Home Australia ULUU Julia Reisser, Michael Kingsbury team up to replace plastic with seaweed

ULUU Julia Reisser, Michael Kingsbury team up to replace plastic with seaweed

ULUU Julia Reisser, Michael Kingsbury team up to replace plastic with seaweed

Dr Reisser told The Australian Financial Review, Uluu is one amongst those “PHA” (polyhydroxyalkanoate), a natural polymer produced via fermentation, which can mimic the properties of plastic, whereas being entirely biodegradable and additionally carbon detrimental.

“It is a group of supplies that teachers are very occupied with because it’s terribly successfully thought to be the group of polymers with the ideal skill to replace fossil plastics,” she acknowledged.

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“Various PHAs are made of vegetation admire corn, which would possibly per chance per chance well be frigid however don’t occupy the economies of scale because they want farming land and form waste and carbon emissions. So I had the premise to invent it out of seaweed, which I had studied in my grasp’s diploma.”

Mr Kingsbury acknowledged farming the seaweed turned into very efficient because it grows so quick, and that it’s miles going to be made into assorted forms of “plastic” within the fermenting course of. In the foundation he acknowledged they would be looking to form about 1000 tonnes of Uluu every year, increasing that to 10,000 tonnes quickly after.

He acknowledged, in uncover to attain this, Uluu requires a seaweed farm upwards of 200 hectares.

“That sounds reasonably super however in comparison to seaweed farms in Japan and China, which would possibly per chance per chance well be over 10,000 hectares in dimension, it’s reasonably tiny,” Mr Kingsbury acknowledged.

“There is additionally a farm in Tasmania operated by Sea Wooded self-discipline, which is farming asparagopsis, which is crimson seaweed that’s fed to cattle to decrease their methane emissions. That farm is about 1800 hectares, so whereas we attain require ocean space, it’s accrued a the truth is tiny subsection of the ocean.“

In the foundation Uluu can additionally bewitch seaweed grown in other places to use in its fermenting course of and within the waste it estimates that it would possibly per chance per chance actually well form adequate seaweed polymers to replace all fossil plastics with about 0.2 per cent of the area’s ocean space, or 500,000 square kilometres.

Despite PHAs offering the functionality to replace all forms of plastics in all functions, together with packaging, durable items and textiles, Uluu says they comprise now no longer up to 0.2 per cent of the polymer market.

Dr Reisser in ULUU’s lab with a bioreactor that produces a seaweed-essentially based PHA via a special seawater fermentation course of. 

The founders acknowledged this turned into largely because they are within the imply time too expensive for popular adoption, however that Uluu within the waste anticipated to compete with passe plastics on tag due to seaweed’s economic advantages, as well to its enjoy patent-pending seawater production course of.

“By the use of seawater reasonably than freshwater, we can derive rid of horrible chemical substances and operate beneath naturally sterile stipulations. In contrast to others, we now now no longer want to stop and delivery production for reactor cleaning – as a change, we can operate constantly, increasing yield whereas lowering prices and carbon emissions,” Mr Kingsbury acknowledged.

Over the following one year, Dr Reisser acknowledged, the firm would invent development on its pilot merchandise, and turned into within the foundation working to place industrial relationships within the vogue sector, where brands had been enthusiastic to decrease their use of plastic.

“The system we envision ourselves working is empowering brands to reach up with merchandise that are made with Uluu, so that they would be both carbon detrimental and marine biodegradable” she acknowledged.

“The money helps us in establishing relationships with some valuable vogue brands and we’re going to make a choice one or two to be engaged on a pilot to use the treasured quantity of Uluu to make one thing special.”

Requested how they came up with the name for Uluu, Mr Kingsbury admits that he has no idea what it approach, however that they had loved one of the best possible intention it sounds.

“Subconsciously I mediate it turned into factual potentially influenced by one amongst the surfing spots over in Indonesia referred to as Uluwatu, and has sure connotations in sounding reasonably admire Uluru,” he acknowledged.

“It create of factual looked admire a natural sounding name.”

Well-known Sequence senior partner Stella Xu acknowledged that, following the stop of its 2d fund earlier this one year they had been hunting for corporations looking to deal with the topic of decarbonising the planet.

“Uluu is a huge example of corporations doing factual that. It is solving two sizable complications – plastic pollution and climate exchange – via deep tech,” she acknowledged.

ULUU Julia Reisser, Michael Kingsbury team up to replace plastic with seaweed