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U.S. military vacates main air base in Afghanistan, underscoring withdrawal expected within days

U.S. military vacates main air base in Afghanistan, underscoring withdrawal expected within days

The U.S. military has vacated its principal airfield in Afghanistan, protection officers said Friday, a strategic and emotional milestone in a 20-year U.S. war that the Pentagon is preparing to finish.

Nonetheless there possess been indicators on Friday that disintegrating safety in Afghanistan is causing a partial shift in the payment of the military’s plans. Whereas U.S. officers had said these days they anticipated that Military Gen. Austin “Scott” Miller — the head U.S. commander in Afghanistan for nearly three years — would go within days, the Pentagon introduced on Friday that he’ll remain in uncover for a number of extra weeks, as the Biden administration develops plans to continue aerial surveillance and, if wanted, manufacture counterterrorism strikes without U.S. troops on the bottom.

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Miller will retain the capacity to approve airstrikes to provide protection to U.S. and Afghan forces whereas he is in uncover, two protection officers said, speaking on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the project. They described the U.S. capacity to cease in command degraded by the withdrawal, however soundless skill.

The transfer of Bagram air base to Afghan forces became as soon as achieved with no ceremony or fanfare, a soundless discontinue at a base that became as soon as for years the nerve heart of the U.S. counterterrorism campaign across Afghanistan. U.S. Special Operations troops based there hunted al-Qaeda, the Islamic Bellow, the Taliban and diversified militant groups in raids across Afghanistan’s rugged mountains to the east. Fighter jets, drones and cargo planes took off from Bagram’s twin runways day and night. Every of the old three U.S. presidents visited the airfield during journeys to meet the troops.

The base additionally became as soon as the predicament of detention services and products at which every and every U.S. troops and CIA interrogators tortured prisoners, according to U.S. executive reports and investigations by human rights groups. The US closed its jail at Bagram in 2014, U.S. officers said.

The departure from Bagram follows President Biden’s resolution in April to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by September, ending what he and diversified critics possess called a “frequently war.” As the Taliban launched a bloody offensive and encircled a gargantuan selection of provincial capitals, protection leaders closing month temporarily concept to be slowing the military’s departure from the air base, officers said, speaking on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the project. The Biden administration in a roundabout map determined to continue the withdrawal.

Biden said on Friday morning that “we are on track exactly as to the build we expected to be.” He called the withdrawal a “rational drawdown with our allies,” and defended his resolution to go.

“Be conscious, we possess been in that war for 20 years,” Biden said. “Twenty years.”

Nonetheless he refused to resolution any follow-up questions. “I’m not going to resolution any longer questions on Afghanistan. Be conscious, it’s Fourth of July.”

For weeks, Bagram, some 45 miles north of Kabul, has been dilapidated as a key launchpad for the military’s departure. Hundreds of C-17 flights possess eliminated U.S. equipment and weapons, masses of them flying from the air base. Diversified equipment became as soon as destroyed there.

Military Col. Sonny Leggett, a U.S. military spokesman in Afghanistan, said in an announcement that the transfer of Bagram to the Afghan executive “became as soon as an extensive route of spanning a number of weeks,” beginning rapidly after Biden directed the U.S. military withdrawal.

“All handovers of Resolute Improve bases and services and products, to include Bagram Airfield, possess been intently coordinated, each and every with senior leaders from the manager and with our Afghan partners in the safety forces, including leadership of the locally based devices respective to every base,” Leggett said.

The Bagram district governor, Darwish Raufi, expressed irritation with not being included in the route of. He said in an announcement that the U.S. military left “without coordinating with safety and protection forces and in general without coordinating” with the Afghan executive and officers in Bagram district.

“Some looters went in, some of them possess been arrested and some others escaped,” the governor said. “They possess been in for equipment that they might carry.”

Fawad Aman, an Afghan protection ministry spokesman, said in a tweet that Bagram became as soon as handed over to the “ANDSF,” an acronym for Afghan Nationwide Protection and Security Forces.

“ANDSF will defend [the] base and utilize it to fight terrorism,” he said.

Miller met with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Friday to talk about how the U.S. and Afghan governments will cooperate after the withdrawal is complete, according to an announcement launched by the presidential palace.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that when Miller departs, responsibility for U.S. operations in Afghanistan will doubtless be assumed by Marine Gen. Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie, the manager of U.S. Central Repeat. McKenzie, whose headquarters is in Tampa, will put a Navy SEAL officer, Rear Adm. Peter Vasely, in uncover of a brief “forward” headquarters in Kabul after Miller departs, Kirby said. Kirby said the withdrawal must be complete by the discontinue of August.

Zabiullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, said in an announcement that the team considers the “evacuation” of all U.S. troops from Bagram to be a determined step, and that Taliban leaders soundless “inspect withdrawal of foreign forces from all system of the country.”

“Such is in the interest of each and every them & Afghans,” Mujahid added. “Afghans can transfer closer to peace & safety with complete withdrawal of foreign forces.”

Bagram initially became as soon as constructed as a industrial airport in the 1950s, as the United States and the Soviet Union, competing for influence in Afghanistan, poured cash into the country during the Cold War. The flexibility became as soon as seized by the Soviet Union in 1979 after it invaded Afghanistan and constructed up as a military base during the nearly 10-year Soviet occupation. Bagram became as soon as taken over by the United States after the 9/11 assaults with the arrival of U.S. troops in the country.

The air base, misplaced sight of by the rugged, snow-tipped Hindu Kush mountains, became as soon as the build many U.S. troops killed in fight possess been sent residence from in “ramp ceremonies,” in which their remains possess been draped with the U.S. flag. In all, about 2,400 U.S. troops possess been killed in the war, with 20,000 extra wounded. Tens of hundreds of Afghan safety forces possess been additionally killed, alongside with extra than 47,000 civilians, according to United Countries assessments.

The departure from the air base has renewed concerns amongst lawmakers, veterans and analysts who think the U.S. military must not leave Afghanistan fully.

Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.), a retired Special Forces officer, called the base “by some distance the finest image of our 20 years of blood and esteem we now possess expended for all veterans which possess served there.”

“As our most efficient base sandwiched between China, Russia and Iran, it’s a immense strategic asset,” Waltz said. “Why are we genuine giving it away?”

Mick Mulroy, a feeble CIA paramilitary officer and Pentagon unswerving early in the Trump administration, said that the payment of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan “might maybe also very smartly be a testament to the logistical capabilities of our force, however it additionally will not be allowing for a buffer to inspect if the Afghan safety forces will attend against the Taliban without our notify reinforce.”

Shut air reinforce and casualty evacuation from Bagram possess been crucial assets in the war, said Mulroy, now an ABC Information analyst.

“These enablers are typically the deciding factor in engagements between our Afghan military and safety partners and the Taliban. Engagements that can inevitably develop into extra frequent as soon as a entire U.S. withdrawal happens,” Mulroy said in a textual inform material message.

Authorities interview records obtained by The Washington Post show U.S. officers misled the American public about the Afghanistan war for nearly two many years. (Joyce Lee/The Washington Post)

Lawmakers requested senior Pentagon officers during a Dwelling Armed Companies and products Committee hearing closing week whether or not it would be skill to retain retain a watch on of Bagram. Military Gen. Stamp A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Workers, replied that “it’s miles not crucial for the United States to stop at Bagram for what we’re going to examine out to cease here with Afghanistan.”

Eighty-one in every of about 419 district services and products in Afghanistan possess fallen beneath Taliban retain a watch on, Milley said; others are contested by the militants. Sixty p.c of the districts beneath Taliban retain a watch on fell to the insurgents closing year, and the leisure in the past few months, the overall added.

“The safety pronounce will not be genuine,” Miller said.

Biden administration officers possess said the United States will beginning strikes in Afghanistan if there is proof of a terrorist probability against American interests, including from al-Qaeda or the Islamic Bellow.

Missy Ryan and Anne Gearan in Washington and Pamela Constable and Ezzatullah Mehrdad in Kabul contributed to this file.

U.S. military vacates main air base in Afghanistan, underscoring withdrawal expected within days