Home United Kingdom UK church leaders criticise Ghanaian bishops for support of anti-LGBTQ+ law

UK church leaders criticise Ghanaian bishops for support of anti-LGBTQ+ law

UK church leaders criticise Ghanaian bishops for support of anti-LGBTQ+ law

Church leaders in the UK ranking strongly criticised Ghanaian bishops over their support for a draconian anti-LGBTQ+ law.

Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury and chief of the realm Anglican church, Stephen Cottrell, the archbishop of York, and diversified Church of England bishops, tweeted their considerations on Tuesday in what gave the look to be a coordinated effort to put stress on their Ghanaian colleagues.

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A draft law submitted to Ghana’s parliament earlier this twelve months would fabricate it a criminal offense to be jubilant, bisexual or transgender, or to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, punishable by as a lot as 10 years in jail. It has been condemned by human rights activists.

In a commentary posted on social media, Welby stated he used to be “gravely concerned” and would train to the archbishop of Ghana to train regarding the response of the Anglican church in the nation.

I am gravely concerned by the draft anti-LGBTQ+ Invoice because of this of be debated by the Ghanaian parliament. I will be talking with the Archbishop of Ghana in the arrival days to train regarding the Anglican Church of Ghana’s response to the Invoice.

My fleshy commentary: https://t.co/WcQMKzBseg

— Archbishop of Canterbury (@JustinWelby) October 26, 2021

Stephen Cottrell, the archbishop of York, tweeted the proposed law used to be “shapely and unacceptable”. Sarah Mullally, bishop of London and No 3 in the C of E hierarchy, stated the proposed legislation “must always be resisted”. The bishops of Liverpool, Worcester, Southwark and Norwich also voiced considerations.

The diocese of Portsmouth issued an announcement asserting it used to be dismayed by the support for the bill from Anglican bishops. “We take into consideration this [bill] to be a predominant violation of other folks’s human rights, which we take into consideration will outcome in assert-subsidized violence that will threaten the lives of these in the LGBT+ community and their mates,” it stated.

A press start backing the bill, signed by the archbishop, Cyril Kobina Ben-Smith, stated the Ghanaian church’s support used to be “born the theorem that the note is unbiblical and ungodly. We peep LGBT+ as unrighteousness in the witness of God and therefore will discontinue the leisure within our powers and mandate to make certain that that that the bill comes into fruition … Leviticus 20: 13 clearly declares that a male lying with a fellow male is an abomination and punishable by loss of life.”

It added: “The church does no longer condemn folks of homosexuality trends however fully condemn the heinous acts and activities they perform.”

Homosexual intercourse is already punishable with as a lot as three years in jail in Ghana, and homophobic persecution is current.

The introduction of the bill followed a wave of repression against LGBTQ+ other folks. In February, a community dwelling offering support for sexual minorities used to be forced to discontinuance, and there used to be an amplify in arrests and abuse against other folks perceived to be LGBTQ+.

The arena Anglican church has lengthy been bitterly divided over sexuality and identification. Churches in some worldwide locations ranking instructed same-intercourse marriage and advocate inclusivity and equality, whereas others support criminalisation.

UK church leaders criticise Ghanaian bishops for support of anti-LGBTQ+ law – The Guardian