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Trump plans a last-minute tele-rally for Virginia’s Youngkin

Trump plans a last-minute tele-rally for Virginia’s Youngkin

NEW YORK AP — A person familiar with Trump’s plans said that Trump will be returning from afar to the Virginia governor’s race with a telerally scheduled Monday for Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Trump won’t be appearing with Youngkin. The call-in event will be held the day before the election in which Youngkin appears neck-and-neck against Democrat Terry McAuliffe. McAuliffe has attempted throughout the race to tie his opponent with the former president.

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Trump lost the state by 10 points in 2020. The person who discussed his plans spoke under the condition of anonymity prior to the event being announced. Youngkin’s campaign declined comment on the planned event.

Youngkin hasperformed a delicate dance , to win over Trump’s loyal base. He also tried to avoid extreme positions that could turn off more moderate voters, especially those in suburban Washington and Richmond. These moderates voted against Trump and helped to win the election for President Joe Biden.

The last Trump entered the race was calling into an rally organized his conservative allies. McAuliffe’s campaign quickly produced ads featuring Trump’s praise for the Republican, even though Youngkin had not attended the event.

Trump made a cryptic statement Wednesday night suggesting that he might make a final-minute, first-ever appearance in Virginia before the election. However, officials in the state denied that this was the case.

“Thanks, Arlington, see ya soon!” he wrote, after supporters briefly interrupted McAuliffe’s Biden rally. Taylor Budowich, Trump’s spokesperson, later stated that Trump was looking forward to returning to Virginia. Details will be made available when they are necessary, but no event was announced.

Biden had scolded Trump at the rally about his absence from the state.

“Think about this: He won’t allow Donald Trump campaign for him in the state,” Biden said about Youngkin. Is he embarrassed?”

Is he embarrassed?”

Youngkin has largely campaigned without big Republican names while McAuliffe has appeared with the biggest names in Democratic politics, like Biden and former President Barack Obama, as well as celebrities such as musician Dave Matthews.

Democrats immediately criticised Youngkin’s participation in Trump’s event.

Susan Swecker, chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Virginia, called on Youngkin to tell voters immediately whether he plans to take part in the event, which she said shows the two “can’t stay away from each other.”

“Donald Trump is on the ballot, make no mistake about it,” she said. “His name may not be on the ballot, but he is on the ballot.”

McAuliffe also tweeted about the news, saying, “Virginians, let’s come together to REJECT Trump and send a powerful message to the nation: we are not going back.”

Bloomberg News was first to report that the event had been confirmed. This report was contributed by Sarah Rankin, Associated Press reporter from Richmond, Virginia.

Trump plans last minute tele-rally to support Virginia’s Youngkin