Home United Kingdom Tierra Whack Climbs Aboard A Lego Spaceship In Dreamy ‘Hyperlink’ Tune Video

Tierra Whack Climbs Aboard A Lego Spaceship In Dreamy ‘Hyperlink’ Tune Video

Tierra Whack Climbs Aboard A Lego Spaceship In Dreamy ‘Hyperlink’ Tune Video

Tierra Whack has your complete building blocks she wants within the dreamy, intergalactic music video for her latest single “Hyperlink,” out Tuesday (April 6).

Released as fragment of Lego’s “Rebuild the World” campaign, which goals to encourage all americans to “catch out about the field by by younger folks’s eyes,” the video’s storyline changed into created by Whack and a community of younger folks after they spent the day playing alongside side the vivid bricks. The rapper admitted she before all the pieces had “no outdated imaginative and prescient” for the visuals earlier than meeting the kids. “I changed into so furious. I knew the kids would give me appropriate train material,” she said in a video about the skills. “I in point of fact feel so appropriate as we order. I desire to work with kids each day.”

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The music video changed into directed by Cat Solen, who previously worked with Whack on the corresponding clip for 2019 single “Unemployed,” and aspects the 25-year-stale musician and visual artist dwelling on a desolate tract planet with lovable alien guests who all fragment their Legos. Together, they fabricate a vivid spaceship, which come what might maybe maybe resembles both a kangaroo and a chameleon, and Whack heads for outer put. Once she leaves her guests on the lend a hand of, on the alternative hand, she speedily makes the intention to reverse direction and return dwelling.

As well to to the music video, Lego also shared a heartwarming on the lend a hand of-the-scenes video that aspects the kids’ reaction to the music video. It is all reasonably healthful: There might maybe be appears to be like of sheer pleasure and shock, and, most importantly, they had been all very furious to search out out about their creative imaginative and prescient realized.

Speaking later within the same video about her like creative imaginative and prescient — Whack’s past visuals beget ranged from hybrid stuffed animals and graveyard puppets in “Whack World” to sentient potatoes in “Unemployed” — Whack shared that every music video is one more chance for her to interchange the “viewpoint” of the anecdote she’s telling.

“After I at closing get to make a visual for my songs, it’s shining one more shot to call to mind a viewpoint of how I might maybe maybe maybe portray the same thing,” she said. “That’s my complete thing shining telling my truth. Whether I’m unhappy, whether I’m chuffed, whatever emotion I’m feeling — this is coming from me. That is my reliable self.”

Tierra Whack Climbs Aboard A Lego Spaceship In Dreamy ‘Hyperlink’ Tune Video


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