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Velodyne Lidar founder David Corridor resigns, leaves scathing assessment of the board and culture

Velodyne Lidar founder David Corridor resigns, leaves scathing assessment of the board and culture

Velodyne Lidar is renowned for creating these hockey pucks caught a long way and wide driverless automobile prototypes. The firm modified into founded support in 1983 and since then has released rather about a gadgets of their expertise.

This Lidar expertise sends out lasers into the world and measures how long the reflection of gentle takes to measure the distance to an object. By doing this in 360 levels, over a span of time, it is miles that you may perchance presumably factor in to model a 3D intention of an environment.

Early Newspaper

Over the a long time, the firm has increased the resolution of this mapping and realized many makes utilize of in the automotive intention as firm’s pursue the venture of constructing an independent automobile.

Velodyne realized their manner to partnerships with Ford, Baidu, Navya and many extra, who leverage this expertise to place their automobile on the subject of what is known as a HD Map of an environment (often half of a city).

Things haven’t exactly panned out the manner it modified into meant to for Lidar. Motivate in 2017, I covered an announcement by Ford that said it could perchance enjoy plump independent automobiles by 2021 that leveraged ‘contemporary LiDAR sensors’.

It appears there’s excessive cultural points at Velodyne, with the now ex-Founder maintaining roughly 98,506,156 shares or 54.7% of the outstanding frequent stock of Velodyne Lidar, correct walking out the door. He didn’t leave quietly, with the following letter (first published by Bloomberg), displaying correct how unhappy Corridor modified into with the Board.

This isn’t your life like disgruntled employee, that is the founder who created this firm, made it his existence’s work and correct had to tear away.

March 9, 2021

Velodyne Lidar, Inc.

5521 Hellyer Avenue

San Jose, CA 95138

Attn: Board of Directors

Pricey Velodyne Lidar Board of Directors (the “Board”):

I’m writing to you at the present time to straight refute the statements regarding my resignation from the Board included in Velodyne Lidar’s (the “Firm”) contemporary Abolish 8-K filing. These statements enact no longer precisely depict why I resigned and in its put focal point on the Firm’s resolution to publicly censure Marta Corridor and I essentially based completely completely on faux claims which we strongly refute.

To be fully sure: I selected to resign from the Board because I had rather a lot of considerations about the strategic direction and present management of Velodyne Lidar.

As the founder and old Chief Executive Officer of Velodyne Lidar, I oversaw years of growth and success that in the slay laid the groundwork for the Firm to meander public by the utilize of a merger with a undeniable motive acquisition firm (“SPAC”) in 2020. Regardless of serving as the Executive Chairman of the Board following Velodyne Lidar’s a success SPAC merger, it grew to become snappy obvious to me that Jim Graf and Michael Dee – joint founders of the SPAC – wished to curtail my involvement in the quality and choice of merchandise being developed, the contracts negotiated and integrity of the Firm’s swap transferring forward. These actions, in my see, emboldened Chief Executive Officer Anand Gopalan to brush aside my views.

I firmly factor in that the Board has fostered an anti-stockholder culture and that Velodyne Lidar’s company governance is broken. Possibly most unsettling modified into the Board’s resolution to rubberstamp an increased compensation package for Mr. Gopalan regardless of the Firm releasing old style Q4 2020 earnings and missing 365 days dwell forecasts.

The Board also these days attempted to manipulate the Firm’s company equipment by transitioning Christopher Thomas from a Class I director to a Class II director in an obvious meander to withhold a long way flung from having him stand for re-election in opposition to my nomination of Eric Singer, a highly-certified director candidate with significant public board ride.

As a total, I factor in the station quo in Velodyne Lidar’s boardroom is unacceptable. The Board lacks prior public firm ride, appears to prioritize its derive self-pursuits over stockholders and has overseen the destruction of significant stockholder save.

It modified into in gentle of these important considerations – as well to the Board’s total brush aside for my a long time of ride and enter – that made me attain to the refined resolution of submitting my resignation final week.

Unfortunately, the Board as currently constituted appears to set no longer enjoy any appreciate for the suggestions, values and culture that I spent years constructing at Velodyne Lidar. My wife, Marta Corridor, will remain on the Board and continue to originate her fiduciary tasks to handiest encourage all Velodyne Lidar stockholders.


David Corridor

Founder of Velodyne Lidar, Inc.

This intention has many challenges, particularly the capacity to be taught and understand objects relish tempo signs, or site site visitors lights, for that you will want cameras and machine studying.

Firm’s relish Tesla intention autonomy with in a extremely rather a lot of manner, opting to investing in innovating in AI and figuring out depth from a important of photos over a span of time, and deducing how a long way that object moved. The machine recognises and understand the world spherical it, great relish humans enact.

Now not most productive can the machine be taught and acknowledge to issues relish tempo zones and site site visitors lights, but it also recognises rather a lot of objects in the scene and predicts their future movements, to enable the automobile to enact direction planning safely thru the environment. Tesla does utilize forward-going thru radar and ultrasonic sensors, together with the camera spherical the automobile to model the see of the world spherical it.

Elon Musk famously said that Lidar is costly and pointless. Tesla’s FSD Beta shows the intention is working, with the automobile now in a explain to flip corners, receive roundabouts and navigate unmarked city streets.

Velodyne Lidar founder David Corridor resigns, leaves scathing assessment of the board and culture