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Ubco 2X2 Lope Bike overview: Utility that shreds

Ubco 2X2 Lope Bike overview: Utility that shreds

A most fresh pass to Auckland, Novel Zealand — a city with lackluster public transit and hills that can flip a fleet bike roam to the store true into a sweaty workout — piqued my ardour in e-bikes.

Solid ask and skyrocketing prices, on the opposite hand, made it complex to secure entry to those coveted e-bikes right here in Aotearoa, the Land of the Prolonged White Cloud. That changed after studying about Ubco, the Novel Zealand-primarily based electric utility bike startup that lately raised $10 million from merchants.

Early Newspaper

The firm provided me with the Ubco 2X2 Lope Bike for nearly a month, which gave me loads of time to position it to the test.

I will no longer be Ubco’s goal target market, though I did my most nice looking to use the bike as its make suggests, and packed it up with bags of books and other heavy issues that could perchance presumably also simulate the weight of delivered garlic bread, mail and other capabilities. The Ubco 2X2 Lope Bike is made for city utility riding, with the likelihood of going off-dual carriageway, which I would later strive with gusto.

The firm’s flagship is the Ubco 2X2 Work Bike, an electric dirt bike that used to be on the foundation designed to abet farmers. The fresh capital the firm raised in June will likely be worn to amplify into existing verticals admire meals offer, postal carrier and last-mile logistics, scale a industrial subscription replace and goal gross sales increase within the United States.

Domino’s drivers in Auckland, and I hear within the U.Ample., can even be considered turning in hot pizzas on Ubco bikes, and the firm has a spread of alternative national customers, admire the Novel Zealand Post, the Protection Force, the Division of Conservation, and Pāmu, or Landcorp Farming Restricted, moreover to other native eating locations and stores.

Checklist Credits: Rebecca Bellan

The handoff

CEO and co-founder Timothy Allan drove out from the firm headquarters in Tauranga at hand off the bike for my portion. It used to be a sunny day in my neighborhood, and I listened impatiently as he described the loads of bits and bobs, suggestions to work the machine and suggestions to charge it.

Allan helped me download the Ubco app to pair my phone with the bike, which, amongst other functionalities, allowed me to make a alternative newbie mode, which would cap the automobile stride at spherical 20 miles per hour. I made a psychological demonstrate so that I’m in a position to also write about it right here, but used to make certain you be triumphant within the tip stride of 30 miles per hour appropriate away.

I did, and it used to be … beautiful ill. I’m no longer purported to gush, but man! It’s a sweet roam. Here’s why:


The Lope Bike comes same outdated in white and sits on 17×2.75-lunge multiuse tires with aluminum rims, each and each of that are DOT compliant. My version also had Maori decals on the frame, in a nod to the indigenous contributors of Novel Zealand.

The bike’s high is about 41 inches and the seat involves 32 inches. From wheel to wheel, it’s about 72 inches. The payload, including the rider, is about 330 pounds, so each and each my accomplice (6’2” man) and I (5’7” female) rode this bike with ease, wanting most nice looking to modify the huge rearview mirrors sticking out of the handlebars. And no, we didn’t roam it together. This bike is designed as a one-seater.

Checklist Credits: Rebecca Bellan

That talked about, there’s barely cargo rack above the assist wheel, which holds the registration code (it appears that these are categorised as mopeds, which require registration in loads of locations) and any other cargo one could perchance presumably also elevate. I didn’t strive, but I reckon it could perchance even withhold as a minimal five pizza boxes tied down with a bungee wire. The bike rack also permits for saddlebags to be strapped on. Ubco sells what it calls the Pannier Support Pack, a climate-resistant roll-high cargo secure, for $189 that slots in very properly and is de facto a quality secure with 5.28-gallon ability.

Equipment aside, the alloy frame is light-weight and step-thru, which I love in a bike — it lets me delivery to shift myself off earlier than I fully park and I feel abundant agile and swift. Talking of parking, the guidelines are diversified in each situation, I pick, but right here, you park it on the avenue or in parking areas, no longer on the sidewalk. It’s bought a kickstand to withhold it in situation, and it is doubtless you’ll perchance presumably presumably also lock the front wheel so no one can upright wheel it away. They could perchance presumably also, on the opposite hand, potentially chuck it into the assist of their pickup truck if they so selected, since it’s most nice looking 145 pounds.

The appears to be like of the bike stood out, and no longer upright to me. For the length of my multiweek test drive, moderately loads of tradesmen and bike of us went out of their technique to reward its make, the particular demographic that Ubco is aiming for.


The lightness of the bike arrangement that it’s easy to pick out off and pick up your steadiness. The battery is also within the guts of the frame, upright advance the build your feet take a seat, which anchors the bike and provides you a precise heart of gravity.

The light-weight nature of the bike is a blessing and a curse. Reducing a flip is easy, but on a windy day and an open dual carriageway, there bear been moments I terrified that I’d be knocked off it — but perchance that had more to total with riding subsequent to a 10-wheeler on the avenue. As a result of it’s so light, it did feel barely irregular to me to be within the avenue lane with the opposite bigger, meaner automobiles as a replacement of within the bike lanes.

The bike accelerates swiftly thru the fully electronic throttle defend watch over, even up steep hills, attributable to the high torque geared drivetrain. The drivetrain has two 1 kw Flux2 motors with sealed bearings, full of life warmth management and full of life venting for residual moisture — a necessity in this moistest of cities.

The acceleration sound, which mimics those of a gas-powered dirt bike but with a softer electronic tone, used to be a surprising plus. I didn’t realize how distinguished I relied on my sense of sound to present how fleet I was going till I rode the Ubco.

The braking plan used to be barely touchy. It felt very snug to me, potentially attributable to hydraulic and regenerative brakes are working together on the automobile. There’s also a passive regenerative braking plan, which I obtain is what place the brakes on for me after I was upright making an strive to dash with the circulate down a form of colossal hills.

Checklist Credits: Rebecca Bellan

Both the front suspension, 130 mm, and rear suspension, 120 mm, bear a coil spring with a hydraulic dampener and bear preload and rebound adjustment. In other words, the shocks are awesome. Even after I actively drove myself off sidewalks and over stride bumps, I’m in a position to also barely feel a thing.

To test its off-dual carriageway capabilities, I took the bike to Cornwall Park, the build I ran it at full stride on the grass, swerving between trees, flying over roots and rocks, doing doughnuts within the field. It used to be true fun and I felt fully in defend watch over of the automobile. I’m in a position to factor in why farmers bear turned to the Work Bike.

When it used to be time to test out its use as a offer bike, I packed the two saddlebags with books and groceries and took it for a hump. Easy a abundant roam, though I was barely wobbly turning corners till I purchased the cling of it.


For the explanation that Ubco Lope Bike doesn’t neatly match true into a instruct bike category, it’s no longer a easy label comparison. An electrical moped, admire a Lexmoto Yadea or a Vespa Elettrica, could perchance presumably also situation you assist anyplace from $2,400 or $7,000, respectively. Electrical dirt bikes could perchance presumably also worth anyplace from $6,000 to $11,000 for something admire a KTM or Alta Motors. That talked about, Swedish electric bike startup Cake did upright come out with its most fresh made namely for city riding, the Makka, at $3,500. It appears to be like loads admire the Ubco, but it completely’s barely smaller.

With that in mind, the Ubco Lope Bike charges $6,999 with a 2.1 kW energy provide and $7,499 for a 3.1 kW energy provide. Relying on what it is doubtless you’ll perchance presumably presumably discover it irresistible for, I’d sing it’s somewhere spherical mid-vary for a bike admire this. Since you’d potentially use it for work-linked actions, it could perchance even secure a tax write-off. Plus, it is doubtless you’ll perchance presumably presumably like quality in a bike that’s the entire manner down to total some heavy lifting, and Ubco has loads of that. It’s no longer most nice looking a to hand utility bike, but it completely’s also bought some glorious tech below the proverbial hood, which we’ll secure to later.

Ubco estimates a 10- to 15-year existence expectancy, reckoning on use. Over-the-air machine updates, replacing formulation and full refurbishments can abet defend the bike going for longer. The firm encourages riders to ship assist the dull bikes attributable to it’s dedicated to full product stewardship.

That talked about, as soon as you wanted to use a bike now, it’d be a preorder (unless your native Ubco vendor had some in inventory). Ordering now could perchance presumably also secure you an Ubco by September as soon as you live within the States. The firm says it’s restful feeling the outcomes of COVID, with high ask and a stretched provide chain causing delays. The preorder requires a $1,000 deposit.

Ubco also has a subscription mannequin, which is mainly on hand for endeavor customers for the time being and priced on a case-by-case basis. Then all but again, it’s piloting subscriptions for contributors in Auckland and Tauranga earlier than rolling this draw out globally. Subscriptions will delivery at spherical NZD $300 per month for a 36-month term.


The Lope Bike comes with either the 2.1 kWh battery pack, which has spherical 40 to 54 miles of vary, or the three.1 kWh, with 60 to 80 miles.

The battery is stride off a management plan, known as “Scotty,” to observe accurate-time performance and security. The battery, which is sealed with alloy and vented for the length of use, is made with 18650 lithium-ion cells, that arrangement it’s a extremely effective battery that can address as a lot as 500 charging cycles. Ubco says its batteries are designed to be disassembled on the stop of existence.

Checklist Credits: Rebecca Bellan

The 10 amp alloy fleet charger can gas the battery fully within four to six hours. Potentialities are you’ll perchance presumably presumably also charge it whereas it’s restful within the automobile by upright connecting it to a energy outlet, otherwise you potentially could perchance presumably also free up the battery and yank it out (it’s barely heavy) and charge it within. Sign: Charging is loud. Now no longer determined if right here’s same outdated, but potentially is.

I charged it every two to just a few days, but that will depend on use and the build you potentially is also. It’s winter in Auckland, so barely chilly, which affects battery existence, and the hills are brutal, which also use moderately loads of battery existence.

I’d roam it downtown and spherical my neighborhood on each day basis, but I’d wager a offer driver would deserve to charge it nightly. As I talked about earlier, the battery can even be eradicated for charging, so as soon as you make a choice it to work, you potentially could perchance presumably also continually make a choice it as a lot as the placement of job or wherever to charge whereas you’re doing other issues.

Tech suggestions

Vehicle management plan

The auto runs off what Ubco calls its Cerebro automobile management plan, which integrates all electronic and electrical capabilities of the automobiles and provides defend watch over and updates thru Bluetooth. Ubco builds with stop of existence in mind, so the CAN bus is remoted so future CAN gadgets can even be with out sigh integrated.

Now, one in every of my first questions, given the heftiness of this bike and the likelihood of gig economy employees who would roam it for work dwelling in urban dwellings, used to be this: How can I be determined that no one will make a choice this thing when it’s on the avenue, attributable to there’s no arrangement I’m lugging it as a lot as my fifth-floor walkup?

Like I talked about, you potentially could perchance presumably also lock the wheel in situation, which would make it some distance more complex for any individual to wheel it off. If any individual did settle on to purchase your entire cumbersome automobile, Ubco will likely be ready to song it for you. Every Ubco bike has telemetry, aka a SIM card, hardwired within, and that can abet provide knowledge that can even be worn for space, servicing, theft, security, route planning, and tons others.

This VMS architecture is made for handling fleets thru Ubco’s endeavor subscription automobiles, but it completely obviously has other uses, admire providing peace of mind (for my portion, I’d restful lock it up with chains, but I’m a Novel Yorker and trust no one). Obviously, as soon as you get this telemetry is creepy, you potentially could perchance presumably also make a choice out, but it completely does come same outdated with subscriptions, allowing subscribers to song their bike’s space on the app.


Checklist Credits: Rebecca Bellan

Mounted on the handlebar is an LCD level to that shows stride, energy ranges and more. Moreover on the handlebars are switch controls for high or low beams, indicators and a horn. I realized the indicators to be barely sticky and as soon as in a whereas I would wander and hit the horn. What I desire the handlebars also had used to be a mount to your phone so that you potentially could perchance presumably also follow directions. I had my headphones in and used to be listening to Google Maps present me suggestions to secure spherical, but that felt less protected and atmosphere pleasant.

Turning it on

Potentialities are you’ll perchance presumably presumably also flip the energy on with a keyless fob by either clicking the button on the fob or the button on the handlebars. I’ll demonstrate that the keyless fob button is weirdly snug. At more than one aspects, I had it in my pocket with my phone or other pocket inhabitants and it must bear knocked into the button, turning the automobile off whereas I was riding it. Fortunately, that by no arrangement took situation anyplace busy, but that’s something to be cautious about.


As I talked about earlier, you potentially could perchance presumably also pair your phone, moreover to other users’ phones, to the bike the utilization of the app. The app means that you can purchase learner mode or restricted mode, which controls roam settings; flip the bike and lights on and off; replace the metrics; and test the dwelling of issues admire battery existence, stride and motor temperature. It’s most ceaselessly the entire recordsdata on the stride, but on an app. I didn’t in fact feel the want to use it.


The LED headlights are on the least bit cases when the automobile is turned on, but there’s also a high and low beam, moreover to peripheral parking lights, all of that are designed for disassembly on the stop of existence. There are also LED rear, brake and amount plate lights, moreover to DOT-authorised indicator lights.

Varied stuff

Among the many suggestions that don’t match neatly into the opposite categories, there’s the field equipment, which is mounted to the elevate-up seat and contains a user manual and tools to situation up and defend the 2X2, which is de facto to hand. Customarily, when contributors desire an Ubco bike, it is miles accessible in a field and there are “just a few easy steps to follow to secure it ready to roam.” There’s also an UBCO College direction that shows suggestions to situation it up. If you desire from one in every of Ubco’s dealers, they’ll unpack it and situation it up as soon as you come to acquire it.


Upkeep comes with the worth of a month-to-month subscription. Ubco has a network of technicians placed wherever the firm sells its bikes if they’re in need of fixing. If there’s no licensed mechanic close by, Ubco’s head situation of job will work with customers to abet them repair the bike. Ubco did no longer reply to knowledge about what number of licensed mechanics are in its network.

All but again, being from Novel York, I’ve considered potentially hundreds of offer riders on bikes and mopeds, oven mitts lined in a plastic secure taped onto the handlebars so drivers can defend their fingers warmth for the length of the less warm months. This bike can address a hefty load for turning in goods, it’s like a flash and agile for weaving within and out of traffic, and it’s easy to roam and use.

The subscription offering, namely for endeavor, makes this a abundant city utility bike that can potentially address a spread of climate prerequisites. I already are conscious about it will address rain and dirt, so all signs mark success within the sloshy, frigid hell of a Northern city winter. And for the adventurer — the person that upright desires to roam something sweet on- and off-dual carriageway, out of the city and into the wilderness — right here’s also a abundant user roam that will last you moderately a whereas.

Ubco 2X2 Lope Bike overview: Utility that shreds