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TickrMeter is an awesome desktop Stock Ticker to monitor your stonks

TickrMeter is an awesome desktop Stock Ticker to monitor your stonks

Even as you invest in stocks, then chances are you fireplace up your favourite cell app, multiple times a day to stare your investments or *cough gambles, because YOLO. TickrMeter is the realm’s first real-time desktop stock ticker for patrons.

You can location TickrMeter on your desk, on your monitor, on your bedside table, or even mount it to the wall and stare your fetch value rise and topple in real-time. The displays demonstrate your stocks, alongside with presumably the most up-to-date costs and the each day change. There’s a pleasant crimson or inexperienced bar to the fine to understand how your day is going with a transient glance.

Early Newspaper

Ultimate now, TickrMeter supports stocks on the Fresh York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, TSX and more (no discover on the ASX but). TickrMeter presents most spirited-in-class financial files from Polygon.io and has a latency of proper 20 microseconds, sooner than you can click rob or sell.

TickrMeter makes use of an E-Paper display to showcase stocks. E-Paper emits no mild, and falls naturally into the atmosphere fancy a framed image. E-Paper is an ambient-mild-reflecting display technology. lt drives ink droplets by electricity to manufacture pure, obvious photos on the display cloak, illuminated by lighting fixtures the atmosphere fairly than a backlight. This additionally means that it makes exercise of minute or no energy.

TickrMeter is customizable to cater to each prolonged-term investors, day merchants, and the total lot in between. You can even enter your bear label moderate and have TickrMeter demonstrate your beneficial properties (or losses) on any chosen ticker.

Judicious one of my favourite aspects is the means to stack or daisy-chained TickrMeter with the energy of magnets, so that you just can energy up to eight TickrMeters with a single USB charger.

Totally different modes

  • Single ticker mode
  • Cycle between tickers — Up to 10 tickers
  • Manufacture playlists and manufacture TickrMeter cycle between tickers — randomized, each day top performer, each day worst performer or in elaborate
  • Jam Signals: Possess TickrMeter flash, change shade, or beep when triggering your location apprehension

Customers can customize the timeframe to monitor: 1 day, 5 days, 1 month and 1 year. TickrMeter’s mild bar will change shade looking on compose or loss in a selected timeframe.

Key Aspects

  • Wifi linked: Alter ticker, exchange interval and more from your cellular phone
  • E-Paper display: TickrMeter makes exercise of an E-Paper display, which emits no mild and received’t disturb you
  • Customizable living mild: Jam the living display to demonstrate candle shade, RSI, or as an alert
  • Exiguous footprint: So you can build it wherever want

What’s within the Box

  • 1X TickrMeter
  • 1X Vitality cable (2.5m)
  • 1X Daisy chain cable (to join multiple TickrMeter devices)

TickrMeter is taking pre-orders on crowd-funding web role IndieGogo with costs beginning at US$94 at https://igg.me/at/TickrMeter/x#/.

For more files, take a look at out tickrmeter.com.

TickrMeter is an awesome desktop Stock Ticker to monitor your stonks