advance to Lake Las Vegas).

“I did now not get up subsequent to her to extinguish her day,” she acknowledged, which prompted Dr. Drew to divulge up the social media backlash. Jenni’s blueprint shut on it: “She watched the total world judge that the three of us ruined her marriage ceremony. She’s retweeting and liking the fact that, sooner or later, the arena is on Angelina’s facet.”

So will Dr. Drew occupy a leap forward with Angelina and Jenni the roomies and attend them reunite as soon as and for all? Show us what you watched, then pause now not miss Jersey Shore subsequent Thursday at 8/7c.

‘Thought D’: Dr. Drew Is The ‘Supreme Resort’ To Salvage The Jersey Shore Family Relieve Together