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Tim Drake, Batman’s Robin, confirmed to be LGBTQ+ in new issue

Tim Drake, Batman’s Robin, confirmed to be LGBTQ+ in new issue

Longtime DC Comics superhero icon Tim Drake, better is named Batman‘s sidekick, Robin, has been printed to be a member of the LGBTQ+ neighborhood.

Taking build in Batman: City Legends #6, the story follows Drake fighting some criminals on the streets of Gotham City alongside a young man named Bernard. During this struggle, Bernard, who doesn’t know Drake is Robin, confides to the hero that Drake had “held me mark my true kind self. Who I’m,” and said “I desire shall we believe finished our date,” implying that he realized his sexuality. 

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The chapter continues with some soul-searching moments for Drake, who describes it in an internal monologue as a “lightbulb 2nd,” before he goes to Bernard’s home now not dressed as Robin and accepts the offer of a date.

Created by Jewish comedian creator Marv Wolfman in the 1980s, Drake is the third hero to assign on the mantle of Batman’s sidekick, Robin, following in the footsteps of Dick Greyson and Jason Todd. Drake has, except this point, ostensibly been viewed within the DC Comics universe as heterosexual, particularly having a prolonged on-again-off-again relationship with fellow superhero Stephanie Brown.

It will mute be noted that despite a misconception amongst Batman fans, Drake has now not been confirmed as bisexual. Somewhat, as comedian creator Meghan Fitzmartin told the news blueprint Polygon, “I needed to pay tribute to the truth that sexuality is a fling … Then again, Tim is mute figuring himself out.”

Many fans believe rejoiced at this revelation of Drake’s sexuality. Then again, he would now not be the first instance of queerness to be stumbled on in the Batman comics.

Even supposing their relationship was once in no ability sexual, many had, for both obvious and damaging connotations, described Batman and Robin as homosexual. This was once made namely evident in the 1940s when, in his controversial 1954 e-book Seduction of the Innocent, psychiatrist Fredric Wertham had namely pointed to Batman and Robin as being homosexual, although this was once entirely fraudulent within the context of the story. 

Then again, DC Comics was once so scared that Batman was once viewed as being homosexual that in 1956, they created a wholly new persona, Batwoman, to benefit as a love interest, although she was once retroactively removed from continuity in the 1980s.

In 2006, the persona was once reintroduced, this time as Kate Kane, Batman’s maternal cousin who is both openly lesbian and is Jewish. Her popularity has skyrocketed in the years since, starring in many prominent titles and even getting her have TV collection in the Arrowverse, the third season of which is narrate to premiere in October 2021.

Tim Drake, Batman’s Robin, confirmed to be LGBTQ+ in new issue