Home Breaking News Trucks and Patta collaborate on new ‘Suggest Eyed Cats’ collection

Trucks and Patta collaborate on new ‘Suggest Eyed Cats’ collection

Trucks and Patta collaborate on new ‘Suggest Eyed Cats’ collection

American skateboarding brand Trucks has collaborated with one of Amsterdam’s most well-most common streetwear brands, Patta. The 2 maintain joined forces to tumble one other collection that used to be first supplied in 2015, the ‘Suggest Eyed Cats’.

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The Vault by Trucks x Patta collection originated as a token of appreciation to Patta’s connection with Eastern streetwear store, Beams, which affords basic Trucks silhouettes the Outmoded Skool and Sk8-H’s.

The multicoloured differ of sneakers sees Patta’s signature script logo acting on both side with the midsole of each colourway embellished with the ‘Suggest Eyed Cats’ textual content.

Each and every shoe additionally comes with custom Patta-branded laces, and the collection will additionally unencumber three assorted graphic T-shirts designs and socks.


The ‘Suggest Eyed Cats’ theme has lunge throughout old collaborations in 2015 and 2017, all being restricted collections. The theme is a homage to American rock icon, Johnny Cash’s song about heartbreak.

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Patta posted a promo video for the collection on Instagram, it confirmed devices carrying every bit in the collection and the video ended off with a pan sooner or later of your complete sneakers colourways. The caption highlights why Patta’s brand identifies well with Trucks and its historical past.

“Trucks began off as a household-owned brand in 1966 and used to be supported by the local scene in California before turning staunch into a international powerhouse contained in the each day life and skateboarding industries. This resonates with Patta’s identification within contemporary fashion, as their upward push used to be based on supporting the local scenes in tune, sports and artwork before they had been recognised beyond their borders,” states Patta on their caption.

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Trucks and Patta collaborate on new ‘Suggest Eyed Cats’ collection