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Tyler, The Creator Cruises On A Speedboat In ‘Lemonhead’ Video

Tyler, The Creator Cruises On A Speedboat In ‘Lemonhead’ Video

Tyler the Creator

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Tyler, the Creator dropped a brand original video for his song “Lemonhead” on Thursday (July 8) and he doesn’t fail to disappoint along with his zany visuals wherein he seems as his alter ego Wolf Haley.

The video is under two minutes lengthy, and it begins with Tyler temporarily talking about his elderly tubist. “Mr. Bobo became a in actual fact proficient individual, but I don’t think I became doing my easiest articulating what I wished. I know the tuba became too heavy for him, but I wished to salvage this shit accomplished,” he says.

Tyler demonstrates to Mr. Bobo play the instrument, finally starting the discover. The video then transitions to Tyler cruising on a speedboat, crusing by design of a mountainous discipline while rapping his coronary heart out earlier than jumping off along with his briefcase. To a pair followers, the environment could seemingly be familiar; it resembles his recent iconic BET Awards efficiency wherein he rode a retro automotive earlier than departing along with his baggage.

Later in the video, Tyler is surrounded by parked pastel vehicles matching his snazzy match. The video ends with him using on a penny-farthing bike, away from the digicam see.

“Lemonhead” is the third discover on his most modern studio album Name Me If You Win Lost, which became released June 25, and likewise the third song to procure a visual treatment after “Corso.” The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard High 200 Albums chart at 140.1 million song streams, beating Doja Cat’s debut album Planet Her. Tyler also unseated Doja in charting No. 1 on each the Billboard Artist 100 chart and the Rolling Stone Artists 500 chart.

Tyler’s earlier LP, Igor, equally opened at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart when it became released two years previously. Old to that, he released four studio albums, each making it to the High 5.

Tyler, The Creator Cruises On A Speedboat In ‘Lemonhead’ Video