Home Australia VicRoads is sending out road-particular person charge emails to Victorian EVtax customers

VicRoads is sending out road-particular person charge emails to Victorian EVtax customers

VicRoads is sending out road-particular person charge emails to Victorian EVtax customers

Today, Victorian EV owners started receiving emails from VicRoads referring to the upcoming ‘Zero and low emission automobile road-particular person charge’, additionally know because the EVtax.

As we reported support on Would possibly maybe 25th, the novel law handed and is due to come into assemble from July 1st, 2021, excellent 2 weeks from now.

Early Newspaper

The novel EV tax will judge 2 assorted per kilometre charges reckoning on characteristics of the automobile, as a little bonus, there is a $100 registration concession out there.

  • 2.5 cents per km for electric autos and hydrogen autos;
  • 2.0 cents per km for mosey-in hybrid autos.

With the common distanced travelled as soon as a year by a gradual passenger autos being approximately 13,500km, EV owners might well also honest smooth query to pay an additional $337.50 a year.

How the EV Tax works?

On the first of July, EV owners, shall be despatched a assign a question to to disclose your automobile’s most up-to-date odometer reading by providing a photograph of your dashboard odometer (Mannequin 3 owners might well also honest smooth trace to their in model heart display for this). After establishing what number of km your electric automobile for the time being has on it, you’ll then be asked to pay the tax every subsequent renewal of your registration.

In Victoria, automobile owners just like the ability to employ from 3, 6 or 12 month alternatives to pay for the registration and the most attention-grabbing job of submission is by the VicRoads online page online, but you are going to need to register whilst you haven’t already.


It looks there are a replace of exemptions from the Victorian EV tax.

First off, these Licensed Motor Automotive Traders (LMCTs) are exempt from the road-particular person charge for the first 1,500km of gallop within the first registration length (no subject the length of the length). This is intended to conceal any short sessions of ZLEV employ, corresponding to novel automobile pre-provide or automobile transfer, without the necessity to provide proof to issue exemption.

There’s a few exceptions for these charges, with the ZLEV road-particular person charges no longer making employ of to mobile plant autos corresponding to electric forklifts, telehandlers or special work autos. ZLEV road-particular person charges does no longer be conscious to motorcycles, which is complex, in particular given there are electric bikes on the road within the pronounce.

At final employ on interior most roads, that is distances travelled by ZLEVs on interior most roads or agricultural lands will most definitely be exempt. Evidence to toughen exemption claims encompass:

  • Proof of deal with for rural properties
  • Proof of employment (eg. agriculture)
  • Photographs of the relevant automobile’s odometer and other photographs to toughen an utility for an exemption
  • Diarised entries in electronic or manual logbooks
  • Telemetric records with world problem machine capabilities
  • Inputs and outputs from in-automobile tracking functions, together with any functions developed by the Division of Transport

Glaring Issues

The 2nd final merchandise, ‘Telemetric records with world problem machine capabilities’ is a animated one. Potentially an automaker like Tesla, who has the telemetry and GPS problem records out there to log, might well also carry out so for the functions of generating a precise calculation of the distance traveled in Victoria. This would solve the glaring issue of interstate gallop, where many hundreds of km might well be added to the odometer between registration sessions, for family holidays etc.

Till then, the existing model, these km, traveled on non-Victorian roads, will most definitely be cash that goes to the Victorian Authorities. There’s additionally the issue of many interstate EVs, in particular NSW and SA that border VIC, who’s EVs won’t be paying registration or the EV tax for the road-employ they conduct in Victoria.

So yes, appropriate now, there’s some very gigantic gaping holes within the coverage.


VicRoads provides a few examples to assist other folks in estimating how worthy the novel charge might well also honest price them.

Example 1: I drive a Tesla Mannequin S that I employ to shuttle to work

Patrick assuredly uses his Tesla Mannequin S to shuttle to work and to receive spherical on the weekends. He assuredly drives 10,000km a year. Patrick will need to pay 2.5 cents/km – $250 a year in total – in distance-based totally charges.

Example 2: I drive a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV that I employ lots

Natasha owns a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. She drives about 20,000km per year. Natasha will need to pay 2.0 cents/km, or $400 per year, in distance-based totally charges.

Natasha assuredly remembers to charge her automobile at home every evening but on occasion she forgets. On as of late, she fills her automobile with traditional unleaded petrol and can honest pay the related gasoline excise. She smooth desires to pay the ZLEV road-particular person charge, even when the usage of petrol. That is why PHEVs are charged a lower per kilometre price than electric and other zero-emission autos.

The email despatched to Victorian EV owners by VicRoads today reads:

Pricey {First name} {Closing name},

From 1 July 2021, a novel distance-based totally road-particular person charge shall be presented by the Victorian Authorities for all registered zero and low emission autos (ZLEVs).

Because the operator of automobile {Registration number}, you are going to be required to take part in this plan by providing declarations of your automobile odometer to resolve the distance travelled by your automobile. Registered operators of ZLEV autos are eligible for a $100 annual discount on registration. This shall be automatically deducted out of your annual registration costs.

What occurs subsequent?

On 1 July, you’ll be despatched a assign a question to to disclose your automobile’s most up-to-date odometer reading by providing a photograph of your dashboard odometer. Any days between 1 July and whilst you publish your opening reading shall be calculated in preserving together with your common day-to-day employ.

At any time whilst you renew your registration you’ll be asked to provide an updated odometer reading and then be invoiced to your road employ.

Failure to comply can result to your automobile registration being suspended or cancelled, or other penalties.

The easiest design to disclose an odometer reading is on-line by a myVicRoads legend, so make certain you stamp-up prior to 1 July.

Alternatively, it’s seemingly you’ll well also visit a VicRoads Customer Carrier Centre to receive your declarations.

Why has this charge been presented?

The Victorian Authorities is introducing a ZLEV road particular person charge to receive obvious that each and one and all motorists pay their beautiful share towards the costs of establishing and holding Victoria’s road network.

The charge is designed to receive obvious that ZLEV owners pay a fraction of the motor automobile‑related taxes and charges that veteran internal combustion engine automobile owners pay.

The Victorian Authorities is additionally investing within the accelerated adoption of zero and low emission autos, together with novel electric-automobile-charging infrastructure and reforms to allow electric automobile-ready novel structures, which is made capacity by the ZLEV road-particular person charge.

Visit the VicRoads online page online for more files. Be part of myVicRoads.

Yours sincerely

Director, Customer Products and companies

As worthy as we would also honest no longer to find it irresistible, the EV tax is right here in Victoria and we’re going to like to pay it. There’s continually hope that a future Authorities would re-evaluate taxing electric autos so early into their entry into the country.

With lower than 1% of novel automobile sales being EVs, this transfer to introduce a tax now, if truth be told seems to be politically opportunistic, and works as a disincentive to other efforts within the Authorities to urge EV adoption (just like the A$3,000 rebate), that might even honest assisting the identical Authorities in attaining their aim of reaching win zero emissions by 2050.

Can existing EV owners manage to pay for one more few hundred bucks a year, obvious, most can, in particular given the dramatically lower ongoing costs of owning an EV, however the point is, we would also honest smooth like to. The upper issue I foresee is that this price of charges now are no longer locked in, they might be able to, and can honest be modified. As EV adoption does develop over the next decade, the Authorities now has a funding tap they might be able to flip on or off, reckoning on the budget challenges of the day.

Even on the VicRoads online page online, they list ‘This funds the model and repairs of Australian roads.’ Whereas a few of the earnings generated by the EV tax might well also honest certainly gain its system into road repairs, there is no requirement to carry out so.

VicRoads is sending out road-particular person charge emails to Victorian EVtax customers