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Trial continues for Linda O’Leary, charged in boat crash that killed 2 people

Trial continues for Linda O’Leary, charged in boat crash that killed 2 people

Two people who had been demonstrate in the instantaneous aftermath of a fatal boat crash two years in the past informed an Ontario court docket Tuesday they didn’t respect Linda O’Leary drink any alcohol or receive a drink from someone after returning to shore.

Francesca Hawkes and Aaron Lengyel, both mates of O’Leary’s son, had been at the family’s cottage when the fatal collision took characteristic the evening of Aug. 24, 2019.

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In separate testimony Tuesday, both described rushing to greet the O’Leary boat as it returned following the collision, and bringing towels to support one in every of the passengers who had a bleeding chop on her head.

They additionally every recalled the crew deciding to name paramedics to are inclined to the injured, and that Linda O’Leary — who appeared to maintain badly injured her foot — was finally moved to the 2nd ground of the boathouse, the put apart she can also leisure on a mattress.

Neither saw O’Leary be pleased any alcohol, they said, or had been responsive to someone else serving her any after the boat returned.

At one other point in his testimony, nonetheless, Lengyel neatly-known that O’Leary was always adamant that no one who consumed any alcohol can also operate their boat.

O’Leary has pleaded now not guilty to at least one designate of careless operation of a vessel beneath the Canada Shipping Act.

Court has heard she was at the helm when the O’Leary boat struck one other vessel on Lake Joseph, north of Toronto. Her husband, neatly-known person businessman Kevin O’Leary, was additionally aboard, as was one in every of their mates.

A provincial police officer testified Monday that Linda O’Leary registered an “alert vary” blood alcohol stage in a breath take a look at rapidly after the incident, nonetheless that O’Leary informed her she had handiest had one drink, and it was after the crash.

OPP Const. Michelle Ingham said O’Leary informed her she might well presumably now not grunt how strong the drink was because it was handed to her by someone else.

The defence has urged the opposite boat didn’t maintain its lights on when it was hit.

Hawkes informed the court docket Tuesday she and a crew that included Lengyel and the O’Learys’ son Trevor had been having a bonfire in a characteristic overlooking the lake as soon as they saw the O’Leary boat manner and heard “a huge bang.”

The 24-year-ordinary said she instantly knew from the sound that one other boat had been struck, nonetheless that no other vessel can also just be considered.

Seconds later, she said, one other boat turned on its lights.

“It was fully unlit and then the full lights lit up,” she testified. “That you would be in a position to also very clearly respect that it was one other boat as soon as these lights had been on.”

The O’Learys can also just be heard asking if someone was damage, nonetheless Hawkes said she didn’t hear a response. Rapidly afterwards, the opposite boat slowly left, she said.

As a result, Hawkes said she assumed there had been no extreme injuries on the opposite boat. It was handiest after police arrived that she realized people had been critically damage, she said.

Lengyel additionally testified hearing the O’Leary boat hit something, nonetheless now not realizing what it was unless the opposite boat turned on its lights.

At one point, Lengyel said he immediate Kevin O’Leary to contact a lawyer, because he assumed police would be coming with paramedics.

Later, he said Linda O’Leary additionally mentioned she would must talk to police. On one occasion, she mentioned having to give a assertion to officers before she can also rush to the medical institution to examine therapy for her foot, he said. Later, she again alluded to having to draw a assertion, he said.

This file by The Canadian Press was first revealed July 13, 2021.

Trial continues for Linda O’Leary, charged in boat crash that killed 2 people