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Three crises, one President

Three crises, one President


The political data it’s wanted to know, in 10 minutes or less. Hosted by David Chalian.

  • CA Recall: Newsom or Newcomer?

    Early Newspaper

    The California purchase election is ethical two weeks away and can seize if Gov. Gavin Newsom will get to succor his job or fetch the boot. CNN Political Director David Chalian explains how a majority democratic insist is prone to getting a Republican governor. Plus, CNN’s Joe Johns sat down with the prime GOP candidate vying for Newsom’s job.

  • “It used to be Time to Cease This Battle”

    President Joe Biden addressed the nation on the present time to focus on the tip of the 20-yr battle with Afghanistan. CNN Political Director David Chalian offers timely (and historical) context to Biden’s speech and what led to his resolution to stream away, but you’ll moreover hear from the President himself. The US battle in Afghanistan might perchance well well be over, but questions and penalties mute remain…

  • Three Crises, One President…

    August ends tomorrow and this month has confirmed to be one of basically the most chaotic since President Joe Biden occurred of job. CNN Political Director David Chalian analyzes three major crises the Biden administration is tackling–Tropical Storm Ida, the Afghanistan exit, and the pandemic. WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki acknowledged that a govt is intended to tackle crises, but some Dems aren’t contented with how Biden has handled some points so far…

  • The Dismay Attack Aftermath

    The Afghanistan withdrawal is in a entire contemporary context now, after a terror attack Thursday killed 13 US troops and left a entire bunch injured. CNN Political Director David Chalian breaks down that context—you’ll hear the attach the mission stands, what the hazards are, and the arrangement President Joe Biden is handling it all. Plus, the absurd requires Biden’s resignation from some GOP lawmakers were classless.

  • A Deadly Day in Afghanistan

    Terrorist explosions out of doors of Kabul’s airport on Thursday killed 12 US service members and injured quite lots of extra, as a entire bunch remain within the country anticipating evacuations. CNN National Correspondent Kristen Holmes vital facets basically the most up to date developments because of the the explosion occurred. The instances occupy modified since President Biden announced the August 31 deadline…

  • Six Days Until Biden Time restrict

    There are actually totally six days left until President Biden’s deadline that U.S. troops must be out of Afghanistan–the Taliban is demanding this too. CNN Political Director David Chalian breaks down the contemporary data now we occupy about evacuations, including how many Americans are mute within the country and the development of the mission. Plus, two congressmen took it upon themselves to focus on with Afghanistan to assess the disaster firsthand.

  • Family Feud Over Infrastructure

    Democrats’ $3.5T funds resolution ethical handed through the Dwelling with the bipartisan infrastructure bill on deck–nonetheless it used to be no easy feat and there’s a prolonged avenue forward. CNN Political Director David Chalian discusses how the division between Democrats on the subject of derailed this key segment of Biden’s agenda from passing. That is ethical the starting up of legislative headaches for Speaker Nancy Pelosi…

  • Inflection Point in Biden’s Presidency

    Between the Covid disaster and the US’ chaotic exit from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden has had a tough few weeks and the Democratic celebration is starting up to fetch nervous. CNN Political Director David Chalian shares the ethical data and the spoiled data that Biden has for Americans on each points. Plus, contemporary polling presentations Biden’s got his work decrease out for him…

  • “We Will Rep You Home”

    Afghanistan is entrance and heart for the White Dwelling–President Joe Biden addressed the nation on the present time for the third time this week. CNN Political Director David Chalian discusses how Biden attempted to create some readability on how the chaotic evacuation efforts are going. Plus, you’ll hear from CNN’s Clarissa Ward with heartbreaking vital facets on the dire scenario on the Kabul airport.

  • Federal Fumbles in Afghanistan

    President Joe Biden is under intense scrutiny for how his administration is handling the US’ chaotic exit from Afghanistan. CNN Political Director David Chalian breaks down what’s of scenario and why reviews from his administration are different from the accounts on the ground. Despite the confusion and chaos over how the withdrawal is having fun with out, Biden tells ABC there used to be no technique to steer certain of it… cue the criticism!

Three crises, one President