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Vic public asked to judge criminal cases

Vic public asked to judge criminal cases

Lock them up and throw away the key. Throw the e book at them. Judges are too lenient on the present time.

For a protracted time the community attitude toward sentencing has been that the punishments being handed down correct will now not be harsh satisfactory.

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But when of us are asked to step into the shoes of judges, research reveals the sentences they’d give are now not that totally different.

The more knowledge an individual knows a pair of case, the less punitive they’re in their choices, the Sentencing Advisory Council’s Cynthia Marwood told AAP.

The council is launching a new case leer as phase of its You be the Judge program for Law Week.

The assign apart of living of judges and courts could perchance be eroded by tabloid media stories about being gentle on crime, and as a result community self belief is persistently decrease than in police, prisons and the broader criminal justice system, Ms Marwood says

The program objectives to bridge the gap between the community and the courts, hoping to give of us a increased appreciation of how sophisticated the sentencing process could perchance be.

Playing the role of judges, contributors are encouraged to assign apart a question to questions and be taught more about the actual person and the shades of grey concerned about sentencing.

Previous case stories consist of Annie, a girl charged with culpable driving inflicting loss of life, and Henry who used to be charged with burglary and arson.

Based totally on genuine cases, the most up-to-date entails Michael, who pleaded guilty to armed theft.

He has a fancy background of prior offending, drug and alcohol abuse and used to be now not too long ago out of reformatory and had no permanent house.

There could be also a sufferer – who used to be held at knifepoint – to protect in thoughts.

“In a identical community of of us we are able to comprise some who deem we ought to collected reintroduce capital punishment ranging to some who deem the bottom sentence must be imposed,” Ms Marwood acknowledged.

“Over the course of discussions of us’s views change as they rep more knowledge.”

Females tend to be less punishing in their sentences, along with those which could perchance also very properly worry about offering enhance companies to young of us or of us with dependancy concerns.

These of us are more seemingly to look for the complexities of an individual’s background and be more sympathetic, she acknowledged.

“Many offenders comprise concerns with drug and alcohol dependancy, they’ve been victims themselves rising up by family violence or sexual offending, they can develop into homeless by no fault of their very comprise,” Ms Marwood acknowledged.

“That’s now not to allege they’re harmless, but when of us hear their stories they realise they comprise a fancy background and it makes them judge a chunk of.”

Others can level of curiosity on the skills of the sufferer, inserting more weight on that facet of the sentencing equation.

Judges grapple with that balance each day, Ms Marwood acknowledged.

The free program is being plod on-line on Sunday Could perchance 23 and bookings could perchance be made by the Sentencing Advisory Council.

Vic public asked to judge criminal cases