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‘User pays’: Some NSW irrigators to pay thousands more for water as IPART lifts price

‘User pays’: Some NSW irrigators to pay thousands more for water as IPART lifts price

Irrigators are set aside to look their water bill increase by 30 per cent on average, but there are stark differences across Contemporary South Wales.

Key aspects:

  • The average farm water bill in Murray Darling Basin is ready aside to increase between 11 and 52 per cent
  • NSW Irrigators order farmers face “steep price hikes”
  • Water NSW to enforce contemporary charges to fund additional monitoring requirements.

The Self reliant Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) released its final assert which will saw the frequent bill for irrigators within the Murray Darling Basin, increase between 11 and 52 per cent.

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IPART Tribunal member Deborah Cope said the increased charges were to cowl the prices of dam safety, flood administration and water monitoring.

“There can be some main increases in price,” she said.

Ms Cope said IPART was wide awake of how these increases might presumably presumably impression customers and the broader community but believed the increase in price was reasonable and based on prices in assorted aspects of the Murray-Darling Basin.

The preferrred increase is 104.8 per cent for the customary security entitlement fee within the Lowbidgee valley.

The lowest is 1.0 per cent for the excessive-security entitlement fee within the North Coast valley.

Water NSW would also introduce contemporary charges to enforce the voice government’s metering reforms over the next four years.

Graph showing regions of the Murray-Darling Basin and changes in irrigators water bills

IPART diagnosis presentations conventional annual water bill will increase for farmers in Contemporary South Wales. (

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Farmers ‘undergo too mighty of the price’

Chief executive officer of NSW Irrigators Council Claire Miller said farmers were composed being asked to pay too mighty.

“The acceptable that is also said about these price rises is they’re better than what was being proposed before the full lot by the agencies [Water NSW],” she said.

“But they’re on the other hand very steep price hikes for water users in a possibility of those valleys.”

Ms Miller said for some areas, farmers would look a price increase of more than $1,000 for the 300 and sixty five days. 

“At the same time as you occur to will grasp got excessive-security water within the Namoi Valley, you’re having a perceive at a 51 per cent increase in your water charges from the significant of October,” she said.

NSW Irrigators told the NSW Nation Hour that the taxpayer ought to composed pay an even bigger a part of the increased costs.

“We mediate that irrigators are being asked to raise a disproportionate burden across the board, said Ms Miller.

“IPART is asking water users to make contributions 80 per cent of the prices of water administration across the voice.”

“And over time that goes to upward thrust to 100 per cent across the board.”

Nonetheless, the IPART assert makes the case that the need to strengthen infrastructure is driven by set aside aside a query to from water users.

“[We continue to] allocate costs to folks who perform the need to incur them,” the assert said.

“Most of Water NSW’s actions are required as a result of water consumption by users is excessive.

Murray Irrigation ‘disappointed’ with the upward thrust

Murray Irrigation director Phil Snowden said he was saddened by IPART’s possibility.

“I am really disappointed,” he said.

“The mounted costs for Murray Total Security water entitlements, they’re going up 6 per cent.”

Phil Snowden said utilization costs within the Murray can even increase by 23 per cent.

“At the same time as you suspect about the diminutive percentage of the water that the irrigators if truth be told use out of the river Murray,” he said.

“And the proportion of costs that they are paying compared to the community profit.

“It’s staunch getting objective out of whack.”

The murray river on a sunny day

The Murray River is having a perceive swollen spherical aspects of Albury, NSW. (

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It comes as irrigators within the south reside desirous about low water allocations despite dams being beefy.

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‘User pays’: Some NSW irrigators to pay thousands more for water as IPART lifts price