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Uncontaminated oats on the menu for gluten-free Aussies

Uncontaminated oats on the menu for gluten-free Aussies

Homegrown oats uncontaminated by wheat, barley or rye are now on the menu for Australians taking a look to help some distance from gluten in their diets.

Previously, while you occur to had been one of the 15 per cent of Australians with a gluten-free diet, attempting oats meant paying for imported products as most grain growers in Australia additionally shared silos and harvesters with other grains, care for wheat.

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And whereas the ‘gluten free’ living of oats is advanced, Australian farmers are being entreated to consider uncontaminated production chains to consume income of the soaring depend on for gluten-free products.

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The depend on for gluten-pleasant products is sky rocketing. (

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Founder of Gloriously Free Oats Australia Kylie Martin says COVID restrictions contain interrupted provide from the US, giving her the likelihood to work with a western Australian farmer to own oats which contain by no plot reach into contact with other gluten grains.

“He correct grows oats,” she acknowledged.

“He correct has sheep, so I correct could perhaps gaze an opportunity there that he could perhaps grow flowers that weren’t contaminated with grains much like wheat and rye,.

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Founder of Gloriously Free Oats Australia, Kylie Martin is exploring the alternate. (

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Gluten-free living advanced

The duration of time ‘gluten’ refers to proteins came upon in grains known as polyamines that motive an immune response in of us with coeliac illness.

They could perhaps also be measured in wheat (gliadin), barley (hordein) and rye (secalin) nonetheless whereas they are identified to be in oats (avenin), recent tests can no longer detect them.

Some gluten-subtle of us can tolerate oats, nonetheless for others, picking to are trying them is a advanced correctly being decision that requires scientific supervision.

Dietician and properly being advocacy officer for Coeliac Australia Penny Dellsperger says it plot oats can no longer be labelled gluten-free even if they had been produced in an environment freed from wheat, barley and rye, which is why they are most incessantly labelled gluten-pleasant or uncontaminated.

“At the moment, we are in a position to test to about around three to five facets per million of gluten in meals is the most subtle test on hand, in content that’s what gluten-free at inform plot,” Ms Dellsperger acknowledged.

“If someone who has coeliac illness desires to are trying oats, it is some distance wanted they fabricate that below scientific supervision to make slither that they’re no longer one of those of us who soundless react to that avenin in oats.”

Tough labelling regulations 

Australia’s labelling regulations are a couple of of the strictest in the world, and the testing task to reach uncontaminated living is rigorous.

Or no longer it is one thing that’s reflected in the achieve, with uncontaminated oats bigger than double the achieve of commonplace oats per 100 grams.

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Many tests are conducted to make slither the oats are uncontaminated. (

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“Equipment must be cleaned down and fabricate a gluten-free swab, they then send off a sample to an self sustaining testing division,” Ms Martin acknowledged.

“They contain to own us with those results that inform the oats are examined nil gluten, we rep it examined again and that would perhaps be the test that consumers can gaze on our internet online page online.

Alternative for farmers 

No topic the challenges of manufacturing gluten-pleasant oats, there is an opportunity for Australian farmers to dip into the market.

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There is an opportunity for Australian farmers to detect the uncontaminated oats market. (

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With tariffs in living on oats from the US and Canada, Asian nations are turning to Australia for oat imports.

“There are a form of farmers who’re rising millet or rice in diversified areas around Australia that we contain now pinpointed that can perhaps successfully grow this product,” Ms Martin acknowledged.

“Some of them are already producing products that are that finish to gluten-pleasant, it is correct a couple of tweaks at the farm stage I wish to own.

“Singapore, Malaysia and Korea exercise gluten-free oats. There’s a mountainous opportunity for oats consequently of there’s a alternate embargo that’s positioned on the US and Canadian oats going into Asia.”

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Uncontaminated oats on the menu for gluten-free Aussies