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#VanLife takes off during COVID-19 as Americans convert vans for a life on the road

#VanLife takes off during COVID-19 as Americans convert vans for a life on the road


Van life may sound engaging, nonetheless it takes a lot of strategy and planning to make it work.

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Several months into the pandemic, married couple JennaLynn and Corey Self were rising increasingly frustrated with their life in their cramped apartment near Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

It was costly, and efforts to practice social distancing in a sizable city during COVID-19 felt increasingly fraught.

“We were suitable extremely harassed out,” JennaLynn says. “If each day we wake up in our small apartment in D.C. and we walk our dog around the block and that’s the extent of our life, why aren’t we doing that around a brewery in Vermont?”

That’s when they made up our minds to make a substantial change. The federal authorities contractors joined what appears to be a rising collection of Americans converting vans into campers to hit the road permanently.


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The way to reside your finest #vanlife: Pointers for handling finances, upgrades and bathrooms on the road

Empowered by fresh remote work arrangements and a desire to scrutinize the nation at a time when conventional vacation travel is complicated, they sold a extinct Mercedes-Benz Freightliner Sprinter for $18,000 on Craigslist and retrofitted it for the road. Altogether, they spent about $8,000 on upgrades, together with bathroom gear, shelving, bedding, water gear.

“It looks care for a totally diversified van,” JennaLynn says.

Since October they’ve been traveling the nation, keeping East Coast work hours and the usage of a cellular hotspot for WiFi. They’ve been to Niagara Falls, Chicago, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and Colorado. When interviewed for this yarn, they were in Denver and planning to head to southern California, Arizona or Original Mexico to “chase the weather,” as JennaLynn places it.

“Van life,” or #vanlife as it is known on social media, has been around for years. But the pandemic has supercharged it.

No longer all people is able to make it work, as many Americans are struggling during the pandemic. Facing joblessness or decreased earnings, some have lost their homes and are residing in their vehicles because they have no other options.

But for those that can afford it, #vanlife is particularly compatible for this crisis because it’s socially distanced, can be done on a finances and fosters exterior activities, which are safer during the outbreak than indoor environments the place air does not circulate effectively.

“We felt care for it was the safest way to actually reside our life in a way that is natural to us, which is spontaneous, not having a substantial impact on of us’s communities and being really safe mild,” JennaLynn says.

Automakers celebrate #VanLife pattern

For the automotive enterprise, it’s a welcome trend. Whereas old-fashioned passenger vans offered to the public have largely been discontinued, brands that sell commercial vans, together with Mercedes, Ram and Ford, are celebrating the pattern.

Mercedes, whose Sprinter van is the car of selection for many #vanlife followers, appears to be the greatest winner. Mercedes-Benz U.S. van sales soared 22.5% in 2020 to 274,916, even as the brand’s overall sales fell 8.9%. 

“Each person’s searching for to glean their hands on a van,” says Stefanie Doemel, who manages upfit solutions for vans at Mercedes-Benz USA.


Residing on the road isn’t always easy. These pointers will make certain a soft travel.


To make certain, noteworthy of the increase is probably attributable to yell in sales of vans for handing over packages during the pandemic. 

But Wealthy Webber, general manager of product marketing at Mercedes-Benz USA, says sales of vans aimed at the nomadic life are rising rapidly.

Automotive analysts at research firm IHS Markit, which intently tracks the auto enterprise, achieve not have data on #vanlife. But IHS principal automotive analyst Stephanie Brinley agreed that the evidence suggests #vanlife has increased in popularity during the pandemic.

“Anecdotally, it’s certainly been the case,” she says. “Of us want to travel, they mild want to head out and achieve things and the latest pandemic situation has changed the way we’re able to achieve that.”

Conventional vans a popular selection

Many Americans who absorb #vanlife can’t afford a fresh van, which can value extra than $50,000. But they can normally afford a extinct one.

Married couple Abby and Cody Erler were residing in a Boston suburb working 9-to-5 jobs when they made up our minds to shake things up. They hit the road in September after acquiring a Ram ProMaster van for about $25,000 and investing $10,000 in upgrades.

It was a classic achieve-it-yourself project, made that you can imagine in large part as a consequence of YouTube lessons on tasks as technical as installing electrical wiring and insulation.

“We had to achieve suitable about every thing twice because we tousled the first time,” Abby says. “It was a real learning curve.”

They’ve acquired a dining area, a cooking area and a mattress, nonetheless they opted to forgo a lavatory, choosing instead to search out public facilities, such as bathrooms at campgrounds. Many van lifers have a membership at Planet Health so they can periodically expend showers or toilets.

“Worst case, we’ve acquired a shovel in the back,” Abby says.

Life on the road appealed to the Erlers in part because they admire to travel nonetheless hadn’t been able to scratch that itch very normally as a consequence of little time off.

“In most places in the U.S., your vacation time is three weeks, two weeks, so that doesn’t allow you a lot of time to head out and explore,” Abby says. “We reside together nonetheless we’d stare each other two days a week with how our time table strains up.”

Camping without an RV or a tent

During the pandemic, camping, in general, has been popular. Sales of RVs have soared and may hit an all-time high this year, as many Americans hit the road for vacations instead of getting on a plane.

But van lifers select their smaller, cheaper vehicles because they can be taken in each single place and can assist as a daily car if necessary. RVs can value anywhere from tens of thousands to a total lot of thousands of dollars.

“It’s positively not for everyone to be in that tight of a space, nonetheless we can park in a regular parking space, which makes it great versatile by way of the place you can crawl,” Abby Erler says.

Yes, it can glean cramped working a typical office job from a 60-square-foot space. But the lifestyle has allowed the Erlers to search advice from destinations across America, such as Acadia National Park in Maine during peak fall foliage and the Red River Gorge in Kentucky.

In Kansas, “we went the total week without seeing another person, and we stayed at a real campground,” Abby says.

Hitting the road during the pandemic has allowed them to escape some of its difficulties.

“You are feeling extra relieved from some of the mental stress that others are going via by being trapped in one place,” Abby says. “We have wheels so we can change up our environment, and after the workday, I can crawl refresh in nature.”

Whereas automakers offer so-called “upfitting” options via third-party companies, most fresh vans are mild geared up largely for commercial or governmental expend.

Automakers may be able to greater capitalize on the pattern by offering pre-outfitted vans instead of forcing of us to achieve aftermarket modifications, says Brian Moody, executive editor of car-procuring area Autotrader.

Mercedes not too long ago took a step toward catering for the #vanlife neighborhood by introducing the Mercedes-Benz Metris Getaway Van, which has a pop-top for camping, a drowsing area for two and a secondary battery for extra strength.

But most commercial vans “are designed as provide vans” with an “austere internal,” Moody says.

Strange beginnings

Many of the vans outfitted for life on the road had beginnings noteworthy stranger than provide vans.

A few years ago, married couple Natalie and Abigail Rodriguez converted a 2004 Sprinter van that had previously been extinct as a prisoner transit car. They paid $6,000 for it and have invested about $10,000 to outfit it for the road.

“It was graceful beat up,” Abigail says. They devoted considerable time to “ripping out the internal and fixing the rust. There was a sizable gap we had to patch.”

But their funding has paid off. They’ve been on the road since Natalie, a chef, made up our minds to offer up her job and Abigail ramped up her photography enterprise.

“At the time I was a chef working 55-plus hours a week and not feeling fulfilled,” Natalie says. “I was drained of it. I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to travel.”

They’ve made it work in part because their low-expense lifestyle. They pay a few mounted charges care for insurance and phone payments, whereas earning money from Abigail’s photography and some sponsorships tied to the Instagram account the place they post photos from the road.

Destinations they’ve visited consist of California, Original Mexico, Montana and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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They installed solar panels paired with a battery for electrical energy, a refrigerator, a countertop, a mounted mattress and a water tank that lasts two weeks before it wants to be refilled.

Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, they hit the road before the pandemic nonetheless say they’re now extra energized to continue residing this lifestyle, although they’re at the second taking a quick break for additional upgrades.

“We’re suitable getting started,” Abigail says. “We don’t have any plans to cease any time soon.”

Note USA TODAY reporter Nathan Bomey on Twitter @NathanBomey.

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#VanLife takes off during COVID-19 as Americans convert vans for a life on the road