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Trina Solar’s mega 670W Solar Panels are passing stress tests

Trina Solar’s mega 670W Solar Panels are passing stress tests

After we bought notify voltaic on our home in February final year, we chose 20x 325W notify voltaic panels to create our 6.5kW system. By comparison, Trina Solar has a novel notify voltaic panel that will presumably be a huge 670W per panel. With the next skill, you can enact the equivalent energy assortment with fewer panels and a smaller footprint, or alternatively enact a considerable higher system in the equivalent physical home as less atmosphere friendly panels.

Earlier than going onto homes and corporations, novel notify voltaic panels plow through a series of tests to ensure they withstand the cruel ingredients they are liable to be exposed to, actual through their existence.

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Results from six most up-to-the-minute tests divulge that Trina  Solar Vertex 670W modules enjoy graceful mechanical load reliability. The six tests incorporated static mechanical load finding out, non-uniform snow-load finding out, improper low-temperature mechanical load finding out, hail finding out, improper dynamic mechanical load (DML) finding out and improper wind tunnel finding out.  

The series of tests verified, actual through-the-board, the unexcited mechanical load reliability of 670W Vertex modules. 

Exterior photovoltaic modules can even be littered with extra than one environmental factors. Coarse weather corresponding to snowstorms and gale-power or higher winds necessitates a  higher load efficiency. This potential that, the modules’ enjoy desires to face up to improper weather over the product’s lifecycle. 

In Would possibly presumably additionally of this year, PV Evolution Labs (PVEL), likely the most leading self sustaining PV test laboratories, launched its seventh annual global PV module test outcomes, known as the 2021 PV Module Reliability Scorecard Document. Trina Solar used to be a ‘top performer’ for outstanding product reliability and efficiency among global PV module producers.

Dr Zhang Yingbin, head of product technique and marketing at Trina Solar, says ending the frequent reliability verification coated the general basics, whereas the advanced finding out verified that the extremely-high-energy modules can preserve outstanding efficiency even when area to improper weather. 

Amongst the lineup of tests, the non-uniform snow-load test simulated uneven pressures prompted by a snug accumulation of heavy snow on the Trina Solar’s 670W  module ground. The supreme rigidity used to be utilized to the backside quit of the module of as a lot as 7000Pa (corresponding to a depth of two.8 meters of snow), with the outcomes showing that the energy attenuation of the module is most productive 0.56%.

The phenomenal low-temperature mechanical load test, a static load finding out of definite 5400Pa/ antagonistic 2400Pa below an especially low – 40°C, confirmed no variation in electroluminescence (EL) and energy attenuation of most productive 0.11%. 

In the hail test, which simulates the impact of hail of assorted sizes on modules, the 210 Vertex 670W module passed the test measuring the impact of hailstones 35 mm in diameter with out inflicting any injury.  

In extra than one improper dynamic mechanical load finding out, 210 Vertex 670W modules delivered better efficiency than competitors’ modules with load skill several times higher than the IEC traditional. When build in by clamps, the 210 Vertex 670W  double-glass module passed the 20,000 cycles, 20-fold improper finding out, calm closing intact.  

In the improper wind tunnel test, the 210 Vertex 670W module remains intact when the wind velocity reached 62m/s (216km/h or 134 mph), passing the improper wind velocity test corresponding to the low quit of a Category 4 storm on the Saffir-Simpson scale. 

Asserting the fixed extremely-high reliability of Trina Solar modules, the 210 Vertex series modules integrates a series of enjoy optimizations, including added frame wall thickness, higher cavities, optimized area fabric option and matching designs, to ensure extremely-high structural robustness. The tests confirmed the Vertex product series’ graceful potential to face up to exterior mechanical stress including improper wind, snowstorms, improper chilly, hail and other improper weather. 

“The motive we chose to retain out these tests of the 670W Vertex modules is no longer most productive to empower prospects to care for the high reliability of 670W+ modules, nevertheless also to share analysis outcomes actual through the general of the change for steady innovation and complete utility of 600W+ modules,” says Zhang.

Product technique and marketing at Trina Solar

Trina Solar’s mega 670W Solar Panels are passing stress tests