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Verdict expected in trial of Adam Robust, accused of killing two Ontario women

Verdict expected in trial of Adam Robust, accused of killing two Ontario women

Durham Regional Police enter a home in Oshawa, Ont., on July 10, 2018. A verdict is expected today in the trial of a man accused of killing two Ontario women. Adam Strong has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the deaths of Rori Hache and Kandis Fitzpatrick. Hache's torso was found in Lake Ontario in September 2017, and police charged Strong in her death later that year. In July 2018, police alleged they had found Fitzpatrick's DNA in Strong's basement.

By Paola LoriggioThe Canadian Press

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Tue., March 16, 20214 min. read

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TORONTO – CAUTION: This memoir contains graphic swear that can disturb some readers.

Two young women who vanished virtually a decade apart contain been killed and dismembered by a Toronto-house man who then disposed of their remains by tossing them in a lake and flushing them down the lavatory, an Ontario regain found Tuesday.

Adam Robust, 47, used to be convicted of first-stage waste in the killing of Rori Hache and of manslaughter in that of Kandis Fitzpatrick, after a regain rejected the advice he had atomize up their our bodies but no longer triggered their deaths.

The two women died in Robust’s apartment in Oshawa, Ont., and their remains contain been kept in a huge freezer in his bedroom as he sought to accumulate rid of them over a period of time, Ontario Superior Court docket Justice Joseph Di Luca stated.

“To be blunt, the potentialities that Mr. Robust would contain twice found himself in need of a chest freezer to retailer the dismembered body parts of young women who met their deaths innocently is so infinitesimally miniature that it suggests the reverse conclusion,” he stated.

Both Hache and Fitzpatrick struggled with drug dependancy and their disappearances sparked necessary search efforts by their distraught kinfolk, Di Luca stated, noting each and each women contain been deeply loved by their families.

Though there are similarities between them and the circumstances surrounding their deaths, the evidence regarding Fitzpatrick’s loss of life is insufficient to give a boost to a waste conviction, which requires proof previous an inexpensive doubt that the accused intended to waste or to motive injure that used to be more seemingly to waste, the regain stated.

“While Omit Hache and Omit Fitzpatrick contain been in an analogous blueprint positioned in phrases of their life circumstances, and would possibly successfully contain fallen in with Mr. Robust for the identical reasons, the virtually 10-year gap in time and the absence of forensic or plenty of evidence relating to what took web page to Omit Fitzpatrick at the time of her loss of life renders a singular inference on this yelp impossible,” he stated.

Hache, who used to be 18 and pregnant, disappeared in August 2017. Her torso used to be found in Lake Ontario the following month, and Robust used to be charged in her loss of life in leisurely December of that year.

Fitzpatrick, in the meantime, used to be 19 when she used to be final viewed in 2008. Her body used to be never found, but in July 2018, police alleged they’d found her DNA in Robust’s basement, including on a strong point hunting knife ancient for skinning and gutting animals.

The trial, in front of a regain alone, heard police contain been called to Robust’s house in December 2017 after plumbers found a “flesh-fancy” substance in the pipes. Robust admitted to officers at the scene that the substance used to be “a body,” court docket heard.

Investigators later found Hache’s blood and DNA in a number of areas, including the wall and ceiling of his bedroom, and on items reminiscent of a bondage instrument and a pet leash, court docket heard.

In a ruling delivered in court docket and by teleconference, Di Luca found Robust killed Hache one day between Sept. 1 and Sept. 3 by many times hitting her in the pinnacle with a hammer or a an analogous object as she lay sure in his bedroom.

The killing constitutes first-stage waste in consequence of it took place in the direction of a sexual assault, he stated. It’s you would possibly think of the bump into used to be initially consensual, potentially involving paid intercourse work, but that consent would contain been negated once Robust hit Hache, he stated.

Robust then “meticulously” dismembered Hache’s body and dumped her torso in the lake on Sept. 4, the regain found.

The relaxation of her body used to be kept in Robust’s freezer except Christmas Eve, when he reduce it up extra and disposed of the items by flushing them down the lavatory, the regain found.

Some body parts contain been positioned help in the freezer afterwards, even though Robust planned to accumulate rid of them at a later date, Di Luca stated.

“I’m gay that if Mr. Robust had no longer been arrested, he would contain adopted thru with his concept, and would finally contain disposed of all of Omit Hache’s body parts,” he stated.

Court docket heard Robust later informed investigators who puzzled him that he used to be greatly greatly surprised when Hache’s torso used to be found in the lake in consequence of he had taken precautions to maintain it from surfacing.

He additionally blamed his arrest on “rotten plumbing,” and informed police flushing remains down the drain used to be an efficient disposal blueprint, court docket heard.



Di Luca dominated that Robust’s shock stemmed from the truth that he had efficiently ancient these ways in getting rid of Fitzpatrick’s remains.

Court docket additionally heard Robust informed investigators he regretted getting caught but otherwise had no remorse, and that he tried to barter a deal that can stable him a extra delighted imprisonment.

This document by The Canadian Press used to be first revealed on March 16, 2021.

Verdict expected in trial of Adam Robust, accused of killing two Ontario women