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UK Covid reside: Downing Boulevard warns recent fall in UK Covid case numbers could be reversed

UK Covid reside: Downing Boulevard warns recent fall in UK Covid case numbers could be reversed

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Here’s a roundup of at the recent time’s Covid figures – whereas day to day cases are down, sanatorium occupancy rates and admissions bear risen over the final week:

The number of Covid-19 sufferers in sanatorium in England has handed 5,000 for the first time since mid-March. PA writes:

A total of 5,055 sufferers were in sanatorium on 26 July, according to the most recent figures from NHS England. Here is up 33% from the outdated week, and is the very best since 18 March.

All regions of England bear considered week-on-week increases in sufferers, with London up 48% from 647 to 957, and the Midlands up 31% from 730 to 959.

The combined deliver of north-east England and Yorkshire continues to file the very best number of any location, with 1,152 Covid-19 sufferers on July 26, up 36% week-on-week.

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Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden, a senior intensive care registrar, acknowledged she had only detect one affected person in crucial care who had acquired both vaccination doses, and that the “monumental majority” of oldsters she was seeing were “entirely unvaccinated”.

According to legitimate statistics, about 60% of oldsters being admitted to sanatorium with Covid are unvaccinated.

Batt-Rawden acknowledged it was worthy to tag the see of be apologetic about on affected person’s faces after they became very in uncomfortable health and wished to creep on a ventilator. “You’re going to be in a situation to recognize it crack of morning time on them that they doubtlessly made the best mistake of their lives [in not getting the vaccine], which is definitely laborious,” she acknowledged, adding that she had overheard other folks telling family members about their be apologetic about.

My colleague Sarah Marsh has spoken to Covid sufferers, as properly as their family, who be apologetic about not getting vaccinated after becoming critically in uncomfortable health with Covid.

Here is Clea Skopeliti, taking over the blog for the remainder of the evening. You’re going to be in a situation to reach me on Twitter.

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Afternoon abstract

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Here is from Prof Stefan Marciniak, professor of respiratory science at Cambridge University, on the novel Covid case figures.

Stefan Marciniak

Here is principal. I may perchance well well per chance settle on to join the optimists and be delighted that detected cases seem to be falling, but when cases were truly falling one would hope to perceive %age of +ive assessments to fall too. It isn’t but. Let’s hope this happens quickly. https://t.co/wPRgsb5b57 pic.twitter.com/SAodoW4MvQ

July 26, 2021

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, has acknowledged that reports (esteem this one and this one) claiming her authorities has disregarded one of its vaccination targets are contaminated.

Nicola Sturgeon

The squawk about a ‘disregarded goal’ is downright inaccurate – no vaccination targets bear been disregarded. All adults bear been supplied first dose appointments – and 91% of over 40s bear had both doses. But vaccination is voluntary, so we continue work to push uptake even increased. https://t.co/lNsoEIuw0o

July 26, 2021

The Covid-19 Actuaries Response Community has posted these tweets concerning the most recent Covid sanatorium figures for England.

COVID-19 Actuaries Response Community

Change on COVID sanatorium admissions and occupancy in England.

The 7-day average for admissions is up by 26% in the final week.

The expansion price is falling week on week, with a exiguous curvature now apparent in the orange line showing the moving average. 1/4 pic.twitter.com/FoNrNoM2Rh

July 26, 2021

COVID-19 Actuaries Response Community

To recognize the fall in the price of increase more clearly, right here is an “R-esteem” estimate in keeping with sanatorium admissions.

Our “admissions-R” has fallen from over 1.4 to spherical 1.2. 2/4 pic.twitter.com/lwtvTg1HqB

July 26, 2021

COVID-19 Actuaries Response Community

Growth in admissions has slowed across most English regions with the 7-day average in overall increasing by 15-30% this week. London (up 40%) and the East (up 49%) are silent experiencing rapidly rises. Admissions are silent best possible in the NE and Yorkshire. 3/4 pic.twitter.com/wDOusRzuoC

July 26, 2021

COVID-19 Actuaries Response Community

Clinical institution bed occupancy for COVID-19 has risen tremendously in the final week. Mechanical ventilation beds occupancy is up by 31% and completely different bed occupancy is up by 33%. 4/4 pic.twitter.com/3UGHtmw7lR

July 26, 2021

UK information 24,950 novel cases – lowest day to day total for bigger than three weeks

The authorities’s Covid dashboard has silent not been fully updated, but now it says that 24,950 novel coronavirus cases bear been recorded.

This vogue that cases bear been going down now for six days in a row.

It is miles moreover the lowest day to day total for bigger than three weeks (since Sunday 4 July, when 24,248 cases were recorded).

There are in actuality bigger than 5,000 Covid-sure sufferers in sanatorium in England, Alastair McLellan from the Health Provider Journal reports.

Alastair McLellan

BREAKING: Extra than 5000 Covid sure sufferers in English hospitals for the first time since Mid-March – more analysis to follow

July 26, 2021

The authorities most regularly publishes the day to day replace to its Covid dashboard at 4pm. But at the recent time it is miles running slack because of “technical difficulties in processing England deaths records”, it says.

Angela Rayner, Labour’s deputy leader, has been on a explain over with in London at the recent time to promote the party’s “novel deal for working other folks”.

The nation was at a fork in the avenue, she acknowledged.

Beneath the Conservatives we now bear got a broken financial model defined by insecure work, low wages and in-work poverty, and a shortage of opportunity for these that bear to regain on and find just work to make stronger themselves and their families.

Labour’s novel deal for working other folks will mainly switch our financial system to fabricate it work for working other folks and fabricate a Britain the establish other folks in all the pieces of our nation can regain just quality jobs which are a offer of pleasure, safety and dignity and pay an even wage that folks can increase a family on.

Angela Rayner (left) visiting a social enterprise hub in London.

Angela Rayner (left) visiting a social enterprise hub in London. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Photos

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