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Trump impeachment trial: defense claims case ‘preposterously wrong on the details’ – live

Trump impeachment trial: defense claims case ‘preposterously wrong on the details’ – live


Here’s a recap, from me and Adam Gabbatt:

Early Newspaper
  • Donald Trump’s correct personnel laid out their defense argument in the impeachment trial. The former president’s attorneys said he was once right by the correct to free speech.
  • Legal professionals for Trump conducted a video exhibiting out-of-context clips of Democratic lawmakers – and for some reason, Madonna – utilizing the observe “wrestle” persistently. They then accused Democrats of hypocrisy for criticizing Trump’s speech to supporters on 6 January, and faced ridicule for an argument that amounted to prime whataboutism.

  • Earlier than adjourning for the evening, the Senate unanimously licensed awarding officer Eugene Goodman with a gold medal for his bravery in the course of the 6 January attack. “Officer Goodman is in the chamber tonight. Officer Goodman, thanks,” said Chuck Schumer, sooner than senators stood to applaud the officer.

The impeachment trial resumes the following day – come abet for live Guardian coverage.


Characterize: Trump berated Dwelling Republican leader whereas Capitol was once below seige

Based totally on interviews with just a few Republicans briefed on the topic, CNN is reporting contemporary crucial aspects about Donald Trump’s call to Dwelling Republican leader Kevin McCarthy to castigate him in the course of the 6 January attack on the Capitol.

From CNN:

In an expletive-laced phone call with Dwelling Republican leader Kevin McCarthy whereas the Capitol was once below attack, then-President Donald Trump said the rioters cared more about the election outcomes than McCarthy did.

“Correctly, Kevin, I affirm these folks are more upset about the election than you would possibly be,” Trump said, in response to lawmakers who were briefed on the call later on by McCarthy. McCarthy insisted that the rioters were Trump’s supporters and begged Trump to call them off. Trump’s comment trigger off what Republican lawmakers mindful of the call described as a shouting match between the two males. A excited McCarthy suggested the President the rioters were breaking into his office through the windows, and requested Trump, “Who the f–k keep you suspect you would possibly be talking to?” in response to a Republican lawmaker mindful of the call.

The newly revealed crucial aspects of the call, described to CNN by just a few Republicans briefed on it, present severe perception into the President’s frame of tips as rioters were overrunning the Capitol. The existence of the call and a few of its crucial aspects were previously reported and discussed publicly by McCarthy. The Republican individuals of Congress said the exchange confirmed Trump had no intention of calling off the rioters even as lawmakers were pleading with him to intervene. Lots of said it amounted to a dereliction of his presidential duty.

Study more here.

Prognosis: Battle, wrestle, wrestle: Trump attorneys topic senators to repetitive force

David Smith

Battle, wrestle, wrestle, wrestle, wrestle, wrestle, wrestle, wrestle, wrestle, wrestle. The first rule of Battle Club is completely retain bashing your viewers with the same observe ad nauseam.

A video in which Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and other Democratic politicians uttered the observe “wrestle” 238 times, in response to a depend by the MSNBC TV community, was once the most extraordinary flip yet at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

The montage was once conducted by Trump criminal professional David Schoen on Friday in an are attempting and demonstrate that such language is common in at the present time’s political discourse, and right by the first modification to the constitution, so Trump’s demand his supporters to “wrestle like hell” would possibly perhaps serene no longer be blamed for the insurrection at the US Capitol.

“You didn’t keep something wrong,” Schoen suggested senators, many of whom had viewed themselves on TV screens internal the chamber. “It’s a observe folks exercise, but please cease the hypocrisy.”

He was once no longer wrong that it’s a observe folks exercise. Hillary Clinton, who was once viewed in the video, made Battle Song the theme of her sick-starred 2016 campaign in opposition to Trump. The world champion “fighter” is absolutely Senator Elizabeth Warren, who sprinkles the observe in interviews liberally and wrote a guide called This Battle is Our Battle.

However what Schoen was once additionally doing was once displaying whataboutism in its purest accomplish – a wonder to peek, like a flawless diamond or pristine snow.

Whataboutism is a dodge often viewed in rightwing media. If allegations are made in opposition to Trump’s connections in Russia, respond: what about Clinton’s emails? If Trump’s family are accused of exploiting their position, respond: what about Joe Biden’s son Hunter? If white supremacists are running rebellion, respond: what about antifa? It doesn’t topic if the equivalence is counterfeit because it’s all about attacking the opponent in expose to muddy the waters.

The Trump correct personnel’s relentless “wrestle” video was once a case in point. A pair of of the Democrats were quoted out of context as a consequence of selective bettering. We heard Biden, as an instance, train “below no circumstances, below no circumstances, below no circumstances quit this wrestle” but did no longer hear the plump quotation: “I looked into the eyes of folks that survived college shootings, and I made each of them a promise: I will below no circumstances, below no circumstances, below no circumstances quit this wrestle.”

(Speaking of hypocrisy, Schoen accused the impeachment managers of “manipulating video” in the course of his presentation.)

In addition, these Democrats were urging supporters to wrestle for a political reason. Trump was once urging supporters to wrestle in opposition to democracy: his reason was once essentially essentially based on the mendacious claim of a stolen election. And as the impeachment managers laid out on Thursday, he had spent years deploying incendiary rhetoric and demonising opponents.

Mild, the Trump defence cleared the very low bar predicament by their opening Laurel-and-Hardy gambit on Tuesday. On Friday they equipped talking aspects for rightwing media, straws for Republican consciences to take hold of at and a absorb for Trump’s spirits after some very grim days.

Study more:

Senate honors Eugene Goodman, adjourns trial for the day

The Senate unanimously licensed awarding officer Eugene Goodman with a gold medal for his bravery in the course of the 6 January attack.

“Officer Goodman is in the chamber tonight. Officer Goodman, thanks,” said Chuck Schumer, sooner than senators stood to applaud the officer.

Here’s more on Goodman:

The trial has adjourned till the following day.


Bruce Castor has made yet another head-scratching argument:

“There will not be any longer any January exception to impeachment,” he said, adding that personal electorate are topic to criminal prosecution.

This runs counter to the defense’s argument that the trial will not be any longer constitutional. Castor additionally did no longer account for whether Trump would possibly perhaps serene face criminal charges.


Issues obtained heated there for a minute.

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, who has hinted at some gentle hesitation in siding with most of his GOP colleagues to acquit Trump, requested about Trump’s tweets castigating Mike Pence, even after stories that Alabama senator Tommy Tuberville suggested Trump that Mike Pence had been pursued by rioters and evacuated.

“Sadly we’re no longer going to know the answer to the details of this continuing, because the Dwelling did nothing to analyze what went on,” said Van der Veen, without at once responding to the substance of the question.

Raskin did no longer love that line of argument. “Rather than yelling at us and screaming about, ‘We didn’t have time to rep all of the details about what your client did,’ lift your client up here and have him testify below oath,” he said.

Acyn Torabi

“Rather than yelling at us and screaming about how we didn’t have time to rep all of the details about what your client did, lift your client up here and have him testify below oath” pic.twitter.com/9AosuctWQp

February 12, 2021


Hi there, it’s Maanvi Singh – taking up the blog.

Donald Trump’s defense would no longer answer a question from Bernie Sanders on whether they consider Trump won the 2020 election.

“My judgment. Who requested that? My judgment is irrelevant in this continuing,” Trump criminal professional Van der Veen said.

Craig Caplan

Van der Veen on Sanders question: “In my judgment, who requested that? My judgment is irrelevant.” Leahy presiding then tells him Senators can no longer respond to the question. pic.twitter.com/Iw6QqVVqSK

February 12, 2021

Elizabeth Warren, Democratic senator from Massachusetts, asks a question. She notes that the defense pointed out that Democrats have objected to electoral college outcomes sooner than, and asks if they have ever done so hours after an insurrection at the Capitol?

Aaron Rupar

Elizabeth Warren makes exercise of a question to physique Hawley, Cruz, and other Republican who voted to throw out electoral votes after the insurrection pic.twitter.com/MkjHGrKmK0

February 12, 2021

No one essentially solutions it but Warren is getting a amount of fire emoji tweets on Twitter.


Democratic senator Ed Markey asks when Trump learned of the breach at the Capitol, and what he did about it. (It’s the same question Collins and Murkowski requested earlier.)

Stacey Plaskett, a Dwelling delegate from the Virgin Islands and an impeachment supervisor, says we keep no longer know. “The reason this question keeps coming up is because the answer is nothing.”

Mitt Romney, Republican senator and Trump foe, asks if Trump knew whether Mike Pence had been a long way from the Senate when the president criticized him in a 2.24pm tweet.

Defense criminal professional Van der Veen says “the answer will not be any longer any, at no point was once the president told that the vp was once in any threat”. Van der Veen then criticizes the Dwelling impeachment managers for speeding the trial.

I don’t ogle the connection.

Eli Stokols

van der Veen responds: “At no point was once the president told the vp was once in any threat.”

Says the q is irrelevant: “Here is an editorial of impeachment for incitement.”

February 12, 2021

David Frum

Which is erroneous clearly. And then van der Veen went on to argue that even if Trump did recklessly endanger the lifetime of VP Pence, it be no person’s exchange. https://t.co/cdC4kN81cy

February 12, 2021


Republican senator Tim Scott has a question: “Isn’t this simply a political showcase trial that is designed to discredit President Trump […] and shame the 74m Americans who voted for him?”

Bruce Castor, for the defense: “Thats precisely what the 45th president believes here is ready.”

Castor says the motive of the trial – which is mainly connected to an insurrection that left five folks ineffective – is to “embarrass” Trump.

A question for the defense personnel, from GOP senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski:

“Precisely when did President Trump be taught of the breach of the Capitol” and what actions did he take to lift the rebellion to an live?

Van der Veen, for the defense, doesn’t give a factual answer.

Neal Katyal

Woah. Trump criminal professional can’t answer it. The least bit. He unbiased rants about the lack of due job. Appears to be to me this would be the very first thing I would set a question to if I were Trump’s criminal professional whereas getting willing. Devastating silence.

February 12, 2021

Collins and Murkowski are believed to be swing voters on whether to convict Trump.

Senator Lindsey Graham has a question for the defense. The question is on behalf of Graham, Senator Ted Cruz, and others – all ardent Trump defenders.

“Does a baby-kisser elevating bail for rioters support more rioting?” the defense is requested.

One of the defense attorneys – I affirm it’s Castor says: “Sure.”

Here is phase of the Republican approach to match the Capitol rioters to Sunless Lives Topic protesters.

Pleasure WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷)

For sure @LindseyGrahamSC makes exercise of his question to throw a bomb at Sunless Lives Topic who’re who he capability when he says “rioters.” (Narrator: BLM protesters were no longer “rioters,” and insurrectionist Lindsey Graham would slot in completely in the Confederacy.)

February 12, 2021


“Isn’t it the case that the attack [on January 6] wouldn’t have came about if no longer for Donald Trump?” was once the first, surprisingly worded question. It’s posed by Democratic senators to the Dwelling impeachment managers (the truth is, the prosecution.)

Obtain Joaquin Castro, one of the impeachment managers, answered. Castro said – the truth is – yes.

He said Trump, as a long way abet as mid-December, directed his supporters to high-tail to the Capitol on January 6. Once there, Trump suggested his supporters to “wrestle like hell”, and suggested them “they would possibly perhaps play by varied tips”, Castro said.

The impeachment trial has restarted rapidly. In the next phase, Senators will have four hours to set a question to the defense and the prosecution questions.

It’s no longer particular how gradual they’ll depart tonight. There’s a dinner ruin scheduled for 5pm, but the questioning would possibly perhaps resume after. The Senate will reconvene at 10am ET Saturday, and a final vote would possibly perhaps happen later that day, at 3pm.

Trump’s correct personnel has wrapped up its defense

That was once a little of an anti-climax. Castor performed by pivoting abet to the free speech argument Trump’s attorneys made earlier – that Trump’s speech to his supporters on January 6 was once right below the first modification.

“This trial is ready a long way better than President Trump,” Castor said. He said the trial is as a replacement about canceling speech that “the majority doesn’t believe”.

“Are we going to enable canceling and silencing to be sanctioned in this physique?” Castor requested.

Trump’s defense argument looks to hinge each on a) Trump’s speech on January 6 did no longer incite the rebellion (despite the truth that the defense personnel did no longer address Trump’s outdated statements) and b) in any case, what Trump said is ideal by free speech guidelines.


Castor suggested that Trump’s speech on January 6 did no longer incite the rebellion

The criminal professional hasn’t addressed the broader topic of whether Trump’s months-long tirade in opposition to the election result had something to attain with it.

“The January 6 speech did no longer reason the riots,” Castor said.

Castor then moved onto the January phone call between Trump and Georgia secretary of suppose Brad Raffensperger. In the course of that decision Trump compelled Raffensperger, a Republican, to “procure” votes so as that Trump would possibly perhaps be offered the winner in Georgia.

Georgia prosecutors have opened a criminal inquiry into Trump’s call.

Castor read from a transcript of the call and said Trump was once expressing authentic concern over the election result.

For some context, here is some of what Trump said in that Georgia phone call:

“So look. All I are attempting to attain is this. I unbiased are attempting to search out 11,780 votes, which is one better than we have. Due to we won the suppose.”


Bruce Castor continues. He says the Dwelling impeachment managers “manipulated” Trump’s phrases when they offered their case.

Castor then speaks Latin for a little bit and suggests Dwelling impeachment managers are “attempting to idiot you”.

“President Trump was once instantaneous in his requires serene,” Castor says. (Trump wasn’t.)

“President Trump’s phrases couldn’t have incited the events at the capitol,” Castor said, because folks were already gathering at the Capitol sooner than Trump gave his speech at the Ellipse, which a 15 minute stroll away.

Outing Gabriel

Castor — the criminal professional who’s rambling, unfocused opening assertion on Tuesday aroused Trump — begins by going over ground argued earlier, and exhibiting the same clips.

February 12, 2021


Andrew Desiderio

DOJ has particularly referred to the events of Jan. 6 as an insurrection. https://t.co/msWzru3fXd

February 12, 2021

Eliza Collins

Trump’s attorneys are arguing that he will not be any longer guilty because 1. The trial is unconstitutional 2. The trial is politically motivated 3. Trump’s exercise of observe “wrestle” and other language was once abnormal political focus on 4. Trump loves law and expose. Our plump coverage: https://t.co/RMwlZdYR56

February 12, 2021


Castor started his defense by exhibiting a video, most of which is cribbed from the video Trump’s correct personnel conducted earlier.

It contrasts Democrats defending Sunless Lives Topic protesters, spliced in with chosen clips of violence at some of the BLM demonstrations, with Trump talking about “law and expose”. Legislation and expose is in total frail as a racist dog whistle.

“January 6 was once a terrible day for our nation,” Castor conceded, but he continued: “President Trump did no longer incite or reason the horrific violence.”

This tactic from the defense – that Trump’s supporters storming the Capitol was once abominable, nevertheless it wasn’t Trump’s fault – is something we anticipated.

Castor added: “Political hatred has no position in the American justice machine, and with out a doubt no position in the congress of the United States.”

Donald Trump’s correct personnel has resumed their defense. Bruce Castor, who reportedly left Trump excited after a lackluster efficiency earlier this week, will deal with the next section.

In the course of the ruin, Democratic senators lined up to pan the defense.

“Donald Trump was once suggested that if he didn’t cease lying about the election folks would be killed,” Senator Tim Kaine suggested reporters, in response to the Washington Post. “He wouldn’t cease, and the Capitol was once attacked and 7 folks are ineffective who would be alive at the present time.”

Senator Richard J. Blumenthal said the Trump defense personnel is “attempting to scheme a counterfeit, abominable and distorted equivalence”, the Post reported.

“And I affirm it’s evidently a distraction from Donald Trump’s attractive the mob to Washington, appealing it was once armed; changing the route and the timing so as to incite them to march on the Capitol; and then reveling, without remorse, without doing something to present protection to his have vp and all of us,” Blumenthal said.

“I affirm that the case is even more noteworthy after this very distorted and counterfeit argument.”

Trump impeachment trial: defense claims case ‘preposterously wrong on the details’ – live