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Tremendous Designs UK: Emotional ride as young couple who met through cancer convert rundown barn

Tremendous Designs UK: Emotional ride as young couple who met through cancer convert rundown barn


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Tremendous Designs UK presenter Kevin McCloud calls on Georgie and Greg, who have transformed an outmoded barn in Kent.

REVIEW: We have gotten a bone to grasp with you, Kevin McCloud. You led us to imagine there was no extra non-public drama in this original sequence of Tremendous Designs UK, however you lied.

For the reason that 2d episode with two young newlyweds converting a rundown barn in Kent is tearjerker – however mild an absolute joy to detect.

Each and every Greg, 29, and Georgie, 33, have had brain tumour diagnoses – Georgie at the age of 10, and she has persisted to have ongoing therapies for other cancers. Greg’s cancer was diagnosed and treated 10 years within the past. And it was through their cancer that they met on a charity soar.

This is the day Greg proposed to Georgie while taking part in an abseil of a building in Portsmouth. Greg is determined to get the house finished quickly, so they can enjoy “the precious time we have together”.


Here’s the day Greg proposed to Georgie while taking allotment in an abseil of a constructing in Portsmouth. Greg is sure to gain the dwelling achieved swiftly, to allow them to take pleasure in “the treasured time we have collectively”.

“We both had an thought about what it was take to be genuinely ill,” Georgie says. Which is a conventional Georgie understatement.


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However their diagnoses have not stopped them following their needs. Greg, who runs a pub with his dad, and Georgie, an artist, are converting a rundown barn on Georgie’s fogeys’ farm – and Greg is doing the constructing. The couple already are residing with Julie and Tom, who give Georgie give a increase to as she continues to procure remedy for pores and skin cancer.

All the cladding on the converted barn had to be removed, numbered and put back in its rightful place. It was sanded and oiled by Georgie (four times).


The whole cladding on the converted barn had to be eradicated, numbered and build assist in its rightful put. It was sanded and oiled by Georgie (four occasions).

Their pleasure is contagious: ”Now I precise genuinely feel I’ve overwhelmed cancer I will close something,” says Greg. “I could maybe form a residence. That’s pleasing. Easy.

“Having a brain tumour was one amongst the finest kick-up-the-arses I’ve ever had. I precise undergo in mind in that sanatorium mattress, I was precise weighing up the whole issues I hadn’t achieved in life, and how I wished to defective them all off. And one amongst them was to form a dream dwelling. There’s no diagram I could maybe be here doing this now if I hadn’t bought ill and hadn’t met George. I precise prefer to stutter folks who I’m properly again, and I’m able to total this.”

Such optimism – this dazzling couple get cling of you along for the ride, and it’s not going to be easy.

Presenter Kevin McCloud is pictured with Georgie and Greg. Chains take the water runoff from the roof.


Presenter Kevin McCloud is pictured with Georgie and Greg. Chains get cling of the water runoff from the roof.

The barn they’re eyeing up is a 35-year-outmoded timber constructing within the backyard that was light for a dairy herd. It’s very dazzling, and even supposing it’s not very outmoded or particular, it’s topic to strict barn conversion regulations.

As an example, they prefer to get cling of the moss-covered pine cladding, however it for sure needs to advance assist down to allow them to build in original foundations. They are going to prefer to assume the whole boards, one by one, and number them all to glean obvious they accelerate assist up within the precise put.

It’s an especially particular constructing for Georgie: “There have been occasions when I was so ill, that the target of the day could maybe be to scuttle down here and sit delivery air the barn. That’s the greatest vitality I had genuinely. It has a savory atmosphere in it, and it’s dazzling in affirm to witness over the field.”

The open-plan living area features a dining table made from a felled oak tree on the property. It has a


The delivery-notion residing affirm aspects a eating table fabricated from a felled oak tree on the property. It has a “river of resin” working through the center.

Greg says this could possibly also be their “eternally dwelling”, and hopes to have it achieved in a year. And their price range? £250,000 (NZ$490,000).

This “colossal” allotment of this form would not lie in opulence or a massive floorplan – rather it’s the hassle they build into doing it themselves, and the craftsmanship that shines through.

It’s a tricky form. There could be a concrete ground to ruin up, original foundations to be laid, an total original roof, which brings its bear considerations – they prefer to redo half of it to compose a steeper pitch for the skylights.

And our hearts ruin for Georgie, who is stronger than she looks. She needs extra cancer remedy, and it’s painful; “Its rather insensible. You must possibly dig deep. At some point soon at a time. I am precise so grateful for each and on day by day basis and my time with Greg. Keeps you going, and having a terribly supportive household genuinely does assist.”

The placement of the windows allows framed slices of the stunning view.


The position of the windows permits framed slices of the splendid seek for.

Greg is sure to gain the dwelling constructed swiftly. “The sooner we total this venture, the earlier we are able to delivery playing the treasured time we have collectively.”

It’s fabulous to examine Greg’s expertise coming to the fore. He finds modern solutions to considerations, which is the whole extra fabulous allowing for he has greatest labored on one venture before (rebuilding the pub).

McCloud says he’s “fully out of his depth, however he is so filled with life and so resourceful”.

As an example, he manages to search out the major further height for the upper level by shaving 50mm off the basis pads.

The mezzanine area leads to Georgie's studio with the


The mezzanine affirm outcomes in Georgie’s studio with the “dice” within the centre of the constructing, and further bedrooms.

Even with assist along the manner, the form takes longer than anticipated. However you gain a staunch sense of how cool this barn will be to are residing in when the astronomical describe windows are build in put. The nation outlook is splendid.

It’s in particular unhappy to examine the couple lose the £5000 (NZ$9700) deposit on their heating method when an organization goes underneath. It’s not relish they are able to manage to pay for this loss – Greg just isn’t greatest doing a day shift on the dwelling; he’s also pulling pints at the pub within the evening.

Covid-19 doesn’t assist either. Georgie, with her compromised immune method, has to accelerate into beefy isolation. Yet she mild manages to assist total the form, sanding after which oiling the whole boards for the cladding – four occasions.

And at last, it’s summer season and McCloud is assist for the uncover. The barn simply glows. There could be so vital craftsmanship in evidence. Bushes from an oak tree felled on the property aspects throughout the dwelling – Greg has even made a blinding table from the oak, inset with a blue resin “river”, precise as Georgie requested.

The couple have chosen blue accents to enhance the timber, and a white ground, which affords the interior a unusual, contemporary genuinely feel.

The long narrow windows above the kitchen benchtops are impressed, in particular with that nation outlook.

Upstairs, the mezzanine affirm looks massive. However it’s a miniature bit of a rabbit warren up there, with a central “dice” room (Georgie’s studio) and passageways precise around it opening to bedrooms. McCloud rushes around and up and down the two staircases to uncover what he calls “a form of three-dimensional figure of eight”.

Grand Designs shares a lovely pic of the couple on their wedding day.


Tremendous Designs shares a savory pic of the couple on their wedding day.

The master bedroom, on ground level, has a mezzanine that’s rather relish a cover over the mattress. This outcomes within the assorted rooms on the upper level (otherwise it’s in all probability you’ll maybe gain there straight by diagram of essentially the indispensable staircase).

And the sunken pool table on the bottom ground, throughout the “dice” is a relaxing thought.

Here’s a residence with surprises, and we relish that. (All that’s lacking is a run.) However most of all, this form is proof that resolution will utilize out, and wishes are achievable.

And the pricetag range? They’ve a couple of rooms to develop off inner, however the use to this point is £275,000 (NZ$536,000), and so they gain to assert 15 per cent assist (VAT) as the venture entails a commerce of tell.

McCloud rightly describes this as a form that represents the triumph of hope over adversity.

In opposition to all odds.


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