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View: Jack Brennan, my friend and former Bengals employee, can wear whatever the heck he wants

View: Jack Brennan, my friend and former Bengals employee, can wear whatever the heck he wants

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Published 4: 10 p.m. ET Feb. 10, 2021 | Up prior to now 5: 09 p.m. ET Feb. 10, 2021


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Jack Brennan is a scandalous-dresser. He made that identified Wednesday, for a yarn posted on The Athletic net living. I was once requested to write about it. I said no at the starting up.

Who cares?

I labored with Jack for 30 years, first at the old Cincinnati Put up, where he covered the Bengals, then when he grew to change into the crew’s media kin director.

“The first time I ever scandalous-dressed I was once 3 years old,” Jack urged me Wednesday. “I obtained a perfect kick out of it. Rapid I realized, ‘You’re never going so as to pronounce anybody about this, for the relaxation of your existence’.”

Why is that this a yarn, I requested my editor.

“I embrace the be aware phenomenal,” Jack said. “I’m a phenomenal, which I make clear as persons now no longer conforming to cultural norms of gender fairness. It’s a broader timeframe than being homosexual or lesbian.”

Effectively, shining on ya.

These forms of news label me itch. No longer because I loathe judging folks’s deepest predilections, though I stop. Because I’m questioning what distinction they label, past titillation. It’s now no longer a immense deal, I said to my boss, then to Jack.

“Culture makes it a immense deal,” Jack said.

Culture moreover wants to understand what Girl Gaga had for breakfast. Culture is silly. Jack Brennan enjoys wearing girls’s clothing while minding his rep trade at a bar advance his home. Some know what he is doing, some don’t. Few care. That’s as it can also fair level-headed be.

Is Jack Brennan a perfect human being? As a long way as I do know.

Is he a perfect father, husband and friend? Does he care about others? Is he kind and empathetic, compassionate and engaged? I’ve never heard he isn’t.

So … what?

Jack spent his total occupation in the hot-home atmosphere of the NFL. Athletes don’t continuously recount to folks they understand as assorted, especially when their masculinity is eager. Detached, why is that this news? The world would be so significantly better if it weren’t.

And yet …          

I can write a column exposing a man’s courage. Significantly now, when courage can be so lacking. What Jack’s doing took guts. Most likely it helps others who live under the ponderous weight of clumsy judgment. So, yeah, let’s write about Jack Brennan’s courage.

“I’m delighted to now no longer be taking this to my grave. You’re desirous to be the most accurate, authentic and now no longer afraid person you can be,’’ Jack said.

He never regarded as sharing his secret while he level-headed labored for the Bengals. When he retired in March 2017, he gave it serious conception. “I wouldn’t recount it has been dramatically cathartic,’’ he said. “I’ve been in the minute coming-out job for a while.”

Brennan admits his popping out is now no longer all altruistic. He started a e book in November 2018. The manuscript is all nonetheless executed. He’s procuring for a publisher.

I requested a pair uninteresting questions. Did you ever get cling of counseling? That assumed Jack wanted counseling. He has talked to counselors over the years, about any option of issues. The first preached a conversion therapy of forms: “Perchance you’ll be happier if you don’t rep these urges.” That conversation didn’t last long.

I requested Jack why he did it. I was once really exclusive; he was once really correct. “There’s an erotic fee to it,” he said. “I don’t know that’s honest for everybody who does this, nonetheless for me, yes. Perchance there’s one thing in me that likes doing one thing forbidden.”

How noteworthy soul-procuring did you stop? I requested that one, too, another inane inquire. Jack said, “I knew what I did was once outlandish and wouldn’t be taken neatly, nonetheless I never really felt inferior about myself.” Jack can also fair want had an passion he regarded as outlandish. He didn’t understand himself as outlandish.

He did bother about being acknowledged while wearing girls’s clothes, especially when he was once level-headed working for the Bengals, nonetheless that was once extra out of teach for the crew than for himself. Jack was once and is a neatly-adjusted guy. The negative cultural stereotypes that build to members of the LGBTQ+ neighborhood can label some in that neighborhood really feel ashamed. “Internalized homophobia,” the experts name it. Jack never has felt that procedure.  

It’s probably to be both assorted and fashioned. It can also fair level-headed be most popular.

“Queers are continuously topic to self-shaming,” Jack said.

Yeah? Why? Because any individual else puts that on them? Who has that appropriate?

To me, Jack Brennan will continuously be the guy who made me snicker in the pressbox and who understood the wants of journalists. Jack moreover had his rep language few had been privileged to study: “Bean” supposed a chew to eat, to illustrate, as in, “Let’s depart to dinner and get cling of bean.”

Writers and co-workers had been  “Sarge” to Jack, or “chief.” I didn’t write “columns.” I wrote “tomes,” for which I needed “fodder” from coaches and gamers, normally after a “tilt.”

Jokes had been plentiful, nonetheless they had been never jokes. They had been “gags.”

That’s the Jack Brennan I do know. The relaxation? It’s nothing significant at all. Obnoxious dressing … So?

I don’t even know why I wrote about it.


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View: Jack Brennan, my friend and former Bengals employee, can wear whatever the heck he wants