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Trainer Erica Lugo Slams Weight Criticism: ‘I Was In miserable health’ on ‘Supreme Loser’

Trainer Erica Lugo Slams Weight Criticism: ‘I Was In miserable health’ on ‘Supreme Loser’

No longer right here for it. Supreme Loser trainer Erica Lugo has spent years working on her fitness and changing into her healthiest self — and doesn’t care what anyone has to mutter about it.

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On Tuesday, June 22, Lugo, 33, shared a lengthy put up following an Instagram consumer criticizing her weight. “This morning I wakened to a comment telling me, ‘You gaze substantial and now not portioned. For someone who eats healthy and works out so much you are substantial. It is truly helpful to now not be a wisely being coach’ (aid reading. I don’t care concerning the actual comment vs what it would possibly perhaps well enact to of us that don’t contain the coping skills but),” she started alongside a judge selfie. “Time to address the elephant in the room: Years ago must you saw me on TV. I was ill. I was mentally and emotionally wretched. Bodily my physique used to be going down the wrong route even supposing it used to be famed for being ‘little.’”

The Fit Delight in Studio proprietor went on to imprint her struggles with eating by device of the years.

'Biggest Loser' Trainer Erica Lugo Claps Back at Troll Telling Her She's Too 'Big': 'I Was Sick' on the Show

Erica Lugo
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“I did all the pieces in my energy to dwell ‘tiny.’ I restricted meals, I considered binging and purging and to entirely honest I did, YEARS AGO. I would perchance perhaps sit in the loo while filming and yowl. Bawl for hours bc the eating dysfunction tips saved telling me ‘Correct purge, it’ll aid aid you skinny,’” she wrote. “I bear in mind strolling into hair and make-up one morning on BL space and my extraordinary make-up artist Maddie acknowledged ‘your eyes are puffy. Did you now stay unsleeping wisely?’ I lied and instructed her I tossed and grew to change into all night when if truth be told, I sat in the loo with my knees tucked to my chest crying and stopping myself from purging. Up until the very minute I had to poke away for space the next morning. Certain. I sat in that lavatory for over 10 hours. I by no formula did purge but the following pointers came rushing aid from my past.”

Lugo has shared her fitness scuttle by device of Instagram by device of the years. Before changing into a trainer, she weighed 320 pounds. Within the raze, she lost 160 pounds, fought and beat thyroid cancer, launched her hold fitness firm and opened a gym. In September 2020, she underwent pores and skin removal surgical plot.

“Loose pores and skin has been a section of my [weight loss] scuttle for 5 years. I’ve continuously been gratified with it,” she wrote by device of Instagram on the time. “It’s been my fight scar, but the extra I birth to originate muscle and obtain leaner I obtain, the extra loose pores and skin builds up. No amount of advise or nutrition will aid the loose pores and skin pockets on my hips and belly. I’ve made the decision to acquire it removed. It wasn’t a straightforward decision. It’s been something I’ve researched for years.”

In her recent put up, Lugo defined that she “felt stress while filming” only from herself, even supposing everyone on space reminded her how intelligent she used to be.

'Biggest Loser' Trainer Erica Lugo Claps Back at Troll Telling Her She's Too 'Big': 'I Was Sick' on the Show

Erica Lugo
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“After filming and getting stuck in lockdown I instructed myself I am getting aid again,” she shared on Tuesday. “I wished to interrupt the ‘trainer’ mildew of attending to suit into a obvious size. Having to be skinny with a 6 pack. I was happy to display younger women that you are going to even be strong, thick, curvy and a badass. Nevertheless the weak mentality and eating dysfunction tips came rushing aid. I struggled with restriction, with looking to continuously contain a high caloric burn. And tons others. I no longer wished to be a prisoner to meals tips, energy burned and comparing my physique to others. For the duration of lockdown I was in denial of even looking aid. I knew I wished it but did I REALLY? I came natty to my husband and instructed him about my past struggles and that I was worried i was going to poke down that route again. That i was frightened of residing a lifestyles of continuously looking and chasing ‘being tiny’ 2020 used to be a 12 months of coming to reality with myself. 2021 has been a 12 months of getting professional aid. I’ve gained about 10ish lbs since I was at my thinnest. I’m now not a ‘jacked’ as I once used to be. I contain a tiny extra jiggle.”

The fitness guru went on so as to add that she hears these struggling “in silence” take care of she worn to. “I feel you. I realize you. The arena doesn’t realize interior struggles and it’s up to us to see aid to cope,” she wrote. “There is a technique out. There is aid. You are stronger than your ED even must you feel you aren’t.”

In July 2020, Lugo revealed exclusively to Us Weekly that she has constantly obtained criticism by device of social media, even from the fitness team.

“I obtained quite so much of warmth for my physique-model being a trainer on the display, and I wished to roughly be take care of, ‘Screw you. I’m very gratified with it,’” she acknowledged on the “Look With Us” podcast on the time. “I’ve obtained cellulite and stretch marks. I’m strong as hell, but it absolutely doesn’t price any impact on how superior I’m in a position to determine and the device strong I am or how knowledgeable I am about fitness. … I’ve gotten some DMs from some wisely-identified fitness influencers who’re take care of, ‘You would possibly perhaps peaceful potentially tone down the methodology you preach about fitness’ or ‘You’re now not genuinely that immense of a trainer.’”

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Trainer Erica Lugo Slams Weight Criticism: ‘I Was In miserable health’ on ‘Supreme Loser’