Home Breaking News Turkey accuses Greece of supporting ‘apprehension’ without evidence

Turkey accuses Greece of supporting ‘apprehension’ without evidence

Turkey accuses Greece of supporting ‘apprehension’ without evidence

In its most modern possibility to a peaceful country, Turkey threatened Greece and accused the country of supporting terrorism. Ankara has long ancient mythical accusations of “terrorism” to clarify invasions, bombing, ethnic-detoxification and imprisoning individuals, including dissidents and college students at home.

Turkey has now turned its threats to Greece after the usage of an identical claims to clarify attacks on Armenians, Kurds and Libya. It comes within the wake of humiliating EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen by no longer offering a seat for her at a gathering with Turkey’s president, a symbolic runt that made world headlines.  

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Turkey’s presidential head of communications and media Fahrettin Altun, whose Twitter fable is listed as a Turkish executive fable, slammed Greece within the early hours of April 10. Without any evidence he claimed that “Greece harbors terrorist organizations including PKK.”

The PKK is the Kurdistan Staff Birthday celebration, a community that Ankara labels as being terrorist. “From a supposed refugee camp inside the EU, the terrorists space attacks (including suicide bombings) towards Turkey,” the Turkish executive said. “It’s time to total Greece’s impunity.” 

The video accompanying the Turkish threats included pictures of an F-16 and Turkish Bayraktar drones undertaking airstrikes. It looks Turkey is now threatening airstrikes towards Greece, factual as it has done bombing towards alleged “terrorists” in Syria, Iraq and other places.

There were no PKK apprehension attacks on Turkey in years and Ankara often invents reviews of “terrorism,” including labeling decade-veteran tweets “terrorism” to clarify its actions. Turkey has furthermore accused the United States of backing “terrorist” groups in Syria, without any evidence. It has ancient this as an excuse to target civilian political leaders.

To illustrate, in October 2019 Turkey threatened US forces in jap Syria, stressful that The US withdraw, and sent Turkish-backed Syrian extremists to waste Hevrin Khalaf, a younger feminine political activist. It claimed to “neutralize” the younger girl – dragging her, unarmed, out of an SUV, bashing her head in and taking pictures her tiresome physique in a video the extremists posts on-line.

Turkey often uses terrorist-fashion groups to enact its attacks towards Kurds in Syria, including disappearing dozens of ladies in Turkish-occupied Afrin and conserving them in secret prisons. Ankara has furthermore renditioned ladies from areas it illegally occupies in northern Syria. 

IT IS UNCLEAR why Turkey has chosen to escalate tensions with Greece now. Within the spring and summer season of 2020, it done a host of animated actions towards Greece, including focusing on Greek F-16s, and the usage of a compare ship as quilt for naval maneuvers and threats towards Greek-claimed waters within the jap Mediterranean.  

Turkey spent the fall of 2019 and phase of 2020 launching a series of invasions and attacks, often beneath the guise of “combating apprehension.” To illustrate, it signed a take care of Libya’s embattled executive and sent Syrian refugees to fight in Libya after invading Syria in October 2019. The Syrians were left in Libya within the spring of 2020 as Turkey turned its consideration to heating up a disaster in Idlib.

After signing offers with Russia, including importing its S-400 air defense system, Turkey continued threats by rising attacks on northern Iraq and unsafe to invade the Sinjar region of Iraq where Yazidi genocide survivors live. Turkey claims, without evidence, that the genocide survivors are “terrorists.”

Turkey’s threats towards Iraq led to complains from Baghdad and a motion of Iraqi paramilitaries to Sinjar to defend towards a imaginable Turkish invasion. Within the stop, Turkey most popular a raid on Gare Mountain in northern Iraq in February 2021, leading to the demise of Turkish hostages who Turkey claims the PKK killed. Locals said Turkish airstrikes killed the hostages.

Turkey uses that assault as an excuse at home to are trying and ban the HDP, a far-left birthday party that has many Kurdish supporters. Ankara is now attempting to ban opposition parties, claiming they are “terrorists.” It furthermore slammed LGBTQ protesters and implicated them as “terrorists,” furthermore in February.  

Ankara perceived to lower its threats to Greece within the fall of 2020 after US President Donald Trump lost the US election. Right here is as a outcome of Turkey had a finish relationship with Trump and had labored with professional-Turkish voices within the US Notify Department to help the US to give Ankara a blank compare to harass Greece, Egypt, Israel, Libya and the UAE while invading Iraq and Syria and unsafe Armenia.

To illustrate, Turkey’s presidential safety power attacked US protesters in Washington within the spring of 2017, and Ankara held a US pastor hostage in 2017 and threatened US forces in Iraq in 2018. It furthermore armed Syrian refugees, knowledgeable extremists, enabled ISIS individuals to transit from Raqqa to Idlib in 2018 and ancient the possibility of pushing refugees into Europe in 2020 to wring concessions from the EU and NATO.  

AFTER THE tensions in recent times, including harassing an Israeli compare vessel in December 2019, Turkey perceived to alternate its tune in December 2020 and early 2021, claiming it wanted reconciliation with Israel, Egypt and the Gulf states it had been harassing. This looked designed to isolate Greece and Cyprus, which like grown nearer to Egypt, Israel and the Gulf.

To illustrate, Greece and Cyprus joined Egypt, France and the Gulf to condemn Turkey within the spring of 2020. Ankara replied by harassing Greece and France within the summer season of 2020. In accordance to an Eastern Mediterranean gas forum and pipeline idea that Israel, Greece and Cyprus are working on, Turkey sought to make employ of Israel’s press to mumble it wanted reconciliation, erasing Cypriot claims to economic zones within the Mediterranean.  

Turkey’s unusual threats towards Greece advance within the context of other disorders. It has detained admirals at home who oppose a brand unusual Turkish canal. In Ukraine, Moscow has claimed that escalation poses a “possibility” to Russia. Turkey is alleged to be selling drones to Ukraine but it no doubt is furthermore having a stare S-400s from Russia. Within the intervening time, Turkey has claimed the EU used to be accountable for the von der Leyen seating controversy.

Turkey, whose management has bashed US President Joe Biden within the past, is furthermore angling for better family with the US by attempting to insert itself in US-Taliban discussions. It has finish ties to the Taliban and other Islamist extremist groups similar to Hamas. Ankara seemingly needs to work with Iran on Afghanistan and might well merely decide that the Taliban, which like furthermore been backed by Pakistan within the past, can like a better characteristic.

Turkey, Iran and Russia are inclined to work together on Syria as properly – and all three decide that the US streak away the wrestle-torn country. This puts Ankara at a crossroads of a number of critical US policies within the region. Turkey’s rhetoric towards Greece comes although the 2 countries were alleged to be conserving talks to lower tensions. Talks stalled in March. Turkey then shifted to dating the EU and especially Germany, which has tended to be sympathetic to Ankara’s authoritarian shift.  

Turkey accuses Greece of supporting ‘apprehension’ without evidence