Home Breaking News Uri Geller uses NFTs to raise money for Save a Baby’s Heart

Uri Geller uses NFTs to raise money for Save a Baby’s Heart

Uri Geller uses NFTs to raise money for Save a Baby’s Heart

Israeli mystic Uri Geller has taken his talents to the NFT world and is helping raise money for the Israeli charity Save a Baby’s Heart.

Geller has lately entered into the area of NFTs – non-fungible tokens, or strange digital information packages – which have turn into a popular worldwide phenomenon, and usually amass very high brand tags.

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Impartial lately, he has been auctioning NFTs of his savor original artwork.

The sequence, titled “11 Plants,” features 11 strange flower drawings created from his savor collection. The primary such image, “Flower 1,” was lately auctioned on OpenSea and provided for 1 Ethereum (approx $3,400). 

Save a Baby’s Heart is a charity that has been working for over 25 years to assist bring lifesaving heart care to teenagers worldwide, and Geller has raised money for them before.

“All thru my existence in my small humble way I attempted to assist sick teenagers,” Geller told The Jerusalem Submit.

“I was amazed by the extraordinary work of Save a Baby’s Heart. So far, over 5,600 lives of teenagers have been saved. I ask you to assist too. Blessings to you all wherever you are and Gmar Chatima Tova! May you be signed and sealed in the e book of existence.”

President Reuven Rivlin visits children treated for Save a Child's Heart (credit: Mark Neiman/GPO)President Reuven Rivlin visits teenagers treated for Save a Baby’s Heart (credit: Mark Neiman/GPO)

Geller is handiest identified as a psychic and mentalist, with a career spanning over 50 years. He has popularized the feat of spoon bending, which has since turn into synonymous with psychics, and even had his abilities tested and verified by the CIA.

But what many other folk don’t know about Geller is his talent for artwork. He has always had a passion for original one-of-a-kind artwork and has even labored with artistic luminaries such as David Hockney and Salvador Dali, the latter of whom Geller has regarded as his mentor.

He has been credited for designing the brand for the popular 90s boyband NSYNC, which launched Justin Timberlake to fame, and also did the artwork for Michael Jackson’s final album, Invincible.

Uri Geller uses NFTs to raise money for Save a Baby’s Heart