Home Breaking News Truth verify: Meme uses debunked image to draw misleading Trump-Biden comparison

Truth verify: Meme uses debunked image to draw misleading Trump-Biden comparison

Truth verify: Meme uses debunked image to draw misleading Trump-Biden comparison

Printed 3: 39 p.m. ET Jan. 25, 2021


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Nationwide Guard troops had been forced out of the U.S. Capitol that they’d been the employ of for relaxation breaks and relocated to a shut-by garage, are help at Capitol.


The express: Images of Trump with troops and Nationwide Guard with backs became to Biden’s motorcade show military prefers Trump

A meme uses two images of then-President Donald Trump talking at a military event and President Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day motorcade to draw a fraudulent comparison between Trump and Biden’s relationship with troops.

“Study about on the stark contrast! Now, we respect but to ascertain if the backs towards Biden had been deliberately finished or it turned into a security thing nonetheless the optics are unfavorable to him,” the Hip Hop Patriot captioned the meme in a Jan. 21 Facebook post.

USA TODAY has beforehandtruth checked posts by the Hip Hop Patriot, whose real name is Jeremy Herrell. 

“All people is aware of, together with you that our military helps President Trump over Biden,” he wrote USA TODAY in an electronic mail. “You would possibly perhaps per chance per chance now not fetch photos of troops with their backs to President Trump. He honors them and in impart that they love him for it! Meanwhile, Biden has to search their social media to learn about if they’re steady to him like a dictator.”

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Nationwide Guard became backs to Biden motorcade thanks to security protocol 

The top image of the meme, taken by photographer Jim Watson, shows the help of Trump’s head as he shook provider participants hands in 2017. 

“US President Donald Trump (bottom L-help to digicam) greets US troops after talking at some stage in an event with US military personnel at Yokota Air Contaminated at Fussa in Tokyo on November 5, 2017,” reads the caption on Getty Images. “Trump touched down in Japan on November 5, kicking off the first leg of a excessive-stakes Asia tour dwelling to be dominated by hovering tensions with nuclear-armed North Korea.”

The bottom image comes from a viral video of Nationwide Guard participants defending Biden’s Inauguration Day motorcade. It shows Guard participants facing a ways off from the presidential motorcade on Jan. 20. After pro-Trump rioters attacked the Capitol in a lethal Jan. 6 revolt, virtually 26,000 troops had been called to D.C. to provide extra security at some stage within the inauguration.

The video turned into widely shared and misrepresented by some online as evidence that Guard participants disapproved of Biden’s presidency and expressed that be aware by turning their backs. A USA TODAY truth verify stumbled on the Guard participants stood facing various instructions to offer protection to the motorcade from doable threats, in accordance to previous security protocols. USA TODAY rated the video clip as missing context because it turned into doubtlessly misleading. 

Neither the photo nor the video served as evidence that Biden is unpopular among provider participants. 


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Truth verify: Meme with images of Biden, Trump inaugurations draws fraudulent comparison

Our ranking: Missing context

We price a meme that compares then-President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden’s relationship with the military MISSING CONTEXT because without extra knowledge the meme shall be misleading. The image of Nationwide Guard participants with their backs became to Biden’s Inauguration Day motorcade shows them carrying out a security protocol.

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Truth verify: Meme uses debunked image to draw misleading Trump-Biden comparison